Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall Furniture and Seating Trends: 2015 Edition

Fall is in full swing. The leaves are starting to change. There's pumpkin patches on every corner, and we're all getting geared up for the holiday season! That being said, the fall season has brought with it lots of cool trends that you won't want to miss. This year, brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, and OFM have taken the furniture and seating world to the next level. If you're tackling an office makeover project this fall, you're in luck! In today's post we'll highlight the hottest new trends of the fall season to help shoppers make their interiors the best they can be. Enjoy!

Mayline Sterling Furniture

Mayline Sterling Furniture

The all new Sterling furniture collection from Mayline includes trend setting office desk configurations designed specifically for executive interiors. This full service line also boasts a wide range of cutting edge reception desks, elegant conference room tables, and professional storage solutions.

Mayline Thesis Chairs

Mayline Thesis Chairs

Take training room functionality to the next level with Mayline Thesis chairs! This line of stackable seating for the training room looks great, outperforms the competition, and won't break your budget. Thesis chairs are available with versatile tablet arms that will further improve productivity in your space. Purchase Thesis chairs in affordable 2 packs to help you save big. Custom upholstery options are available.

Mayline Living Chair

Mayline Living Chair

The Mayline Living chair was a huge hit at this years NeoCon event. Just a few short weeks ago, the Living chair became officially available for purchase and shoppers certainly took notice! These new ergonomic task chair solutions from Mayline take the sitting experience to a whole new level. The Living chair moves and reacts to your body when working. There's no need for countless adjustments to find comfortable operating positions.

Global Total Office Zira Reception Desks

Modern Reception Desk

When the average reception desk won't cut it, choose Zira from Global Total Office! This best selling office furniture collection now includes the components needed to create L shaped, U shaped, and hybrid receptionist desk configurations designed to meet the needs of any space.

Global Total Office Solar Seating

Popular Office Chairs 2015

Need new chairs for your conference room? Look no further than the Solar collection from Global. This line of mesh back conference room seating offers the trend setting designed characteristics needed to earn your interiors the positive compliments they deserve. Solar chair save space, look great, and will no doubt keep your valued visitors comfortable.

Global Total Office 2gether Tables

2gether Tables

The latest and greatest training room table collection on the market. Global Total Office 2gether tables are available in a wide range of sizes and modern finish options. Flip top nesting models are available to help maximize your square footage. 2gether tables are incredibly user friendly. Global has truly outdone themselves with this collection.

OFM Mesa Standing Desks

Standing Height Desk

OFM has expanded their popular Mesa desk collection to include standing height models that help prevent extended sits in the workplace that can cause major health problems. The new ergonomic desk models from the Mesa collection are great for school, training, classroom, and professional applications. Multiple sizes and finish options are available.

OFM Morph Seating

OFM Morph Collection

The OFM Morph seating collection is unlike anything you've ever seen! The lounge chairs and sofas from this cutting edge line feature flip up panels that reduce noise and promote privacy in waiting areas. Morph chairs are also equipped with AC and USB inputs that come in handy when guests need to charge and operate devices.

OFM Triumph Seating

OFM Triumph Seating

This season, nobody is doing lounge and reception seating better than OFM! Take one look at their trendy Triumph collection and you'll see why. These modular guest chairs can be used to create out of this world seating layouts designed to maximize space, comfort, and visual appeal. Tablet arm models and matching side tables are also available from OFM.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Executive Office Remodeling Q & A with

Tackling an executive office makeover project? You've likely got questions that need answering before you begin the remodeling process. That being said, is here to help. In today's post we're answering the most commonly asked executive office remodeling questions to help you seamlessly transition into your new space. Enjoy!

Q: Where do I start?

Every good remodeling project starts with effective space planning. Start by removing the old office furniture from your space. Take pictures while it's assembled if you're planning to sell it to recapture some funds. With your space cleared out, it will be easier to obtain accurate dimensions. Measure the perimeter of your space to find out how much room you have to work with. Take note of all entry ways, windows, power outlets, and room obstructions that will affect the way your furniture fits.

Q: What types of desks are popular for executive remodeling projects?

