Monday, December 28, 2015

The Office Innovators of 2015

It was an awesome year in the world of professional furniture and seating. Brands like Global Total Office, OFM, and Mayline provided us with incredibly innovative workplace solutions that turned basis interiors into professional works of art. In today's post we'll highlight this years most innovative brands and the products that made a difference. Enjoy!

Zira Reception DeskGlobal Total Office LogoGlobal Total Office takes pride in crafting unique office furniture and and seating for every room. There's nothing this innovator can't do. This year, Global Total Office gave us high tech powered conference tables and custom reception desk configurations from the Zira collection. Global also raised the industry bar with comfortable new seating collections like Solar, Vion, Arti, and G20.

OFM LogoOFM Morph SeatingOFM sets trends that all other manufacturers follow. This innovator gave us cutting edge reception seating solutions in 2015 from collections like Morph, Serenity, and Triumph. OFM also enhanced their Mesa desk collection with the addition of flip top training room tables and standing height desks that promote continuous movement in the workplace, improve blood flow, and reduce fatigue. New chair lines from OFM like Oro and Essentials made it easy to get supremely comfortable on a budget. This is one brand we've come to expect big things from year after year. We can't wait to see what OFM gives us in 2016!

Mayline Medina Furniture for Conference RoomMayline Office LogoMayline was a big winner in 2015. This highly respected furniture manufacturer gave us amazing new furniture collections like Medina and Sterling that offer the desks, reception stations, conference room tables, and professional storage accessories needed to furnish any interior. Mayline also gave us awesome new chairs like the Thesis and Gist that provide top quality craftsmanship, durability, and operational functionality. New finish options like Textrued Driftwood, Sea Salt, Gray Steel, Brown Sugar, and Mocha made it easy for interior design teams and businesses to think outside the realm of traditional finishes like cherry and maple. Mayline never fails to impress, and this year was no different.

iDesk Oroblanco ChairCherryman Industries LogoWe love what the folks at Cherryman Industries did in 2015! Instead of adding a new casegoods line like we all expected, Cherryman through us all for a curve with the new iDesk seating line. At first, we were a bit skeptical. The minute we sat down in the Oroblanco chair, we were convinced. It was as simple as that! The iDesk collection as since given us amazing task chairs like the Ambarella and high end executive style seating from collections like Curva. The new iDesk chairs offer unmatched value, appeal, and quality. This new chair line from Cherryman is sure to continue it's dominance in 2016 and beyond. If you want a professional grade office chairs that provides top notch comfort at a price that won't strain the wallet, look no further. The word on the street is, Cherryman has even bigger plans for next year. We are expecting an all new furniture collection and awesome new models from the iDesk collection to match.

Eurotech Seating Nuvem ChairEurotech SeatingLast but most certainly no least, no article on office innovators would be complete without including Eurotech Seating. Talk about an amazing year! Eurotech gave us trend setting new ergonomic chairs like the iOO, Lume, and Astra. They made it easy and affordable for chair shoppers to sit superior without breaking the bank. The new Nuvem executive recliner has to be seen to be fully appreciated. These high back chairs come standard with adjustable headrests, multi functional mechanisms, tablet arms, and ottomans that allow users to kick their legs up. Imagine the ultimate fantasy football command center and top notch ergonomics and you'll have a great idea of what to expect from the Nuvem. The Eduskate chair is more like a workstation on wheels. These cutting edge seating solutions are perfect for school and training room applications. When it came to innovative seating, Eurotech did 2015 the best.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Keep It Comfy: 5 Modern Chairs Your Back Will Love!

We've seen industry leading brands like Global Total Office, Cherryman Industries, and Eurotech Seating rock the office chair world in 2015. These reputable manufacturers take pride in crafting super cool modern chairs that your back will love. If you're looking to keep it comfy in the workplace, you don't want to miss the 5 seating solutions showcased in today's post!

Global Total Office Spree Chair 6040
First up, the Global Total Office 6040 model Spree chair. This contemporary mesh task chair was designed to avoid restricting upper body movement allowing the user to easily access space all around their work station. The Spree chair features a wrap around lumbar area that provides a secure and supportive feeling that's sure to be appreciated by any user.

iDesk Curva ChairThis year, Cherryman Industries turned heads with the iDesk Seating Collection. As a brand known for executive office furniture, we were all a bit surprised when they released some of the best chairs of the year! The iDesk chair collection boasts popular models like the Ambarella and Orobalnco, but our new favorite is the Curva high back executive chair. These luxurious leather office chairs are perfect for upscale office interiors. The Curva sports a durable, breathable, and incredibly supportive design. Leave no doubt, your back will love this chair!

