Friday, December 11, 2015

Reviewing The New iDesk Curva Chairs from Cherryman Industries

Just a few short days ago, Cherryman Industries gave their iDesk Curva Seating collection a major boost! Even though this successful chair collection was already enjoying a rise to the top of the charts, Cherryman was not going to settle. They raised the bar yet again with the addition of new Hi-Task chairs, leather executive models, and loungers that are sure to kick your interior decor into high gear. Let's take a look at the new Curva models in today's post!

Curva Hi-Task Chair
The new Curva CUR115 Hi-Task chair from Cherryman is perfect for intensive work environments and professional drafting applications. This extremely comfortable and supportive seating solution was designed by Milan architects to appeal to modern seating fans. The foot ring, metallic metal frame, and intricate details make this new Curva chair the full package!

Curva High Back Executive Chair
Curva series chairs instantly became a popular option for upscale conference room applications. That being said, Cherryman wanted to give businesses the ability to create cohesive appeal between interiors. For this reason, they've added the new CUR101 model. This high back leather executive chair offers the same great lines of the mesh back models, but with an added kick of luxuriousness. Now shoppers can utilize Curva in both meeting areas and private office settings with ease.
iDesk Seating Review
How about the best of both worlds? Cherryman also added a full leather mid back Curva chair that offers the well rounded design characteristics and elegant features needed to do it all. The CUR101 model Curva chair sports an attractive metal frame and slim profile that's sure to help you maximize the number of guests that can be comfortably accommodated around your conference table. This luxurious chair is great for tasking and executive areas as it's leather upholstery exudes excellence and ergonomic features provide reliable support.

iDesk Curva Lounge Chair
Leave no doubt the all new Curva lounge chair was designed to impress even the harshest critics. These sophisticated seating solutions offer wow factor to spare. Both the high back and mid back Curva lounge chair models sport armless frames to provide guests with plenty of elbow room. Graphite mesh seating surfaces are standard on both models along with metal 4 star bases and multi functional tilting mechanisms. The high back Curva lounge chair sports a leather headrest for an added touch of luxury. Cherryman has truly outdone themselves with these new additions.

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