Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Seating Showdown: Hendrix vs. Joplin

Woodstock Marketing is known for their trend setting, musician inspired office seating. Take one look (or sit) in a Woodstock chair like the Hendrix or Joplin and you'll see why. In today's post we'll pit these two juggernauts up against one another in a 4 round seating showdown to see which chair reigns supreme. Enjoy!

Round 1: Style

At first glance you'll appreciate the distinctive characteristics of both the Hendrix and Joplin chairs from Woodstock Marketing. The Hendrix boasts a segmented cushion design with ample padding and polished chrome accent features. With it's sleek, ribbed back design, the Joplin provides a little less cushioning and more more of a contemporary look. In 2015, the ribbed back look has reigned supreme making the Woodstock Marketing Joplin the winner of round 1 by a slight margin.

Round 2: Comfort

While both the Hendrix and Joplin seating solutions lack the multi functional arms found on many of today's top ergonomic chairs, they are still incredibly comfortable. With it's thick padded seating surfaces, the Hendrix provides an excellent sit that can be relied upon during those long days at the office. When looking at the Joplin, you may think an office chair with such limited padding would provide minimal support. That being said, take one sit and your mind will instantly be changed. While both are comfortable, the Hendrix provides a bit more back support and takes round two.

Round 3: Applications

The Hendrix and Joplin are both available in high back and mid back variations. While a great fit for executive office applications, both of these chairs are truly intended for professional conference room applications. The slim characteristics of the Joplin will help you maximize the number of chairs that will fit around your table. The Hendrix and it's segmented cushions provide a bit more comfort for longer meetings and for this reason, make it a bit better option for meeting areas. By a slim margin, the Hendrix takes round three giving it a one round lead.

Round 4: Price

Mid back Hendrix chairs are available in 4 attractive leather colors and cost $295.00. The high back office chair from the Hendrix collection is a bit more expensive at $315.00. The Joplin mid back chair is available in the same great color options and runs $269.00, while the high back model is priced slightly higher at $299.00. While the cost difference is really minimal, the Joplin is a bit better value and takes round 4.

Split Decision!

We're all tied up at 4 rounds apiece and faced with a split decision. As the determining factor when selecting an office chair is comfort, the Hendrix gets our vote in this seating showdown. It's the better option for longer sits. The trend setting design qualities, user friendly features, color options, and versatility make it one of the best chairs on the market. That being said, the Joplin is no slouch! These cutting edge chairs provide the space saving characteristics needed to maximize conference room seating potential. This was a hard fought battle between two chairs any business would be lucky to have. Give both models a look for your space. You'll be glad you did.

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