Friday, December 4, 2015

Furniture Life: Creating A Modern Office Space

Modern Office InteriorsLet's face it, the modern look is in! More than ever, design specialists and industry professionals alike are recommending modern furniture from the best brands in the business. That being said, you'll need more than cutting edge furniture to create the ultimate workspace. In today's article we'll highlight awesome design tips, product suggestions, ideas to help you make your interior the best it can be. Enjoy!

Before you rush out and purchase new furniture for your office, take the time to properly measure your space. Start by taking note of all your entry ways, power outlets, and windows that will affect your layout. Pay careful attention to the perimeter of your work area and be sure to double check your measurements.

Modern Office FurnitureOnce you've got your dimensions, sketch them out on paper and make a few copies. Try your hand at drawing various layouts. This simple practice will give you a great idea of what will work best for your office space.

Now it's time to get a little inspiration! Visit a local showroom, take some pics, and gather brochures on popular furniture lines you're interested in. Check out local businesses and don't be afraid to ask what furniture their using and how they like it. Last but not least, take your inspiration quest to the web. Social sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram will provide you with awesome ideas for your space.

With accurate room dimensions and loads of inspiration, it's time to shop! When you start your office furniture search online, you'll be met with loads of products to sort through. Use a comparison shopping engine like Google Shopping to save you some time. Here you'll be able to sort products by manufacturer and price.

When shopping for modern office furniture online, be sure to pay close attention to the latest trends. This year gray wood grain tones have been incredibly popular. Classic finish options like cherry, maple, and mahogany are no longer the premier options for modern interiors. In addition, metal and glass furniture accents will surely enhance visual appeal. Top furniture brands like Mayline, Cherryman Industries, and Global Total Office all pave the way for new trends and should be highly considered for your project.

Office Design IdeasSure a great furniture configuration will help your space, but you've also got to be comfortable! You'll no doubt want to select a modern office chair that provides you with the user friendly adjustment features needed to operate at peak performance levels while simultaneously complimenting your furniture. This year, brands like Eurotech Seating have introduced awesome new ergonomic seating solutions that you should definitely check out! Their new iOO and FX2 chairs will match just about any modern furnishings you choose!

Adding ergonomic accessories will keep you productive while simultaneously boosting the modern look you're going for. A dual screen monitor arm will make your executive desk configuration look curing edge while reducing eye strain while you work. A sit to stand keyboard tray will promote continuous movement in the workplace, improve blood flow, and wow your guests when you put it to use!

Modern DeskThey say, no space is truly complete without the right combination of aesthetic accents! We couldn't agree more. Before your new furniture arrives, thoroughly clean your space and patch any unsightly wall marks. Paint your interior a cool new color that makes a statement! To take your new modern office space over the top, consider adding cool wall art and an area rug. Take things a step further by throwing in a few cool lighting fixtures or wall sconces. The room accessories you choose will play a major role in the overall look of your space.

When your makeover project is done, take a few pics and post them online. Don't be afraid to ask the pros for helpful criticisms and ways to further improve your space. At the same time, you'll be showing off your new work environment to potential customers and guests.

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