Friday, January 8, 2016

4 Furniture Brands To Watch In 2016

Leave no doubt, 2016 is going to be an awesome year in the furniture and seating world. Industry leading brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, OFM, and Cherryman Industries have big things in store for designers and furniture shoppers alike. From hot new desk collections to amazing new ergonomic chairs, if you're taking on an office makeover project in 2016, strap in for an awesome ride! In today's post we'll highlight the top 5 brands to watch and what new products you can expect to see in the near future.

Office Furniture 2016Mayline 2016Mayline ended 2015 with a bang. They released hot new collections like Medina and Sterling that took the furniture world by storm. Shoppers were also rewarded with ultra cool and equally versatile new training room seating solutions from the Thesis collection. The Mayline Living chair was also a huge it. It's weight activated passive seat slider mechanism automatically adjusts to the user to prevent the need for contestant adjustment. Mayline typically saves their new releases for the 3rd and 4th quarter, but never the less, big things are coming. We are expecting new finish options, chairs, and height adjustable stations designed to promote continuous movement in the workplace. Mayline will likely be providing us all with more tablet arm seating, as well as powered tables designed to help streamline the meeting process. Keep an eye on this industry leader!

Global Total Office 2gether TablesGlobal Total Office 2016As a brand that's truly ahead of the curve, Global Total Office is regularly setting industry trends that competing brands can only hope to follow. This highly respected furniture and seating crafter takes pride in creating innovative, user friendly, and stylish products specifically designed to improve life in the office. Global is leading the year off with featured reception furniture collections like Citi square and River. These modular lines offer power options and a wide range of components to help interior designers create out of this world seating layouts. In addition, Global has given us two new office chair collections to kick the year off right. The Solar chair provides a sleek, contemporary design that works great in professional conference areas. The Lite series provides space saving characteristics and the durability needed to make your guest waiting areas look great for years. Last but not least, Global's new 2gether training room table collection is definitely worth a look. They are the most advanced on the market. 2gether tables feature flip down tops, optional modesty panels, and unmatched modern appeal. Look for more new releases from Global in the coming months!

New OFM FurnitureOFM 2016It's almost as if OFM never stops. Every time we turn around, they're introducing something cool and exciting for the workplace. With the competition of several new distribution centers, OFM is ready to get you your furniture faster in 2016. With lines like Hex, Versa, Mesa Training, and Endure all released within the past few months, you'll no doubt be excited to get your products as quickly as possible! OFM's new Serenity and Morph lounge furniture lines boast powered arms equipped with USB and AC input options that allow your guests to work while they wait. Looking to sit in comfort in 2016? Of course you are! OFM is ready to help. This industry leader has introduced too many new ergonomic chairs to list. No matter your specific needs and body type, there's OFM seating out there for your personal needs and budget. We fully expect OFM to be the most active furniture and seating brand again in 2016. Look for this industry innovator to go tablet and power crazy!

Cherryman iDesk SeatingCherryman Industries 2016Cherryman Industries surprised us all with their iDesk Office Chair collection in 2015. The ultra comfortable ergonomic chairs from this collection quickly made their way onto the best sellers list. This year, we expect more of the same. Look for awesome new mid back variations of popular iDesk chairs like Oroblanco and Ambarella. These new additions should be hitting the market in the coming weeks. We've also heard rumors of an all new casegoods collection. If it's anything like Verde and Amber, we can't wait! Cherryman is known for their innovative office furniture and commitment to quality. We don't expect this respected crafter to go nuts with new products in 2016, but what they do give us will be a must consider for any makeover project.

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