Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Ergonomic Survival Kit

Ergonomic Survival Kit
Want to operate at peak performance levels in the workplace? You'll need products that are up to the task! In today's post we've put together an ergonomic survival kit that showcases awesome tools designed to  help you tackle fatigue while simultaneously becoming more functional in the office. Enjoy!

iDesk Oroblanco ChairAs office comfort starts with the chair, the first item you'll need in your ergonomic survival kit is the iDesk Oroblanco from Cherryman Industries. These mesh back office chairs mean business! The Oroblanco is equipped with a built in user guide for personalized comfort and features a high tech multi functional mechanism that allows for a wide range of adjustments. At just $321.50, the Oroblanco is no doubt the best ergonomic chair on the market at it's price point. While many of today's top chairs cost thousands of dollars, it's refreshing to know that we can load our ergonomic survival kit up with a reliable seating solution that won't break the budget.

Dual Screen Monitor Arm EZKC2Next on our survival kit list, an ergonomic monitor arm. Working with the factory base that came with your computer will provide you with little to no ergonomic benefits. That being said, if you want to be a true ergonomic survivalist, an aftermarket monitor arm is a must. Units like the EZKC2 from Mayline are the way to go. These dual screen mounts will allow you to raise your computer screens to eye level when typing. As looking down and your screen when working can cause neck pain and stiffness, having your monitors in the correct position is a must. The ability to move your screens further and closer when needed is also a plus. A monitor arm will reduce eye strain and increase the amount of usable desk space present at your workstation in no time at all. Most units like the EZKC2 install in minutes via clamp mount or grommet attachment systems. Add a dual screen monitor setup to your workspace and you'll wonder how you ever survived without one.

Sit To Stand Keyboard TrayIf you want to survive your work day effectively, an articulating keyboard tray is a must. This year, sit to stand models are the way to go. These handy keyboard platforms and mechanisms work together to encourage continuous body movement. A sit to stand keyboard tray will help you prevent those long and health hazardous sits we all need to avoid. Add one of these to your ergonomic survival kit and enjoy the immediate and long term benefits. Quality sit to stand keyboard trays like the Balance 3 from Symmetry Office are the way to go. These retractable units will have you typing at the appropriate angle and fighting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome the right way!

CPU Holder
All ergonomic survival kits should also be equipped with a CPU holder. If you've ever banged your knees on your computer's power source, or taken a risky trip underneath the desk amidst a sea of wrappers and crumbs to route wires, prepare for the revolution! CPU holders mount directly underneath the surface of your desk on a retractable slides that allow your CPU to be slid out of the way when not in use. When you need to route wires or plug in devices, simply slide the CPU holder forward, rotate it to the desired position, tackle your task, and slide it back out of the way when finished. Talk about user friendly! CPU holders like the Harmony from Symmetry Office cost just $120.99 and even protect your important digital files from theft and flood damage.

Ergonomic Foot RestLast but not least, you're ergonomic survival kit will need to be equipped with a good foot rest. While we could of gone the expensive route and recommended an adjustable height workstation, not all shoppers have the budget for such luxurious products. When the funds are tight and improved comfort is a must, a foot rest is the way to go. Adjustable foot rests will allow you to prop your feet up when working and improve blood flow. As it's never a good idea to operate with your feet crossed out in front of you or propped up on the base of your office chair, simply having a foot rest present underneath your desk will provide you with a constant posture reminder.

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