Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Modern Office Chair: Less Adjusting, More Comfort!

Industry leading seating manufacturers like RFM Preferred Seating, Global Total Office, and Mayline are working hard to craft modern office chairs designed to promote comfort in the workplace with minimal adjusting. The "Smart Chair" revolution is in full swing! In today's post we'll highlight various smart chairs from these reputable brands and their respective benefits.

RFM Preferred Seating Verte ChairThe average office chair requires a lot of adjusting. If you're tired of all the lever pulling and knob twisting necessary to achieve proper support in the workplace, a "smart chair" is the way to go. Today's modern office chairs practically have minds of their own. They are built to automatically react to the weight of the user and perform accordingly.

The smart chair movement got it's official start just a few short years ago. When RFM Preferred Seating introduced their Verte chair collection, it was way ahead of it's time. In many ways, it still is! Brands like RFM have always pushed the limits of innovation. They never settle for average or ordinary. The Verte chair displays their commitment to attaining greatness in the workplace. Designed by professional ergonomists and engineers for nearly a decade, the RFM Verte series ergonomic tasking chair is truly a masterpiece. Take one look (or sit) in this revolutionary chair and you'll be able to feel where the seating industry is currently heading. Inspired by the human vertebrae, the Verte combines ergonomics, form and function to produce the ultimate in seating posture and comfort.

Global Total Office G20 Cloud Series Chair
When it comes to professional seating, nobody outperforms Global Total Office. While they didn't start the modern "smart chair" movement, they are working hard to push it to new heights. New Global Total Office seating solutions like the G20 Cloud chair represent years of dedication in the field. The G20 cloud chair offers distinctive modern design characteristics that work together to make finding the correct operational position a breeze. G20's advanced mechanism automatically senses body weight and reacts to the user while working. At just $580.99, it's definitely one of the best modern office chair buys of 2016.

Arti Series Articulating Office Chair
Brands like Global are always pushing the limits. While one highly advanced modern office chair may be enough for some seating manufactures, Global isn't your ordinary brand. In addition to the G20, Global gave us the Arti collection to further raise the bar. Arti chairs like the 6673-2 articulate like a human spine. The chair back will literally reshape itself to mimic the user's profile. The Arti automatically responds to body movements and sitting positions without the need for constant adjusting. Leave no doubt, with this chair you can certainly do less and achieve more!

With all the new office furniture collections released by Mayline in 2015, you may have missed their new Living Chair. A huge hit at this years NeoCon convention, the Living Chair garnered huge crowds and instant respect from seating enthusiasts. The Living chair sports a passive seat slider that is weight activated. The flexible back provides constant support that adjusts to you as you sit and move naturally. The chair seat automatically adjusts to it's user and distributes weight without the need for adjustment. This all translates to a highly effective office chair that requires less adjusting than any other model on the market. This Mayline task chair is set to dominate the market in 2016.

In conclusion, this years modern office chairs will be better than ever. With top brands striving for greatness, 2016 is really going to be special. The next generation of seating is upon us, and we couldn't be more excited. Achieving premier support and posture with minimal adjusting is rapidly becoming the industry standard.

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