Before you start shopping, it's definitely a great idea to inquire about popular desk styles. Traditional straight front and bow front office desks are definitely the most common. Those in need of more work surface space will likely want to choose and L shaped or U shaped executive desk for their space. These stations can be used along walls or in corner offices to maximize square footage. Last but not least, writing desks are also quite popular. Both modern and traditional wood veneer writing desks provide high end appeal in executive work environments. That being said, they do lack the privacy and storage provided by the classic desk styles.

Q: What are the latest executive office makeover trends?

This year, interior design teams and furniture specialists have had their hands full with all of the modern office furniture requests. In addition to trending modern executive furniture, the industrial look has also been quite popular. To achieve this style you'll no doubt want to incorporate metal accents into your space. In 2015, gray wood grain tones have been the way to go. While traditional finish options like cherry, maple, and mahogany will always have their place, top furniture manufacturers have been introducing trend setting gray finish options that are revitalizing executive interiors. Additional trends like gray leather seating, glass desk accents, and wardrobe cabinets have all been popular for executive remodel projects.

Q: Who are the top executive furniture manufacturers?

Brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, and Cherryman Industries specialize in provision of professional grade executive furniture. Mayline and Cherryman offer a wide range of quick shipping furniture collections designed to meet the needs of furniture shoppers in a hurry. Global Total Office offers made to order desk configurations and custom packages that help shoppers maximize their square footage. All three of these brands come highly recommended. These manufacturers take pride in crafting top of the line office furniture that's built to last.

Q: Should I do my own assembly and installation?

To answer this question effectively, we'd need to take into account your experience level, the amount of furniture you're purchasing, and your budget. In most cases, basic office furniture assembly and installation is nothing to be afraid of if you have a couple of helpers on hand. A three person team can outfit an entire executive space with new furniture in about 2 hours. If you decide to tackle your own installation, you'll want to have basic tools on hand. Have a first aid kit handy in case of emergencies. When your remodel is complete, you'll be left with lots of cardboard and packaging materials to dispose of. Plan accordingly! If your office is located upstairs, you may want to hire the pros. Furniture is heavy and moving it down hallways can be difficult if you're not experienced.

Q: How can I get inspired for my remodeling project?

Don't rush out and by all new furniture without getting a little inspiration! Before you start shopping, take the time to visit a showroom and some local businesses. Obtain as much info as possible and don't be afraid to take pic. You can also take your remodeling inspiration quest online. Browse social sharing sites like Instagram and Pinterest. You'll no doubt find all the inspiration you need to get your project off and running smoothly.

Q: What are some good ways to save on executive furniture?

You don't have to spend a fortune to create an awesome executive space. If you're about to purchase new furniture and notice a coupon entry field at checkout, stop. Take the time to visit popular sites like and These reputable coupon sites are used by the best furniture providers in the business. Today, most furniture manufacturers don't charge their dealers for basic shipping services. That means, you shouldn't be paying either! Avoid shipping charges at all cost to help maximize your budget. No matter what, call you dealer before making a purchase. Ask about current specials, bulk discount pricing, and deals that can help you save. You'll also get a good idea of their customer service, which is sometimes worth more than money.

Q: How much should my project cost?

This is a tough question to answer accurately without fully understanding your remodeling needs. In most cases, a small to medium sized executive office can be completely furnished for under $2000.00. A $2000.00 budget will provide you with enough funds to purchase a well made desk configuration from a reputable brand, a new ergonomic chair, and a few room accents. That being said, you can definitely spend more or less if needed. Do a cost analysis of the items you'll need to complete your space. Set a reasonable budget for your project that won't leave your business over extended. If you're having a hard time sticking to your budget, contact the professionals for help. They'll be happy to help you find cost effective solutions that work for your specific needs.

Q: How can I properly accent my space?

