Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Office Design Trends: Here To Stay or Going Away!

This year we've seen a lot of awesome office design trends. Some are here to stay and some are bound to go away. In today's post we'll analyze 2015's newest trends. From gray leather office chairs to powered conference tables, we're ready to help you take your interiors to the next level. Enjoy!

Trend 1: Gray Leather Office Chairs

Gray Leather Hendrix High Back Chair

This year gray leather office chairs have dominated the seating world. Brands like Global Total Office, Woodstock Marketing, and Flash Furniture have made their mark in 2015 with trend setting gray leather chairs for tasking, conference room, and lounge area applications. With the emergence of this trend, gray has become the new black! A gray leather chair shows sophistication in the workplace and is easy to pair with a wide range of attractive furniture finishes.

This Trend Is Here To Stay!

Trend 2: Wood Veneer Furniture

Margate Wood Veneer U Shaped Desk

The traditional look and feel of wood veneer furniture is relied upon for executive office and conference room makeover projects. That being said, laminate furniture lines are taking over. Laminate desks, tables, and reception stations are much more cost effective. While once thought of as a lesser quality products, laminate furniture construction has a come a long way over the last 5 years. In many cases, laminate lines have become even more durable than wood veneer and are much lighter. This makes reconfiguring much easier when needed.

This Trend Is Going Away!

Trend 3: Powered Lounge Furniture

Serenity Powered Arm Chair by OFM

Brands like OFM, Inc. have introduced cutting edge powered lounge chairs and sofas that are designed to improve the guest waiting experience. The ability to charge and operate devices comfortably during visits is greatly appreciated by guests. While this trend is just beginning to emerge, we think it's a major hit. Look for more brands to jump on this band wagon in the coming months.

This Trend Is Here To Stay!

Trend 4: Tablet Chairs

Tablet Arm Lounge Chair by Global Total Office

Much like powered lounge furniture, tablet arm chairs improve the guest waiting experience. Tablet arm chairs work well in private office, conference room, and lobby applications. Brands like Global Total Office and Mayline have introduced versatile tablet arm reception chair collections this year that are affordable, stylish, and incredibly user friendly. If you want to make an awesome impression on your office guests, go with tablet arm seating. Interior designers and industry professionals have fallen in love with this hot new trend.

This Trend Is Here To Stay!

Trend 5: White Office Chairs

White Leather Office Chair

Last year furniture and seating providers couldn't keep white office chairs on the shelves! White mesh and leather office chair models from brands like Woodstock Marketing, Flash Furniture, and Eurotech  Seating were selling like hot cakes. That being said, the emergence of gray leather has started to dominate the market. While white office chairs look classy and sophisticated, they are tough to keep clean over the long term.

This Trend Is Going Away!

Trend 6: Open Desking

Open Desking

These days it's all about promoting collaboration in the workplace. Industry leading furniture manufacturers like Global Total Office have made this easier than ever with open desking collections. While cubicle systems will always have their place in business for privacy reasons, open desking has starting taking over work floors throughout the country. Open desking configurations can be equipped with awesome power options and the versatile storage solutions needed to help workers operate at peak performance levels.

This Trend Is Here To Stay!

Trend 7: Powered Conference Tables

Power Ready Conference Table

The ability to streamline the meeting process is too much for businesses to pass up! Powered conference tables like the Zira from Global Total Office and TransAction from Mayline can be equipped with USB, HDMI, Phone, Audio, Ethernet, and AC input options to make presentations and collaboration sessions much more effective. No more running extension cords across the conference room to show your power point presentations! A powered conference table will up the credibility of your space and no doubt save you time during important meetings. Once thought of as high tech, luxury items, the price of powered conference tables has come down significantly. Mayline offers baseline powered modules for as low as two hundred bucks.

This Trend Is DEFINITELY Here To Stay!

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