Wednesday, January 13, 2016

7 Helpful Tips For Sitting Success In 2016

Office Chair Posture Tips
Are you tired of sitting incorrectly? Are you ready to make a change? If so, you're in the right place! Today on the blog we'll highlight 7 ways to help you improve posture in the workplace. The tips, tricks, and product suggestions shared here will have you operating effectively and productively in 2016. Enjoy!

1.) Keep Back In Contact With Chair

Every time you lean away from your office chair to work and type, you're missing out on the support you need to sit successfully. For this reason, it's very important to keep your back in contact with your chair while working. Hunching over and leaning forward to type results in poor posture. Avoid this common problem in 2016 by sitting upright and using your chair's tilting function every time you need to lean forward.

2.) Set Computer Screens To Eye Level

Having your computer screens at eye level is a must! If you're looking up or down at your screens, you're neck is straining. This strain will result in muscle soreness that causes a drop in productivity. Adjust your computer screens to eye level with the integration of an adjustable ergonomic monitor arm from a reputable brand like ESI Ergonomic Solutions, Global Total Office, or Symmetry. If the budget is tight, you can simply use a stack of books or magazines in the mean time. In the long run, it doesn't have to be pretty to be effective.

3.) Keep Feet Flat and Forward

The days of using the base of your office chair as a foot rest are over. This poor posture habit typically results in you leaning forward to compute. It also reduces blood flow and causes long term pain that's hard to reverse. To avoid this office epidemic, commit to working with your feet flat on the ground and facing forward. It sounds simple, but bad habits are hard to break! If you're having trouble remember this tip when working, integrate an ergonomic foot rest. You'll improve leg support and achieve sitting success in no time!

4.) Use Reminders

If you truly want to sit successfully, you'll need to remember quite a few important posture tips. During those hectic days in the office, this is easier said than done. Recent studies have shown that placing a list of reminders within eye sight of your computer screen while help. Everytime you look over at the "posture reminder chart" you create, you'll quickly adjust any bad habits to ensure you're sitting successfully in 2016 and beyond.

5.) Stay Relaxed

Keep it chill in 2016! When sitting in your tasking chair at work, don't stiffen up. Allow your spine to relax into the contours of your chair. To sit successfully, you've got to stay loose. The "set it and forget it" approach to sitting in an office chair just won't cut it. Adjust your chair settings regularly to ensure you're operating in relaxed and natural positions throughout your day.

6.) Take Short Breaks

Believe it or not, standing up and taking short breaks can actually add years to your lift. Sitting for long periods of time causes stress and muscle fatigue that reduces productivity. About once every hour, stand up from your chair and take a short break. Walk around, stretch out your muscles, and get a drink of water. When you return to your workstation you'll be relaxed and more alert. This is one tip your back will thank us for sharing!

7.) Improve Blood Flow

If you want to sit successfully in 2016, you have to improve blood flow. Poor blood flow causes fatigue, cramps, and pain that can dominate your day in no time. To improve blood flow, you've got to stay relaxed. Avoid hard transitions and body angles when sitting. Utilizing an office chair with a waterfall seat edge will take pressure off your knees while simultaneously improving blood flow. In addition, you can upgrade your station with a sit to stand desk or keyboard tray. These handy ergonomic tools promote continuous movement in the workplace that results in quality blood flow.

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