Ergo Elite ChairThe Eurotech Seating Ergo Elite chair got it's name for a reason! These chairs are truly in a league of their own. The Ergo Elite ME22ERGLT high back mesh chair comes standard with a  headrest, multi functional arms, multiple tilt functions, and a waterfall seat edge. Pair these awesome attributes with an out of this world modern design and you've got one of the coolest office chairs on the market.

811-LX Avenger Chair
Larger individuals often find themselves at distinct disadvantages when it comes to finding a quality office chair that doesn't lack in terms of style. Luckily, brands like OFM have answered the call. This consumer friendly brand saved the day with their 811-LX Avenger chair. This leather big and tall chair supports users up to 500 pounds with it's heavy duty frame and base. The 811-LX boats well padded seating surfaces and arms that are sure to keep you comfortable during those long days at the office.

RFM Verte ChairLast but certainly not least, no article on comfortable chairs would be complete without highlighting the 22111 Verte chair from RFM Preferred Seating. If you want the absolute best for your back, you've officially found it. The Verte chair supports users up to 300 pounds and comes standard with 11 torsion spring-loaded joints that take an exact spine impression, which can be locked in place at the touch of a lever. Now that's seating technology at it's finest! Take a moment and imagine settling into a chair that molds itself to your spine's unique shape. Inspired by the human Vertebrae, the Verte chair combines ergonomics, form and function to produce the ultimate in seating posture and comfort. A decade in the making, the Verte was created by a team of engineers, designers, and ergonomists. These chairs are truly one of a kind. Sit in it once, and you'll never settle for anything less. To make a long story short, if you can't get comfortable in this RFM office chair, you might be better off standing!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Office Awards 2015: Waiting Room Edition

Today on the blog we're highlighting the best lounge and waiting room furniture solutions of the year. Brands like Global Total Office, OFM, Mayline, and Lesro all deserve a lot of credit for their contributions to the industry and commitment to quality. These innovative brands improved the guest waiting experience, boosted functionality, and turned waiting areas into works of art with their amazing new products.

Best Lounge Chair: Sirena by Global Total Office

Cool Lounge Chair

The Global Total Office Sirena seating collection is incredibly cool! The new modern lounge chair models from the Sirena line can be equipped with lower level storage shelves and adjustable tablet arms. Sirena lounge furniture is available in a wide range of leather, fabric, and vinyl upholstery options from Global. These chairs will no doubt earn your interiors the positive compliments they deserve.

Best Sofa: InterPlay by OFM

OFM InterPlay Sofa

The OFM InterPlay sofa offers the perfect combination of modern appeal and versatility. These comfy sofas boast tablet arms and a wide range of unique two tone upholstery options. The easy to clean surfaces are perfect for healthcare environments and intensive use areas.

Best Beam Seating: Net Series by OFM

OFM Net Series Beam Seating

Two years running! The Net series beam chair collection reigns supreme again in 2015. Why you might ask? They come in amazing color options, provide unmatched durability, and work both indoors and out.

Best Guest Chair: Mercado by Mayline

Wood Guest Chair

The Mayline Mercado wood guest chair collection received a major boost in 2015. This year Mayline gave us cool new Mercado models including open back, contemporary, and traditionally styled seating that works perfect in professional guest waiting areas as well as executive office environments.

Best Tablet Chair: Nuvem by Eurotech Seating

Eurotech Nuvem Chair

Talk about wow factor! The all new Nuvem lounge chair from Eurotech Seating was no doubt the coolest tablet chair to hit the market in 2015. At just over two thousand bucks, the Nuvem is probably a bit much for the average waiting room, but that doesn't mean it's not the best. These executive style lounge recliners feature leather seating surfaces, functional headrests, and ottomans that allow guests to kick their feet up while they wait.

Best Upholstery Options: Lesro Industries

Lesro Industries

With over 10 best selling waiting room furniture collections on the Market, Lesro Industries has to offer lot's of great upholstery options. Their selection of leather, fabric, and vinyl textiles is amongst the best in the business. This year their color options reigned supreme!

