Thursday, December 10, 2015

Year In Review: The Best From Eurotech Seating

What a year it was in the world of professional office seating. Brands like Eurotech raised the bar with their innovative chairs designed specifically to improve corporate decor and functionality. In today's post we'll review Eurotech's hottest seating solutions of the year. Enjoy!

Eurotech iOO ChairEurotech kicked the year off with the release of their all new iOO mesh back chair. To put it simply, this chair rocks. If office chairs were living, breathing animals, subject to the same ruthless laws of natural selection other creatures are, the iOO mesh chair would represent a pinnacle of evolution. These sleek, powerful tasking chairs are the result of generations of intense development and refinement. Eurotech's obsession with creating the perfect office chair shows in every area of the iOO's construction. These chairs are adjustable, yet effortlessly simple. All of the chair controls have been integrated into a single mechanism. The iOO adapts, overcomes, and excels in every environments.

Executive Recliner
Tired of the same old office chairs? So was Eurotech! They decided to step outside the box in 2015 with their new Nuvem series seating collection. The Nuvem executive recliner boasts high end ergonomic features and a modern look that's sure to impress even the harshest critics! It's easy to picture the Nuvem in man caves, designer homes, and high end office interiors. These cutting edge chairs are available in two color combinations and include ottomans that allow users to kick their legs up while working. The integrated headrest and adjustable tablet arm also make for an enjoyable sitting experience that's sure to spoil anybody who gives it a test run!

Eurotech Eduskate Station
Practicality on wheels! The Eurotech Eduskate was designed as a personal work space for learning. Delivering both comfort and support, it has no hard edges or right angles to deliver an approachable, contemporary look and feel. A mesh back and mesh waterfall seat keep users cool, comfortable and attentive throughout long operating sessions. Eduskate chair stations are available in two color combinations starting at just over four hundred bucks, a great value when you consider the features and benefits!

Eurotech Astra ChairThe words sophistication and affordable don't commonly find themselves in the same sentence. That being said, the Eurotech Seating Astra mesh back task chair exudes both these complimentary terms. The MF2000BLK Astra features a sophisticated back design with contours intended to avoid restricting upper body movement. The multi functional mechanism and T shaped arms are a nice touch that make for a customizable sitting experience that's sure to be appreciated by any user. At just $203.50, the Astra was and remains to be one of the best chair buys on the market.

FX2 Open Back ChairCool, modern, and comfortable are the best three words we could label the FX2 open back chair with. These intricate task chairs from Eurotech speak directly to the hearts of modern seating fans. The FX2 open back task chair makes a distinctive visual statement. You'll notice this chair the minute you walk into an office space. Available in both black and gray fabric upholstery options. the FX2 can be used to easily match any decor. These affordable task and computer chair models from Eurotech are just $280.00.

Eurotech Seating Staq ChairLast but not least, Eurotech gave us awesome new seating for office guests. The all new Staq series chair is available in 5 popular options. Staq series guest chairs are sold in affordable 4 packs for added value. These heavy duty side chairs are perfect for $368.00. If you don't have a calculator handy, that's just $92.00 per chair. The Eurotech Seating stackable office chair cradles the body without hard angles or sharp corners. These versatile arm chairs are perfect for lounge, lobby, private office, school, waiting room, and reception area applications. The easy to clean seating surface ensure long term durability and good looks that are sure to earn your interiors the positive compliments they deserve. When not in use, save space and stack the Staq up to 10 high on the optional dolly!

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