No remodeling project is truly complete without the right combination of room accents. Well thought out accents will bring your space to life and earn it the positive compliments it deserves. For your executive project, consider the addition of drop lighting, area rugs, potted plants, and attractive wall art. You can further accent your space with ergonomic accessories designed to keep you operating at peak performance levels. A monitor arm, articulating keyboard tray, and CPU holder are the most commonly chosen ergonomic accessories for the executive office.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cool Office Chairs Trending In October 15'

This month brands like Global Total Office, Eurotech Seating, and Cherryman Industries are enjoying success with their popular office chairs. These top notch manufacturers take pride in crafting high tech seating solutions designed to provide users with the ultimate sitting experience. In today's post we'll review October's most popular chairs and share the features that make them great. These ultra cool chairs will no doubt impress your office visitors while keeping you supremely comfortable.

Global Total Office Solar Chair
First up, the Global Total Office Solar chair! Even though the Solar was released just a few short weeks ago, it's already making a major impression on industry professionals and shoppers alike. The Solar boasts sleek design characteristics that make it a perfect fit for professional conference room and meeting area applications. The Solar conference chair is sure to help your business maximize the number of guests that can fit comfortably around your table of choice. These trending mesh back seating solutions are available in 4 mesh back color options starting at just $381.99.

Eurotech Seating FX2 Chair
The Eurotech Seating FX2 open back chair is distinctively modern. These trend setting chairs are perfect for the shopper whose tired of traditional leather and mesh back models that flood the market each year. Available in black and gray fabric color options, the FX2 is sure to compliment any furniture finish you choose. These cool and comfortable chairs from Eurotech Seating come standard with automatic tilt tension, tilt lock, syncro-tilt, seat depth, and seat height adjustment features. The FX2 also boasts a waterfall seat edge designed to take pressure off the knees while working, along adjustable T shaped arms to help users find the perfect computing angle.

Oroblanco Guest Chair
With all the praise the iDesk Oroblanco task chair has received, you might have missed the matching side chairs! Cherryman Industries designed the Oroblanco iDesk seating collection to be full service. These attractive mesh back side chairs are perfect for waiting room, lobby, training, and private office applications. Oroblanco guest chair models can be upgraded with casters for easy reconfiguring and mobility. For value, oroblanco guest chairs are sold both individually and in affordable 2 packs to help you save big.

Thesis Chair
It stacks. It nests. It even has a tablet! The Mayline KTS3 Thesis chair is perfected for training room, educational, and meeting atmospheres. These hot new chairs are sold in affordable two packs for added value. The Thesis stacks up to 4 high and can also be nested along walls to save space when not in use. Additional armless models are also available to meet your specific needs. Thesis chairs support users up to 250 pounds. Two back styles and custom upholstery options are available. The writing tablet automatically moves into the storage position as the user moves to create a user friendly operating experience unlike any other on the market. Rest assured, these are the coolest new chairs for training room use!

Mayline Living Chair
Mayline didn't stop with the Thesis collection. This month they're stealing the show with the all new Living chair. Introduced at this years NeoCon event, the Living chair drew large crowds and had seating specialists abuzz. What makes the Living chair so great? Well, aside from it's revolutionary design, the Living chair moves with you! The passive seat slider is weight activated while the flexible back provides constant supper that adjusts to you as you sit and move naturally in the workplace. The chair seat automatically adjusts to it's user and distributes weight effectively without the need for adjustment. Three quick shipping models are available along with custom upholstered models for those looking to add a personal touch. The Mayline Living chair is available for sale now for just $399.99. It's no doubt one of the coolest new ergonomic chairs released this year.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Spooktacular Furniture Deals from!

We've got furniture deals so good they'll scare you! With Halloween a little more than a week away, we thought it would be great to provide our valued shoppers with extended savings on a wide range of professional desk configurations, office chairs, and more. In addition to the sale items listed here, please find our active coupons at the bottom of today's post. Happy Halloween!

1.) Medina MNT4 Desk by Mayline - $ 899.99 + Free Shipping!

Medina Desk Sale

2.) Sterling STL8 Desk by Mayline - $1186.99 + Free Shipping!

October Desk Sale

3.) SL7130RDS Reception Desk by Offices To Go - $369.99 + Free Shipping!

Reception Desk Sale

4.) 66121 Mesa Standing Desk by OFM - $299.99 + Free Shipping!