Most Innovative Product: Morph by OFM

OFM Morph Chair

Another win for the folks at OFM! The Morph seating collection is unlike anything on the market. Morph combines privacy and technology that's sure to impress your valued visitors. The OFM seating from the Morph collection features flip up privacy panels and powered arms with AC and USB input options that make it easy for guests to work while they wait.

Best Modular Seating Line: River by Global Total Office

Global Total Office River Seating

The options are limitless with the Global Total Office River seating collection! This line of modular lounge and waiting room seating combines high end modern appeal with unmatched functionality. With River seating from Global Total Office creating one of a kind configurations is easier than ever.

Brand Of The Year: OFM

OFM, Inc. Furniture

While competition was certainly stiff, OFM simply gave us too many awesome collections to deny them our coveted 'Brand Of The Year' award. Take one look at OFM lines like Morph, Triumph, Hex, Serenity, and InterPlay and you'll see what we mean. Congrats to you OFM. We can't wait to see what you bring us in 2016 and beyond.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

5 Ways To End The Year In Comfort

You don't have to settle for discomfort in the workplace. All to often, we get set in our ways when comfort remedies are right around the corner. In today's post, we'll provide you with the ergonomic tips and product suggestions needed to operate at peak performance levels in the workplace. Enjoy!

1.) Use The Right Office Chair

Ambarella Office Chair by Cherryman

Office comfort starts with the chair! If you're settling for a seating solution that lacks the ergonomic benefits needed support you properly while working, it's time to make a change. Brands like Cherryman Industries and Eurotech Seating have introduced cost effective ergonomic chairs that will have you sitting pretty without breaking the budget. The Ambarella chair from Cherryman Industries costs just over two hundred bucks and comes standard with adjustable T shaped arms, a natural lumbar support, and built in guide for personal comfort. Take the time to consult with ergonomic professionals to determine what type of chair will work best for your personal needs. Analyze your areas of discomfort in the workplace and start knocking them off one by one!

2.) Focus On Posture

Office Posture Tips

To end your year in comfort, you'll need to focus on good posture. Start making the changes you need from the ground up. Don't use the base of your office chair as a foot rest. Don't sit with your legs crossed and extended out in front of you. Instead, keep your feet planted flat and facing forward. You'll also want to avoid hunching over to type. This common practice causes fatigue and muscle stiffness that really work against you! Be sure to keep you back in contact with the chair at all times when working to ensure you're properly supported and posture perfect. You'll also want to raise your computer screen to eye level. Don't look down to type! Simple posture tips like these will go a long way towards improve your overall comfort in the workplace. When all else fails, make a list of tips you can put around your workstation as reminders. Studies have shown that this practice yields major posture improvements.

3.) Take Short Breaks

Take Short Breaks at Work

When you feel fatigue kicking in, don't be afraid to take a short break. Sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your lifespan. This means, you'll want to get up from your office chair about once every hour. Walk around, stretch out your muscles, and get the blood flowing. When you sit back down, you'll be operating at more productive levels. During those long days at the office, taking breaks may seem like the last thing on your mind. That being said, you'll need to commit to at least one 10 minute break per hour to be at your best. Don't rush through your day in discomfort. Take breaks even when you don't think you need them. In the long run, you'll be glad you did!

4.) Improve Blood Flow

Improve Blood Flow At Work

Continuous movement in the workplace is always a good thing! Movement means improved blood flow, and improved blood flow means reduced fatigue and muscle soreness. This year, sit to stand products have been the preferred choice for individuals looking to take action in the fight against discomfort. Brands like Global Total Office have released amazing adjustable height desks and tables that should be highly considered by any worker looking to reduce the risks of extended sits and poor blood flow. You can also select an office chair with a waterfall seat edge. This simple seating upgrade is rapidly becoming the industry standard. Waterfall seat edges relieve knee pressure and improve blood flow while you sit and work naturally without the need for adjusting.

