Monday, November 2, 2015

Office Furniture Reviews: Cherryman Industries Verde Collection

It doesn't get much cooler than the Cherryman Industries Verde furniture collection. This best selling line offers the desks, reception stations, conference tables, and office storage solutions you'll need to make your interiors stand out from the competition. In today's post we'll review the Verde collection in full. Prepare to be impressed!

Verde Desks

Verde Office DeskEven at first glance you'll be wowed by the ultra modern design characteristics of an executive office desk from the Verde collection. This high end furniture collection from Cherryman Industries offers modular U shaped, L shaped, and peninsula style desks. Both straight from and bow front desk styles are available to help users achieve their desired look. In addition to Verde's executive style desks, this top notch line offers cool writing desks like the VL-742 and VL-866. Verde writing desks are perfect for upscale home office environments and even smaller professional spaces. All of Cherryman's Verde stations are available in Latte and Espresso finish options. Verde desks can be purchased individually, or as part of pre-configured packages that include everything you need to make your space great.

Verde Reception Stations

Verde Reception FurnitureVerde reception stations are unlike any other on the market. These unique welcome desks provide unmatched visual appeal and lot's of work surface space. Both rectangular and L shaped variations are available to meet your space requirements and operational needs. Verde reception desks boast a blend of silver metal trim, laminate surfaces, and white transaction counters that really pop. If you want a reception desk that's going to earn your space the compliments it deserves, look no further. These stations are far from ordinary, incredibly well made, and surprisingly affordable.

Verde Conference Tables

Verde Conference TableThe Cherryman Industries Verde collection offers a wide range of professional conference room table solutions. The boat shaped tables from the Verde line are available in multiple sizes and feature white accented leg inserts that doubt as cable troughs for wire management. Verde boat shaped tables are also available with power modules designed to help streamline the meeting process. In addition to boat shaped tables, the Verde collection includes round meeting tables that are perfect for smaller gathering areas.

Verde Storage Solutions

Verde CabinetYou'll no doubt want to keep your office interiors well organized. An organized space is ready willing and able to operate at peak performance levels. That being said, the Verde collection offers the storage products you'll need to get the job done right. Verde includes office file cabinet solutions with up to 4 drawers. In addition, the mobile file pedestals from this collection feature padded surfaces that allow them to act as an extra seat when needed. Bookcases, overhead hutch units with white doors, and combo storage cabinets are also available. Verde provides everything you need to keep your important materials and documents securely organized in the workplace.

Verde Extras

Accent your conference room with a Verde presentation board and simultaneously improve meeting efficiency. With a dry erase board center and cork board sides, taking down important notes during strategy sessions is easier than ever. Keep your office guests comfortable with the CHAIR-40 model lounge chair. Purchasing a Verde reception desk? Accent your welcoming area with Verde series side tables and blend the finishes to showcase your design ingenuity. There's nothing this top rated collection can't do for your business!


We give the Verde collection a 5 star rating. It's hard not to love the innovative workplace solutions available from this Cherryman line. We'd like to see the Verde line available in a few more finish options, but that's really our only criticism. Verde looks great, meets the budget, and ships quick. The products from this line are very well made and backed by Cherryman's factory warranty. If you're taking on an office makeover project in 2015, give Verde serious consideration for your interiors. You'll be glad you did!

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