Wednesday, December 9, 2015

6 Cool Gift Ideas For The Worker Bee In Your Life

If you're stuck trying to figure out what gift to give the worker been in your life, we've got you covered! In today's post we'll share 6 cool ideas that are sure to get them excited come Christmas morning. From a comfy new office chair to an ergonomic CPU holder, the office themed gifts we're highlighting here will help your worker bee stay productive and efficient all year round.

1.) iDesk Ambarella Task Chair by Cherryman Industries

Gift Idea

The Ambarella task chair offers high end ergonomic features and a super cool modern design. These professional grade task chairs are an awesome buy at just $206.50. Choose from lot's of popular seat color options to personalize the chair for your loved one. The best part, the Ambarella can ship out within 24 hours of order.

2.) BALANCE-3-TSS Sit To Stand Keyboard Tray by Symmetry Office

Sit To Stand Keyboard Tray

Give the worker bee in your life the gift of functionality! The BALANCE-3-TSS keyboard tray will allow users to work from both sitting and standing positions. Sit to stand keyboard trays like this popular model from Symmetry Office promote continuous movement in the workplace. They help to reduce fatigue while simultaneously increasing blood flow. At $230.99, the Balance keyboard tray also includes an integrated mousing platform for even greater versatility.

3.) OBUSFOTR Ergonomic Footrest by Global Total Office

Ergonomic Gift Idea

Allow the workaholic in your life to kick their feet up and get comfortable during those long days at the office. The OBUSFOTR model foot rest from Global Total Office is available for just $109.99 and includes free shipping for added value.

4.) EZKE2 Dual Screen Monitor Arm by Mayline

Holiday Gift Ideas for Workaholic

Dual screen monitor arms are the hottest ergonomic craze! Rest assured, any worker bee will love this gift. A dual screen mount like the EZKE2 will run you just under two hundred bucks. This user friendly ergonomic tool will increase the rate at which your loved one computes. The EZKE2 also reduces eye and neck strain while simultaneously increasing usable desk space.

5.) Ascend Desk Light and USB Charging Station by Symmetry Office

Here's another cool gift idea from our friends at Symmetry Office! The Ascend desk lamp comes in handy in the workplace. This dual purpose desk light will help cut costs when compared to those large overhead lights, it also provides USB inputs that will allow your worker bee to charge their devices without venturing under the desk for a power outlet.

6.) CPU05 Easy Access CPU Holder by ESI Ergonomic Solutions

Use this awesome Xmas gift to show your creativity! The CPU05 easy access CPU holder from ESI Ergonomic Solutions will give your recipient lots of extra knee space to utilize while working at their desk. CPU holders like this one from ESI really come in handy. Order this cool gift online for just $124.00.

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