Thursday, October 1, 2015

5 Ways To Be A Smarter Office Furniture Shopper

Smart Office Furniture ShoppingSmart office furniture shoppers save big and enjoy successful makeover projects. To be a smart shopper, you have to know the ins and outs of the industry and the best ways to maximize your budget. That's where we come in. In today's post, we'll give you 5 tips that are guaranteed to minimize office deign headaches and extend your budget. Enjoy!

1.) Know What Fits

There's nothing worse than buying new office furniture and finding out it doesn't fit! To avoid this common mishap, you'll want to obtain accurate dimensions of your space before you even consider making a purchase. When gathering your dimensions, don't rely on old blue prints. Get in your space with a tape measurer and do it the right way. Take note of all entry ways, windows, power outlets, and room obstructions that will affect the way your furniture fits. With your dimensions in hand, you'll be able to determine what size desks will work best for your interior. If you only follow one tip in today's post, let it be this one!

2.) Research The Trends

Take the time to see what's hot! Researching the latest office design trends will help you create a space that's up to date and on the cutting edge. In 2015, gray wood grain tones and leather upholsteries have been incredibly popular. Powered lounge furniture, tablet arm seating, and retro inspired office chair solutions like the Hendrix from Woodstock Marketing are also sure fire ways to make your space stand out from the crowd. Show your design prowess and ingenuity by researching where the industry is, and where it's going. Your office remodeling project will be all the better for it.

3.) Read The Reviews

Reading reviews will help you avoid making a purchase you might regret. Trust other shoppers! While some reviews can be overly critical, in most cases they will help you select quality products that will improve your workplace functionality and decor. You should also read reviews about dealers your considering purchasing furniture from. If two furniture providers offer the same pricing on a particular office desk, reading reviews will help you make an educated decision on what vendor is better for you and your needs.

4.) Avoid Shipping Costs

If you see a furniture company charging basic shipping costs, keep on moving! Most of today's top furniture and seating manufacturers like Mayline, Offices To Go, and Eurotech Seating don't even charge their dealers for shipping. This means, you shouldn't be paying them either! This is a common way for vendors to add in extra margin that can be quickly avoided with a little shopping prowess. While extended services like inside delivery may be a must, standard tailgate and loading dock delivery should not require additional charges on your end.

5.) Search For Savings

To save big, you've got to do a little work! Before making a purchase, enter in the products you like in a comparison shopping engine like Google Shopping. You'll be able to find reviews, sort by lowest price, and isolate dealers that don't charge shipping. Take the three best online prices you find and call the associated dealers directly. Ask about current coupons, bargains, closeouts, and specials they may be running to help you save a few bucks. You can also visit popular coupon sites like and These reputable saving sites are commonly used by the best furniture providers in the business. The chances are, if you see an "enter coupon code" field during the online checkout process, there's at least some sort of coupon out there to help you save.

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