Monday, January 4, 2016

Office Innovators: Woodstock Marketing

Much like the artists their chairs are inspired by, Woodstock Marketing is a true innovator. This up and coming brand blends retro, contemporary, and modern design characteristics to form some of the coolest chairs on the market. In today's post we'll take an in-depth look at the inspiring new seating from Woodstock Marketing. Enjoy!

Woodstock Marketing Hendrix Chair
The Hendrix chair put Woodstock Marketing on the map! With a segmented cushion design, polished frame features, and leather seating surfaces, Jimi himself would be proud. The Hendrix is the perfect option for both conference room and executive office seating needs. Hendrix office chairs are available in 4 attractive color options and 2 back heights.

Woodstock Marketing Joplin ChairWhile most seating manufacturers are busy following trends, Woodstock Marketing is setting them. Their Joplin chair has become one of the most popular conference room seating solutions on the market. The Joplin features a ribbed back design and polished frame features. These high end chairs are available now for just $299.00. The mid back model is even more consumer friendly at $269.00. Lots of great leather color options are available to match your boardroom decor.

Red Office ChairLooking to make a statement with your office interior? Check out the Annie from Woodstock Marketing! These sleek leather chairs feature a diamond stitching pattern that's sure to impress. The Annie conference room chair is available in cool color options like red that will impress your valued visitors. These mid back chairs are available for just $295.00.

Ravi ChairSimple, sleek, and comfortable are the best three words to describe the Woodstock Marketing Ravi chair. The upholstered seat covers a high density molded foam that makes for a reliable siting experience. The loop style arms are simple and durable while the wide 5 star makes improves stability and operational functionality. The Ravi chair supports users up to 250 pounds and boasts standard ergonomic features that include tilt tension and locking attributes that make finding the correct sitting position a breeze.

Woodstock Marketing Who ChairHow about a little something for your guest waiting areas? The Woodstock Marketing Who chair is sure to turn heads and earn your space the positive compliments it deserves. The Who chair blends the modern, retro, and contemporary design characteristics we've come to expect from Woodstock Marketing at the everyday low price of $179.00. These metal lounge chairs are ideal for lobby, lounge, and guest reception areas. Improve the sit with an optional cushion for a minimal price increase. Up against a tight project deadline? No problem! The Who chair typically ships within 2 days of order.

Woodstock Arlo ChairLat but certainly not least, we present to you the amazingly cool and luxurious Arlo chair! These executive side chair solutions from Woodstock Marketing feature Italian leather seating surfaces and stainless steel frames for durability. The Arlo is a bit pricey at $899.00, but leave no doubt, it's one of the most high end professional guest chairs on the market. The Arlo supports users up to 250 pounds and looks fantastic in professional waiting areas. It's also easy to picture this ultra high end chair in music studios and lofts. The Arlo is surprisingly versatile, incredibly comfortable, and down right cool. This chair shows Woodstock's commitment to innovation and quality craftsmanship. Arlo side chairs are available in a choice of three quick shipping leather upholstery options to match the decor of any interior

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