Standing Desk On Sale

5.) AM-331N Amber Desk by Cherryman Industries - $625.00 + Free Shipping!

Cherryman Furniture Sale

6.) Living Chair LV34GG by Mayline - $399.99 + Free Shipping!

Office Chair Sale

7.) 8456 Solar Chair by Global - $381.99 + Free Shipping!

Global Solar Chair

8.) E1003 Essentials Chair by OFM - $153.99 + Free Shipping!

OFM chair sale

9.) 10900B Chair by Offices To Go - $99.99 + Free Shipping!

Mesh Back Chair Sale

10.) iDesk Curva Chair CUR111 by Cherryman Industries - $447.99 + Free Shipping! 

iDesk Curva Chair

Active Furniture and Seating Coupons:

Coupon Code: FP3875 (Save $10 On Any Purchase of $199.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP3600 (Save $25 On Any Purchase of $499.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP3900 (Save $50 On Any Purchase of $999.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP3333 (Save $75 On Any Purchase of $1499.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP4000 (Save $100 On Any Purchase of $1999.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP5500 (Save $150 On Any Purchase of $2999.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP1111 (Save $300 On Any Purchase of $5599.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: CHERRY5 (5% Off All Cherryman Industries Furniture + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: ERGODEAL (5% On Select Office Chairs ~ Call 800-867-1411 for Details)

Coupon Code: CYBER1 (Save 10% On Select Office Chairs ~ Call 800-867-1411 for Details)

*Call 800-867-1411 for Bulk Discount Savings and Quantity Discounts!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Berco Tables Now Available at!

We are pleased to announce that we will now be selling office tables from Berco! This week we'll be adding all the awesome new made to order tables collections Berco has to offer. This industry leading brand takes pride in crafting stylish, versatile, and incredibly durable tables for a wide range of applications. Let's take a look at what makes Berco great in today's post.

Berco Milan TableSince 1969, Berco has been designing and building tables to the high quality standards of it's founder, Melvin Berkowitz. Mr. Berkowitz believed that providing versatile to solutions to businesses was a more than job. It was a mission! Mel takes pride in crafting tables made in the USA that are ready to stand up to the rigorous demands of the workplace.

Berco Office TablesToday, Berco Furniture Solutions continues to follow these important values. Owner Mike Hojnacki is still committed to US manufacturing and maintains a team of talented and dedicated workers that strive to provide customers with the absolute best products on the market.

Berco Square TableBerco likes to keep it simple. With clean designs, quality craftsmanship, and fantastic customer service, who could ask for more? This highly respected manufacturer now provides more than 15 table collections that are ready to meet the needs of training, meeting, break room, and educational environments. Rest assured, there's Berco tables are available for any need and application.

The Berco Milan collection has been a huge hit this year. This best selling line offers tables that combine the perfect blend of modern and contemporary design characteristics. The Milan series includes round, square, and rectangular tables that will no doubt impress office visitors without breaking your interior makeover budget. All tables, including training table models from the Milan collection can be configured in your choice of mobile or fixed leg variations.

Berco Training Room TablesGoing for that trendy retro look that's hot in 2015? Check out the Berco Mobi table collection. The break room, cafeteria, training, and meeting table solutions from this extensive line are a must see. Mobi tables feature unique bases that can be complimented by a wide range of top sizes and shapes.

When businesses and interior designers request custom tables, Berco excells. In just a 4 week window, this top notch brand can craft you a unique conference room table to meet your specific decor needs and space requirements. Berco is ready, willing, and able to take your interiors to the next level.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Check Out The Cool New Reception Desks From Mayline!

Mayline never fails to impress! This industry leading furniture manufacturer takes pride in bringing us the coolest office solutions on the market. In today's post we'll highlight Mayline's popular new reception desks from collections like Medina, Sterling, and Aberdeen. Rest assured, these modern welcome stations are the full package.

Modern Reception DeskThe Mayline Medina furniture collection has been the big winner of 2015. This extensive collection boasts a wide range of rectangular and L shaped reception stations that will no doubt impress your office visitors. All Medina reception desks are enhanced with glass transaction counters and silver metal accents.

