Thursday, January 28, 2016

Seating Showdown: Ravi Vs. Creedence

Seating Showdown: Ravi Chair vs. Creedence Chair
Woodstock Marketing specializes in the provision of high quality office seating for the home and business. This industry leader recently gave us two awesome mesh chairs, and we're determined to see which model reigns supreme. In today's Seating Showdown article, we'll compare the Ravi and Creedence chairs. While both of these chairs are fantastic, only one can take the Seating Showdown crown.

Round 1: Style

In round one we'll compare these two office chairs side by side to analyze their distinctive characteristics. At first glance, both the Ravi and Creedence chairs will impress you with their cool color options and contemporary curves. The Ravi's contoured back, squared arms, and sleek profile will draw you in for a sit. The Creedence earns an A for it's high back design, wide stance, and impressive arms. This round is a tie!

Round 2: Comfort

As comfort preferences vary, we wanted to give both of these awesome office chairs a fair chance to win round two. We let 5 individuals try both the Ravi and Creedence. The results were close, but the Creedence series office chair won the round 3 votes to 2. The adjustable arms, waterfall seat edge, and weight activated mechanism gave it the edge.

Round 3: Applications

The Creedence rolls into round three with a one round lead. Now we'll see which one of these chairs is more versatile! With it's sleek frame and squared arm design, the Ravi mesh chair is the preferred choice for conference room applications. This ultra stylish seating is sure to help maximize the number of guests that can be comfortably accommodated around your conference table. Based on the same specifics, the Ravi is also a better option for professional training applications where space is at a premium. The Creedence chair is great for professional tasking applications. With it's high end ergonomic features, it provides a reliable sit for computing applications. Add the optional headrest to the Creedence chair and it's perfect for modern executive office seating needs. As quality task, computing, and executive chairs are harder to find, the Creedence takes round 3.

Round 4: Price

The base model Creedence chair is priced at $329.00 in your choice of 4 attractive color options. An optional headrest is available for just $69.00 more. The Ravi mesh back chair is priced at $229.00 in 3 cool color options. At a hundred bucks less, the Ravi takes this round. The comfort to price ratio isn't enough to swing us towards the Creedence for the extra money.

The Decision:

In the long run, you really can't go wrong with either of these versatile seating solutions. That being said, we do have a winner. Today's Seating Showdown title goes to the Creedence chair. With a tie in the style round, the matchup with very close. Ultimately, the win came down to which chair provided the most comfortable sit. While the Ravi is no slouch in the comfort department, it simply doesn't come equipped with the weight sensing mechanism and adjustable T shaped arms found on the Creedence.

Final Word:

Woodstock Marketing has truly outdone themselves with these two chairs. We highly recommend the Ravi for professional conference room seating needs. The Creedence is a do it all task chair that's sure to excel in any workplace setting. Both models provide excellent value and should be thoroughly considered by chair shoppers in 2016. We give the Creedence 4 out of 5 stars and the Ravi chair 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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