Monday, August 3, 2015

Workplace Tips: Fighting Fatigue

Fatigue limits productivity and efficiency in the workplace. To effectively fight fatigue, you'll need solid habits and the right combination of ergonomic tools. In today's post we'll highlight awesome ways to keep fatigue out of your work day. Enjoy!

A good work day starts with a good nights rest! If you stay up late watching movies and eating junk food, the odds are you'll be groggy and ineffective in the office. To provide yourself with enough energy to make it through the day, make sure you get your full 8 hours. Wake up with enough time to get ready for work without rushing out the door. It's never fun to start your day in a rush!

When you arrive at work, take the time to eat a little breakfast. All too often we skip the most important meal of the day because we are running late or have too much on our plates (no pun intended). A piece of fruit, yogurt, muffin, or bowl of cereal will get your metabolism started, help you wake up, and provide you with the energy you need to make it through your morning without feeling fatigued.

Once you've had your healthy breakfast, create a list of daily goals. Running through your work day without a plan is bound to cause stress and mental fatigue that can otherwise be avoided with a good plan. Prioritize your goals for the day and start knocking them off one by one. Each time you make off a task you'll no doubt feel a little boost of energy and positive vibes that will keep fatigue at bay.

When it's time for lunch, don't rush out and grab a greasy burger and fries. While popular, these unhealthy items do little for your productivity. A heavy lunch will have you feeling tired and fatigued in no time. Eating a healthy, well rounded, and nutritious meal will have you far more equipped to finish out your work day strong. Don't just sit at your desk and eat lunch either! Consider getting a breath of fresh air and eating your lunch outside. It's revitalizing! 

In addition to the good lifestyle habits mentioned above, you can also integrate helpful ergonomic tools into your workspace. A dual screen monitor arm will help you create more usable desk space, reduce eye strain that causes fatigue, and speed up your computing. A height adjustable workstation will improve blood flow and encourage continuous body movement. As sitting for long periods of time is never a good idea, you'll want to get up from your desk and stretch every hour. Look away from your computer screen regularly to let your eyes adjust. Place ergonomic posture tips and healthy habit reminders around your workstation. Studies have shown that workers who follow this simple practice show vast improvements. 

When fatigue does strike, you have to be prepared. In typical situations, fatigue will come on slowly and you have to recognize the signs. If you start feeling muscle sorriness or pain when sitting in your office chair, take the time to readjust. If you settle for discomfort, your problems will only get worse. Be proactive and take the initiative needed to provide yourself with a comfortable work day. Do this and fatigue will just be an afterthought!

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