Medina Reception DeskThe MNRSLBF Medina reception station provides the most work surface space. It's 87 1/4" wide front desk can be used to accommodate multiple computer screens. The 48" wide return offers additional work surface space and a full height privacy panel. At $1962.99, the MNRSLBF provides a lot of bang for the buck. Two file storage pedestals are also included for additional organizing space.

Need to save a little space? Check out the MNR Medina model. This rectangular reception desk is perfect for smaller guest welcoming areas as it does not need a return to stand effectively. The standard MNRS reception desk is available for $1207.99. Optional storage cabinets and desk pedestals are available. All Medina reception desk models are available in 5 attractive finish options.

Mayline's new Sterling office furniture collection was introduced just a few short weeks ago. This line of professional desks, conference room tables, storage solutions, and reception stations has already made it's impression felt. The reception desks from this ultra modern collection offer distinctive curves that set it apart from any other station on the market.

Mayline Reception FurnitureThe STG31 Sterling Reception Desk is our staff favorite. This 96" wide station will wow you even at first glance. Mayline offers the STG31 in a choice of 3 quick shipping finish options. Your finish of choice will be well complimented by a thick glass transaction counter. The main work surface extends passed the main desk frame to give you that little extra space you need to operate properly. The STG31 is further improved with the addition of a full sized desk pedestal, as well as a versatile combo storage cabinet that's the same height as the main desk. This unique cabinet can be used for both storage, and additional desk space.

Much like the Medina collection, Mayline offers a space saving modern reception desk solution from the new Sterling line. The STRC72 is just 6' wide and offers the same attractive glass accents as it's larger sister station. While the main desk frame is rectangular, the curved glass and work surface wings work together to form one of the best new stations on the market. The STRC72 is priced to sell at $950.99.

Small Modern Reception DeskMayline Aberdeen FurnitureThe Mayline Aberdeen collection has been around for many years. It's found success as an affordable furniture collection that businesses can rely on. Aberdeen reception desks are well made, look great, and won't break the bank. This year, Mayline enhanced the Aberdeen collection by adding a super trendy gray steel finish option. It breathed new life into this already successful collection. Aberdeen reception desks are now available in 4 total finish options. Both rectangular and L shaped variations are available to meet your specific needs and space requirements.

The basic Aberdeen reception desk with no storage will only cost you $656.99. You simply can't beat that! Purchase a Mayline reception desk from the Aberdeen collection and you're guests will never have a clue just how big you saved. These stations look better than many competitive models priced nearly three times as much.

Office Chair Reviews: The Living Chair by Mayline

Mayline Living Chair ReviewThe office seating world has yet another new addition, and this one is an absolute winner! Introduced just a few short months ago at this years NeoCon event, the Mayline Living chair drew crowds and had the industry abuzz. In today's post we'll review the new Living chair and it's unique ergonomic benefits. Enjoy!


The Mayline Living chair is distinctively modern. These high back taskers offer contemporary curves and cutting edge features that put them in a league of their own. Mayline has made the Living chair available in three attractive color combinations. Those who love the classics will be right at home with the all black living chair. The gray on black color combination is sure to be the best seller as it falls squarely in line with 2015's color trends. Those who want to step outside the box and brighten up their interiors will greatly enjoy the all green Living chair. No matter which color combination you choose, rest assured, you'll be rewarded with an incredibly stylish office chairs that's built to keep you supremely comfortable. These new Mayline office chair solutions are the full package.

Mayline Living Chair - Side ViewErgonomics:

Innovative ergonomic features set the Living chair apart from any other modern task chair on the market. The passive seat slider is weight activated while the flexible back provides constant support that adjusts to you as you sit and move naturally. The chair seat automatically adjusts to it's user and distributes weight effectively without the need for adjustment. In a nut shell, the Living chair provides an excellent sit that users can rely on without the need for multiple levers and adjustment features. If Apple where to design a "smart chair" it would be incredibly similar to this. The Living chair thinks for you, and knows how to keep you operating at peak performance levels.