5.) Accessorize Your Workspace

Ergonomic Office Accessories

A great office chair and good posture tips will go a long way, but if you really want to end the year in comfort, you'll need to accessorize your workspace. The addition of a dual screen monitor arm will improve the rate at which you compute. You'll reduce eye strain while simultaneously increasing the amount of usable space on your desk. An articulating keyboard tray will help you compute at comfortable, correct angles while also increasing desk space. Tired of those trips under the desk to plug in devices, route wires, and turn your computer on? Upgrade to an under-mount CPU holder from a brand like Symmtery Office. You'll get your computer power source up off the ground and out of the way when not needed. This means, no more banging knees when you move in your chair! There's really no end to the awesome ergonomic accessories available on the market. Take your time to select the products that will work best for you and your workday.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Year In Review: 2015's Hottest Office Products

If you took on an office makeover project in 2015, you were no doubt rewarded with new and innovative products to choose from. This year, brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, Cherryman Industries, and OFM gave us award winning seating solutions, accessories, and furniture that boosted productivity and functionality in the workplace. Let's take a look at the hottest products of the year in today's post!

Mayline Sterling Desk LayoutMayline gave us amazing new furniture collections and seating solutions in 2015. Their Medina and Sterling collections made it easy to create out of this world modern interiors. These popular new casegoods collection provide the executive office desks, reception stations, conference tables, and office storage products needed to transform mundane spaces into works of art. Both of these trending new collections are available in hot new finish options like Gray Steel, Driftwood, Brown Sugar, and Sea Salt.
Mayline Thesis Chair

New Mayline chair models from the Thesis collection gave training rooms a major boost. Thesis chairs stack and nest to save space when not in use. Chairs can be situated along perimeter walls to make for easy cleaning. Thesis also works great in classroom environments. Tablet arm models are available that will no doubt take functionality to the next level.

Mayline Living Chair
The Mayline Living chair drew big crowds at this years NeoCon event. These intensive task chairs features passive seat slider mechanisms that move with the user to create effortless comfort. As many of today's chairs require lots of adjustments to reach just the right working angle, the Living chair does the work for you!

Zira Reception DeskGlobal Total Office Delivered in 2015! This world renowned brand gave us amazing new office products from collections like Zira. The Zira lineup boasts unique modular desk components that allow businesses to create custom workstations that really rock! Zira's new conference and reception desk solutions can be enhanced with frosted glass accents and power modules that streamline the operating process.

2gether Table
Global didn't just stop at the Zira collection! Just last month they gave us the new 2gether training room table line. These new flip top tables can be equipped with mobilized bases and modesty panels to form some of the most versatile training room solutions on the market. 2gether tables are available in a wide range of size and finish options to meet the needs of any space.

Solar Chair
Global also gave us the all new Solar seating collection. These contemporary mesh back chairs boast a blend of modern design characteristics that are straight out of the mind of Paul Brooks himself. The Solar works great in professional conference and meeting areas. These simple yet sophisticated mesh back chair models are available in lot's of cool color options.

iDesk Curva ChairNo article on 2015's hottest office products would be complete without highlighting the new iDesk seating collection from our friends at Cherryman Industries. These new office chairs took the world by storm! New iDesk chair models like the Oroblanco and Ambarella provide the perfect combination of style and value. These mesh task chairs feature natural lumbar supports, adjustable arms, multi functional mechanisms, and built in guides for personal comfort. In addition to the Ambarella and Oroblanco, Cherryman gave us the new iDesk Curva chair collection. These luxurious executive style conference chairs will no doubt turn heads. The Curva sports durable mesh seating surfaces and a heavy duty metal frame. They are a bit pricey, but well worth the investment if you ask us!

OFM Morph
OFM was on fire in 2015! This highly respected brand takes pride in setting office design trends rather than following them. Take one look at the new Morph seating collection from OFM and you'll see what we mean. These modern lounge and sofa chairs sport flip up privacy panels and powered arms that allow users to charge devices and work while they wait.

OFM Triumph
OFM further improved the guest waiting experience with their new Triumph chair line. The Triumph collection will allow you to create one of a kind modular layouts designed to meet your specific needs and space requirements. Lots of quick shipping color options are available that will have your project completed with a quickness! The awesome new OFM seating from the Triumph collection will no doubt be popular in 2016 and beyond.

Monday, December 14, 2015

5 Office Chairs That Came To Our Rescue In 2015

Office comfort starts with the chair! To be fully productive and operating at your best, you'll need a seating solution that's up to the task. This year, brands like Global Total Office, Cherryman Industries, Mayline, and Eurotech Seating gave us just what we needed. These innovative ergonomic enthusiasts delivered high quality chairs that came to our rescue in 2015. Let's check them out in today's post!

