Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Office Ergonomics: Elevating Productivity

Popular Ergonomic ChairHaving the right ergonomic products present at your desk is a start, but to truly elevate productivity, you have to commit yourself to good ergonomic habits. Any true ergonomic specialist will tell you, even the best tools are only as good as their masters. In today's post, we'll highlight popular ergonomic office products and share valuable tips on how to get the most out of them to increase productivity in the workplace. Enjoy!

Office comfort starts with the chair! If you read our blog regularly, you'll know that we use this common phrase often. When creating an ergonomic workspace, you'll want to start by selecting a chair that's right for your body type. Stylish curves and elegant upholsteries are great, but they pale in comparison to a chair outfitted with user friendly features designed for optimal support. When picking out an office chair, be sure to look for ones with multi functional mechanisms, lumbar support, and adjustable arms. As you'll likely be sitting for extended periods of time, these features are a must have. Consider chair brands like Global Total Office and Eurotech Seating. Be sure to avoid cheap imitations and knock off lookalikes. In most all office chair cases, you get what you pay for.

Dual Screen Ergonomic Monitor ArmOnce you've purchased a new chair, be sure to take the time needed to master it's features. Check out demo videos online and talk with your chair provider. Don't be afraid to do a little research. Posture tips and valuable sitting advice is widely available online. Learning your office chair and it's capabilities will make you far more productive in the long run!

So you've got the perfect chair, now what? Accessorize! Lot's of awesome ergonomic office products are available on the market to help you further elevate your effectiveness in the workplace. Keep in mind, we are not suggesting you rush out and by every ergonomic gadget for sale! As not all products are cut out for all people, you'll need to do a bit more research to find which ones will be most suitable for your work style. In most cases, ergonomic monitor arms, keyboard trays, and CPU holders are all great options to start with.

An ergonomic monitor arm will help to reduce eye strain by keeping your computer screen at eye level. Standard monitor bases lack the adjustment capabilities found in aftermarket units from brands like ESI. A good monitor arm will instantly provide you with more useable desk space and increased versatility. Adding a dual screen monitor arm is even better! These units will help you increase the rate at which you compute, thus making you more productive. The days of clicking back and forth between tables is over!

Sit To Stand Keyboard Tray
An ergonomic keyboard tray is another must have item that will no doubt come in handy. As most of us spend hours on end typing at our desks, articulating keyboard trays will ensure we do so at the correct angles. Sit to stand keyboard trays are also widely available in 2015 and provide an extra element of functionality that's sure to be appreciated by any worker.

CPU HolderIf you find yourself bending over regularly to route devices, plug in your phone, and even turn on your computer, a CPU holder is a must add accessory! These handy little ergo tools mount directly underneath work surfaces on glided tracks. This means you can get your CPU up off the ground and out of the way when not in use. No more banging knees due to limited leg space! The locking nature of a CPU holder will also protect your valued digital files. Brands like Symmetry Office offer awesome CPU holder options for under a hundred bucks. The time and strain saved with a CPU holder makes in an excellent investment in productivity and health.

Sit To Stand Desk
If you really want to elevate productivity in the workplace, consider the addition of a height adjustable ergonomic workstation. As one of the hottest trend of the year, sit to stand desks from brands like Mayline have firmly cemented their place on the market. These helpful solutions promote continuous movement in the workplace and simultaneously increase blood flow. An ergonomic sit to stand desk will revolutionize the way you work. As sitting for long periods of time is never recommended, you'll be able to stay in your work flow at all times with an adjustable desk. Go up, go down, and keep it productive all day!

Over the long haul, true productivity increases will be seen and realized based on your habit structures. If you commit to sitting correctly and forming good posture, you'll be on the path to success. Once you've become more productive in the workplace, spread the word! Help your coworkers by providing them with the tips and tricks you've found helpful. You'll be building a more cohesive, inspired, and productive team that can't be stopped by office discomfort!

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