Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ergo Life: Conquering Fatigue In 2016

It's no secret that fatigue is a productivity killer. This office epidemic is ready, willing and able to strike at a moments notice to hinder your work day. To conquer fatigue, you'll need a direct plan of attack. In today's post we'll define the 3 most common areas of fatigue and provide tips on how to fight back against each. Enjoy!


Mental fatigue is most commonly caused by stress. If your day starts off in a rush, you're likely falling encountering mental fatigue before you ever step foot in the office. To fight back, you'll first need to get a good nights rest. Don't stay up late watching old reruns and movies on work nights. DVR your favorite programs and save them for the weekend! Be sure to get up with enough time to get ready without rushing. Select your outfit and prep your healthy breakfast before going to bed to save time in the morning. A structured morning will lead to a productive and fatigue free day.

When you get to work, create a plan of attack. Write down a list of time oriented goals for your day. Don't rush around from task to task hoping to get things done productively. This seldom ends successfully! With a detailed list of daily goals, you'll be able to mark them off one by one, earning a boost of momentum and self accomplishment with each check off the list.

Mental fatigue can be hard to overcome. That being said, it's not impossible. If you feel stressed, take a short break. Stand up and walk away from your office desk about once every hour. Allow your mind to readjust and calm itself. Studies have shown that taking short breaks throughout the workday greatly reduces mental fatigue.


Fighting aches and pains in your office chair on a daily basis? That's physical fatigue taking a toll on your body! This common problem is typically caused by poor blood flow and bad posture habits. The use of ergonomic tools in the workplace can help.

When it comes to fighting physical fatigue, your office chair is your best friend. Take the time to master your chair features. Most ergonomic task and computer chair models manufactured within the last 3 years should be equipped with the adjustable arms, lumbar support, and tilting features needed to operate comfortably in the workplace. Don't take a "set it and forget it" approach. To conquer fatigue in 2016, you have to be willing to adjust at a moments notice to meet the needs of any specific task.

Good posture habits and improved blood flow will go a long way in your fight against physical fatigue. Start by planting your feet flat and facing forward while you work. The days of using the base of your office chair as a foot rest are over. This common practice reduces blood flow and stiffens muscles. When sitting in your chair, be sure to keep your back against the seating surfaces at all times. Each time you lean away from the back of your chair to type, you're missing out on the support you need to effectively fight fatigue.

To improve blood flow, get up and move around. Shake out those muscles and stretch about once every hour. As previously mentioned, this simple practice yields awesome results. If taking short breaks isn't possible, consider upgrading your workspace with the addition of a sit to stand ergonomic desk from a brand like Global Total Office. These handy ergonomic tools promote continuous movement in the workplace, improve blood flow, and reduce fatigue.


All too often, visual fatigue becomes an afterthought during busy work days. If you're dealing with eye strain, don't over look it. Starring at a computer screen for hours on end is simply unhealthy. You need to look away from the screen at least once every hour to let your eyes adjust.

Are you looking down to type and view your computer screen? This is a major no-no! To avoid this common issue, you'll need to raise your computer screen to eye level. The integration of an ergonomic monitor mount will quickly solve this problem as they offer a seemingly limitless array of adjustment capabilities. If the budget is tight, you can raise your screens up with a stack of books or magazines. In the long run, it doesn't have to be pretty!

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