Friday, October 2, 2015

Helpful Training Room Remodeling Tips

Global Total Office 2gether TablesCreating a multi purpose space for your professional training needs? You're in the right place! The Blog team has the tips you'll need to get the job done right from start to finish without the headaches. Follow the tips, tricks, and product suggestions in today's post to create a productive, efficient, and well rounded modular training room designed to meet your specific business needs.

1.) Know What Fits

Don't rush out and purchase new training furniture for your space until you know what will fit properly! Start your project by obtaining the perimeter measurement of your space. Be sure to account for entry ways, power outlets, windows, and load bearing members that will affect the way your furniture will fit. On average you'll want to leave about 3' of space between each row of tables. You'll also want to leave at least 3' of space down the center aisle of your configuration to ensure you provide a large enough walkway for guests. Around the perimeter of your area, leave about 1.5' of space.

2.) Follow The Trends

You'll no doubt want to keep your training room up to date with the latest design trends. Rather than send you across the web hunting for blog posts and design tips, we'll let you in on this years hottest furniture movements right here. In 2015, gray wood grain tones have been the way to go. Brands like Mayline and Global Total Office offer awesome training room tables in gray wood finish options that will no doubt kick your visual appeal into high gear. In addition, mesh back seating and portable power modules have also been quite popular. Purchasing mesh seating will help you extend your budget while portable power modules will help your business streamline training sessions. You can also add trending products like portable flat screen TV carts, lighted lecterns, and industrial wall art.

3.) Storage Matters

If you've got the square footage, consider dedicating a single wall of your space to storage. Here you can place a wall cabinet to house stationary. You can also nest excess training room table and chair pairs along your storage wall when they're not needed for a particular session. In the long run, storage space really matters! You don't want your training room to feel over crowded and cluttered with too many tables, chairs, and presentation materials all over the place. Think ahead and plan for future growth before it's too late!

4.) Create A Presenting Area

No training room is complete without a professional area for presenting. Typically located at the front of your room, the presenting area should be equipped with a variety of products to ensure information is properly delivered. A folding presentation board is a must as it will allow you to jot done ideas and notes with your students. You'll also want a lectern or podium of some sort to hep guest presenters feel comfortable. It's sometimes awkward to stand in front of a large group of people without a proper speaking area. You can further enhance your training room presentation area with a pull down projected screen, but Smart TV's have certainly become the preferred choice.

5.) Go Modular

Last but not least, you'll no doubt want your space to be as functional as possible. Selecting modular training tables and training room seating will help you maximize floor space and overall effectiveness. Flip top tables like the Bungee and 2gether from Global Total Office are the top choice of industry professionals. These tables can be quickly folded and rolled out of the way when cleaning is necessary. The mobilized bases make them easy to create, break down, and reconfigure limitless layouts for training purposes. Modular training room chairs like the Valore and Thesis from Mayline also save space and look great! These trending new chairs can be stacked and nested easily when not in use. They are also super comfortable! In the long run, going modular is incredibly beneficial. It will no doubt make your space more versatile and professional.

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