6040 Spree Chair by GlobalGlobal Total Office takes pride in crafting made to order office chairs designed to meet the specific needs of any user. It's true, this industry leading brand has a chair for everyone! This year, Global gave us more than 10 new chairs to choose from. Selecting just 1 for today's post was a task in and of itself! That being said, we settled on the Spree. The 6040 model Spree chair by Global Total Office features a contoured mesh back design and standard attributes that are guaranteed to have you sitting pretty in no time. The chair backs are specifically designed to avoid restricting upper body movement allowing the user to easily access space all around their work station. The lumbar area wraps around the users waist to provide a secure feeling and excellent support. Leave not doubt, these task chairs are the full package.

iDesk Oroblanco Task Chair by Cherryman Industries
Known for their amazing office furniture collections, Cherryman Industries stepped outside the box in 2015 with their new iDesk Seating collection. Their flagship model, the Oroblanco has rapidly become one of the most reliable office seating solutions on the market. These versatile mesh back task chairs combine form and function to create one of the hottest chairs of the year. At just $339.99, the Oroblanco came to our rescue in terms of value and comfort. With adjustable T shaped arms, a multi functional mechanism, natural lumbar support, and built in guide for personal comfort, the Oroblanco will no doubt maintain it's position as the top task chair in 2016 and beyond.

Mayline Living Chair
The Mayline Living chair was introduced at this years NeoCon convention and drew big crowds. The attention was well deserved! These new ergonomic chairs mean business. The Living chair moves with the user. The passive seat slider is weight activated while the flexible back provides constant supper that adjusts to you as you sit and move naturally. The chair seat automatically adjusts to it's user and distributes weight without the need for lots of crazy adjustments and levers. At $399.99, it's also a great buy that's sure to have you operating posture perfect in no time. The Living computer chair is user friendly, affordable, and down right comfortable!

Eurotech Seating iOO chair
Eurotech chairs are ready, willing, and able to rescue your work day! Their new iOO chair was introduced to replace the long time favorite models from the Wau collection. With big shoes to fill, the iOO delivered. These chairs represent the pinnace of seating evolution. The iOO provides durable mesh seating surfaces, adjustable arms, advanced tilting mechanisms, and user friendly controls conveniently centralized underneath the seat. An optional headrest is available for even greater support.

OFM Oro Chair
The folks at OFM, Inc. are always introducing products that make us say WOW! We've come to expect big things out of this innovator year in and year out. To make a long story short, they never disappoint. This year, OFM rescued the work day with their ORO series tablet arm executive chair. When the average office chair just won't cut it, the ORO is ready to step in and kick performance into high gear. This heavy duty big and tall office chair supports users up to 400 pounds. The ORO is equipped with an adjustable tablet arm, as well as thick padded seating surfaces and a wide base that provide plenty of stability and comfort. The ORO chair from OFM works great in high end conference room areas and executive office interiors.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Reviewing The New iDesk Curva Chairs from Cherryman Industries

Just a few short days ago, Cherryman Industries gave their iDesk Curva Seating collection a major boost! Even though this successful chair collection was already enjoying a rise to the top of the charts, Cherryman was not going to settle. They raised the bar yet again with the addition of new Hi-Task chairs, leather executive models, and loungers that are sure to kick your interior decor into high gear. Let's take a look at the new Curva models in today's post!

Curva Hi-Task Chair
The new Curva CUR115 Hi-Task chair from Cherryman is perfect for intensive work environments and professional drafting applications. This extremely comfortable and supportive seating solution was designed by Milan architects to appeal to modern seating fans. The foot ring, metallic metal frame, and intricate details make this new Curva chair the full package!

