Thursday, September 24, 2015

Office Chair Reviews: Offices To Go 11690B

Offices To Go 11690BOffice Chair ReviewIf you're shopping for a do-it-all chair on a budget, look no further than Offices To Go! This industry leading seating provider takes pride in crafting some of the most user friendly chairs on the market. In today's post we'll review the super versatile 11690B model mesh chair and it's workplace benefits. Enjoy!


With it's high back design, contemporary curves, and integrated headrest, the 11690B chair from Offices To Go will impress even the harshest critics. At first glance you'll notice the modern style characteristics incorporated into the 11690B's frame. Standard with an attractive titanium finished frame, the 11690B is the complete package. It's got the style and good looks you'd expect from a high end office chair nearly three times the price. If you're looking to upgrade your chair and earn some compliments in the process, give the 11690B a serious look!


Going for ergonomic effectiveness in the workplace? You can't go wrong wight he 11690B. This cutting edge mesh executive chair comes standard with a comfortable headrest that adjusts to suit users desired operational preferences and a thick padded seat. In addition, modern T shaped arms that go up and down are included. The arms are equipped with polyurethane pads for comfort and durability. The breathable mesh back will help to keep you from overheating while working and the separated frame and mesh design provides a springy feel when you sit down. The 11690B is also equipped with a syncro-tilt mechanism with knee tilt control and multi positional tilt lock functions. When the average sit just won't cut it, the 11690B is ready to give you that extra edge.


It would be easier to tell you what you can't do with the 11690B, but that's just not our style here at the Office Anything Blog! We'd rather share with you just how versatile these chairs from Offices To Go are. The 11690B makes the perfect computing and tasking solution. With it's high quality ergonomic features, you'll be ready to effectively fight those long day at the office. The high back design and headrest give the 11690B just enough swagger to work well in executive office environments. The modern appeal makes these chairs incredibly well rounded and perfect for a number of conference and meeting area applications. Last but not least, if you need a reliable chair thats ready to suit the needs of all your family members, this model from OTG is a safe bet. The 11690B is a great fit for home office applications.


Most of today's "top rated" office chairs cost around six hundred bucks. That being said, you don't need to spend a fortune to obtain a quality chair outfitted with user friendly features. In fact, the 11690B from Offices To Go is available for just $354.95. That's nearly half the industry average! Needless to say, these chairs are truly an excellent value. The 11690B provides a lot of bang for the buck. You'll be hard pressed to find more chair for the money.


We give the Offices To Go 11690B chair 4 out of 5 stars. Like most Offices To Go seating solutions, the 11690B really doesn't give us too much to criticize. We have a single star deduction simply based on a lack of color options. While most chair shoppers choose to go with black, other trending options like gray, red, and white leather would be nice. Overall, the 11690B is a real winner. These chairs typically ship out within just 2 days of order, making them a great fit for businesses on a makeover deadline. The 11690B offers excellent features, and most importantly, it's super comfortable. You really can't go wrong with an 11690B mesh chair from Offices To Go.

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