Mayline Living Chair FeaturesStandard Features:

Height, depth, pivot, and width adjustable arms.
Pliable back with pivot point construction.
Cutting edge modern design characteristics.
Polished aluminum 5 star base.
Meets ANSI/BIFMA performance criteria.
Rated for users up to 250 pounds.
Silver arm accents.


All of Mayline's new Living chairs are available for $399.99. These quick shipping models are typically in stock and leave the factory within 2 business days of order. At just under four hundred bucks, the Living chair is one of the most advanced chairs on the market at this price point. Custom fabric and leather seat upholstery options are available are also offered by Mayline. Upgrading the seat material will certainly increase the chair price, but if you're looking for a personalized touch, the textiles Mayline offers are hard to beat!

Mayline Living Chair - Overhead ViewApplications:

It would be easier to tell you what you can't do with the Living chair, but that's just not our style! We'd rather tell you how versatile this new task and computer chair is. If you find yourself sitting for long periods of time, the Living chair will be your new best friend. As they automatically adjust to your body movements, operating in comfort has never been easier. The Living chair will keep any user ergonomically correct in home office, conference room, executive office, and group work areas. Those in search of big and tall office seating will want to skip purchasing the Living chair as it's not ideal for users over 250 pounds.

Final Rating:

5 Star Office Chair Rating

We give the new Living chair from Mayline 5 stars. In a nut shell, it's the absolute best office chair they've ever brought to market. The Living chair is incredibly user friendly. A child could master this new chair in under 5 minutes. It's uniquely modern look makes it stand out in a world of similar seating styles. Mayline truly raised the industry bar with these professional grade office chairs.

Monday, October 5, 2015

October Office Furniture Sale 2015

This month, our office furniture deals are so good, they're scary! We've got best selling desks, conference tables, and workplace solutions from top brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, Cherryman Industries, and OFM on sale now with free shipping. In addition to the hot deals listed in today's article, please find our list of active coupons at the bottom of today's post. Happy shopping!

1.) MNT7 Medina Office Furniture Set by Mayline - $1329.99 + Free Shipping!

October Office Furniture Sale 2015

2.) STL8 Sterling Executive Desk by Mayline - $1186.99 + Free Shipping!

Mayline Furniture Sale

3.) Z48120RTE 10' Zira Conference Table by Global Total Office - $1847.99 + Free Shipping!

Conference Table Sale

4.) Zira Reception Desk by Global Total Office - $2235.99 + Free Shipping!

Global Total Office Zira Furniture On Sale

5.) VL-619N Verde Office Desk by Cherryman Industries - $1070.00 + Free Shipping!

Cherryman Furniture Sale

6.) AM-411N Amber Conference Table by Cherryman Industries - $1275.00 + Free Shipping!

Conference Table On Sale

7.) 55310 Marque Reception Desk by OFM, Inc. - $1131.99 + Free Shipping!

OFM Reception Desk Sale

8.) 3002T Triumph Tablet Lounge Chair by OFM, Inc. - $445.85 + Free Shipping!

OFM Triumph Seating

9.) SL7130RDS Reception Desk by Offices To Go - $369.99 + Free Shipping!

Offices To Go Furniture Sale

10.) SL-F U Shaped Desk by Offices To Go - $947.95 + Free Shipping!

October Office Desks On Sale

Active Furniture and Seating Coupons for October:

Coupon Code: FP3875 (Save $10 On Any Purchase of $199.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP3600 (Save $25 On Any Purchase of $499.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP3900 (Save $50 On Any Purchase of $999.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP3333 (Save $75 On Any Purchase of $1499.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP4000 (Save $100 On Any Purchase of $1999.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP5500 (Save $150 On Any Purchase of $2999.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP1111 (Save $300 On Any Purchase of $5599.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: CHERRY5 (5% Off All Cherryman Industries Furniture + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: ERGODEAL (5% On Select Office Chairs ~ Call 800-867-1411 for Details)

Coupon Code: CYBER1 (Save 10% On Select Office Chairs ~ Call 800-867-1411 for Details)

*Call 800-867-1411 for Bulk Discount Savings and Quantity Discounts!