Curva High Back Executive Chair
Curva series chairs instantly became a popular option for upscale conference room applications. That being said, Cherryman wanted to give businesses the ability to create cohesive appeal between interiors. For this reason, they've added the new CUR101 model. This high back leather executive chair offers the same great lines of the mesh back models, but with an added kick of luxuriousness. Now shoppers can utilize Curva in both meeting areas and private office settings with ease.
iDesk Seating Review
How about the best of both worlds? Cherryman also added a full leather mid back Curva chair that offers the well rounded design characteristics and elegant features needed to do it all. The CUR101 model Curva chair sports an attractive metal frame and slim profile that's sure to help you maximize the number of guests that can be comfortably accommodated around your conference table. This luxurious chair is great for tasking and executive areas as it's leather upholstery exudes excellence and ergonomic features provide reliable support.

iDesk Curva Lounge Chair
Leave no doubt the all new Curva lounge chair was designed to impress even the harshest critics. These sophisticated seating solutions offer wow factor to spare. Both the high back and mid back Curva lounge chair models sport armless frames to provide guests with plenty of elbow room. Graphite mesh seating surfaces are standard on both models along with metal 4 star bases and multi functional tilting mechanisms. The high back Curva lounge chair sports a leather headrest for an added touch of luxury. Cherryman has truly outdone themselves with these new additions.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Year In Review: The Best From Eurotech Seating

What a year it was in the world of professional office seating. Brands like Eurotech raised the bar with their innovative chairs designed specifically to improve corporate decor and functionality. In today's post we'll review Eurotech's hottest seating solutions of the year. Enjoy!

Eurotech iOO ChairEurotech kicked the year off with the release of their all new iOO mesh back chair. To put it simply, this chair rocks. If office chairs were living, breathing animals, subject to the same ruthless laws of natural selection other creatures are, the iOO mesh chair would represent a pinnacle of evolution. These sleek, powerful tasking chairs are the result of generations of intense development and refinement. Eurotech's obsession with creating the perfect office chair shows in every area of the iOO's construction. These chairs are adjustable, yet effortlessly simple. All of the chair controls have been integrated into a single mechanism. The iOO adapts, overcomes, and excels in every environments.

Executive Recliner
Tired of the same old office chairs? So was Eurotech! They decided to step outside the box in 2015 with their new Nuvem series seating collection. The Nuvem executive recliner boasts high end ergonomic features and a modern look that's sure to impress even the harshest critics! It's easy to picture the Nuvem in man caves, designer homes, and high end office interiors. These cutting edge chairs are available in two color combinations and include ottomans that allow users to kick their legs up while working. The integrated headrest and adjustable tablet arm also make for an enjoyable sitting experience that's sure to spoil anybody who gives it a test run!

Eurotech Eduskate Station
Practicality on wheels! The Eurotech Eduskate was designed as a personal work space for learning. Delivering both comfort and support, it has no hard edges or right angles to deliver an approachable, contemporary look and feel. A mesh back and mesh waterfall seat keep users cool, comfortable and attentive throughout long operating sessions. Eduskate chair stations are available in two color combinations starting at just over four hundred bucks, a great value when you consider the features and benefits!

Eurotech Astra ChairThe words sophistication and affordable don't commonly find themselves in the same sentence. That being said, the Eurotech Seating Astra mesh back task chair exudes both these complimentary terms. The MF2000BLK Astra features a sophisticated back design with contours intended to avoid restricting upper body movement. The multi functional mechanism and T shaped arms are a nice touch that make for a customizable sitting experience that's sure to be appreciated by any user. At just $203.50, the Astra was and remains to be one of the best chair buys on the market.

FX2 Open Back ChairCool, modern, and comfortable are the best three words we could label the FX2 open back chair with. These intricate task chairs from Eurotech speak directly to the hearts of modern seating fans. The FX2 open back task chair makes a distinctive visual statement. You'll notice this chair the minute you walk into an office space. Available in both black and gray fabric upholstery options. the FX2 can be used to easily match any decor. These affordable task and computer chair models from Eurotech are just $280.00.

Eurotech Seating Staq ChairLast but not least, Eurotech gave us awesome new seating for office guests. The all new Staq series chair is available in 5 popular options. Staq series guest chairs are sold in affordable 4 packs for added value. These heavy duty side chairs are perfect for $368.00. If you don't have a calculator handy, that's just $92.00 per chair. The Eurotech Seating stackable office chair cradles the body without hard angles or sharp corners. These versatile arm chairs are perfect for lounge, lobby, private office, school, waiting room, and reception area applications. The easy to clean seating surface ensure long term durability and good looks that are sure to earn your interiors the positive compliments they deserve. When not in use, save space and stack the Staq up to 10 high on the optional dolly!