Monday, February 29, 2016

Why Adjust When Your Chair Can Do It For You?

The "Smart Chair" revolution is in full swing. These days, workers want to achieve more by doing less. That being said, the industries top seating manufacturers have heard the call. 2016's new office chairs make it easy to achieve peak performance levels with minimal adjusting. With a high tech "Smart Chair" the ergonomic learning curve is virtually nonexistent. Today on the blog we'll highlight the hottest new chairs that do the adjusting for you. Enjoy!

Eurotech Seating iOO ChairThe Eurotech Seating iOO chair is effortlessly simple. All of its controls have been integrated into a single mechanism. The iOO ergonomic tasking chair is ready to adapt, overcome, and excel in the toughest work environments. The advanced tilt tension control system controls the recline rate and automatically adjusts to the weight of the user. A 2.8" ratchet back height adjustment features is standard, along with a customizable lumbar support.

The Mayline Living ChairThe days of pulling multiple levers and twisting tension knobs to find the perfect sit are coming to an end. Take one look at the all new Living chair from Mayline and you'll see what we mean. This ergonomic task chair moves with you. The passive seat slider is weight activated while the flexible back provides constant support. The seat automatically adjusts to it's user and distributes weight evenly without the need for constant adjusting.

Global Total Office Arti ChairLet's face it. Not all office chairs are created equal. Those from Global Total Office reign supreme! Take a seat in their new 6670-2 model Arti chair and you'll never settle for anything less. This "smart chair" does it all! The Arti comes standard with the high tech features needed to promote proper posture without the need for constant maneuvering. The chair back articulates like a human spine and allows the frame of the chair to reshape itself to mimic the user's profile. The Arti automatically responds to body movements to ensure you're properly supported when computing at your workstation.

RFM Preferred Seating Verte ChairAs workplace comfort starts with the chair, it's important to select a seating solution that meets your specific needs and body type. You'll no doubt want your chair to do the thinking for you. Remembering perfect posture tips is difficult to say the least. These days it's all about the "Smart Chair", but the movement got started with one chair in particular. The Verte chair from RFM Preferred Seating took nearly a decade to refine. Imagine settling into a chair that molds itself to your spine's unique shape. Inspired by the human vertebrae, the Verte combines ergonomics, form, and function to product the ultimate in seating posture and comfort. While the Verte is no new comer to the ergonomic seating world, it's still one of the most talked about chairs on the market.

Friday, February 26, 2016

The 2016 Office Desk Buyer's Guide

Taking on an office makeover project in 2016? We're here to help! Our desk buyer's guide has become a favorite of shoppers looking to educate themselves on popular desk styles and manufacturers. Today on the blog we'll highlight the year's best desk brands and the full service collections that make them great. Enjoy!

1.) Mayline

Mayline Medina Furniture
Mayline Sterling FurnitureNobody does desks better than Mayline! This industry leading office furniture manufacturer takes pride in crafting more than 10 best selling casegoods collections. Mayline desks ship quick, look great, and provide excellent value. This year, Mayline Medina and Sterling desk configurations are your best bet. These office furniture lines from Mayline offer trend setting finish options that the modular components needed to turn your workspace into a work of art! Mayline's Medina and Sterling office furniture collections work great in both modern and traditional work environments. These 5 star lines are a must consider for any professional makeover project in 2016.

2.) Global Total Office

Global Total Office Zira Furniture
Global Total Office Princeton FurnitureWhen out of the box office furniture won't cut it, turn to the custom solutions crafted by Global Total Office. Global takes pride in manufacturing made to order furniture available in more than 20 finish options! They make creating one of a kind interiors a breeze to say the least. This year, Global Total Office collections like Zira and Princeton are being turned to for both private office and work floor applications. The modular components from these best selling office furniture lines can be effectively used to meet the needs of interiors small and large.

3.) Cherryman Industries

Cherryman Verde Furniture
Cherryman Amber FurnitureDon't settle for a subpar interior. Cherryman Industries is ready, willing, and able to help meed your personal needs and budget. Year after year, Cherryman office furniture collections like Verde and Amber steal the show. The Verde desk line combines white accents with high end laminate finishes to form some of the coolest professional office configurations you've ever seen. Amber makes it easy to maximize the budget without sacrificing quality. This trend setting line offers desks in popular finish options like black cherry and walnut that will no doubt impress your valued visitors.

4.) Offices To Go

Offices To Go Margate FurnitureOffices To Go Superior Laminate Desk CollectionYou can't go wrong with Offices To Go in 2016. Those looking to maximize the budget will love their Superior Laminate Casegoods collection. This full service casegoods line offers the most affordable professional grade desk configurations on the market. Superior Laminate products are available in 4 quick shipping finish options to help meet your makeover deadline needs. If you're tired of all the overly modern office furniture lines that have dominated 2016, go traditional with the Offices To Go Margate collection. This line of luxurious wood veneer executive office desk layouts is sure to impress even the harshest critics. While trends come and go, the classic look of wood office furniture will always have it's place!

5.) OFM

OFM Venice DesksOFM Mesa DesksPrepare to be impressed! While other brands strive to imitate current trends, OFM is busy setting them. This top notch furniture crafter thinks outside the box to provide us with cutting edge products designed to earn interiors the compliments they deserve. This year, OFM collections like Mesa and Venice have become the preferred options of industry professional and design teams alike. Mesa offers the industrially infused metal accent office desks needed to effectively accommodate executive interiors, training facilities, and classrooms. The Venice collection provides the perfect combination of modern and traditional appeal. This desk collection offers the stand alone workstations and versatile storage components you'll need to impress your valued visitors. The desks from OFM, Inc. are a breath of fresh air in a world filled with redundant finishes and basic features. Make your interiors excel by kicking corporate appeal into high gear with OFM.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Shop Smart: Discount Reception Desks of 2016

Let's face it, reception area makeover projects can be quite expensive. That being said, we're here to help you maximize the budget and shop smart in 2016. Today on the blog we're highlighting the years discount reception station buys. With luxurious welcome desks available from brands like Offices To Go, OFM, and Mayline, maximizing your space just got affordable.

Offices To Go Reception Desk
Save big with the SL-O model reception desk from Offices To Go in 2016. This L shaped unit boasts a 71" wide front section and reversible 42" return that allows you to create both left and right handed configurations. For added value, the SL-O includes a 22" deep box box file pedestal for office organizing. At just $735.99, the SL-O was an absolute must for today's post.

OFM Reception DeskKeep it contemporary with this curved front reception desk from OFM and their ultra popular Marque collection. The 55290 station is available in 4 attractive finish options that are highlighted by silver metal accent trim. Modularity sets the Marque collection apart. These versatile stations are ready to grow with your business. You can enhance the 55290 station with addition sections to create more work surface space and accommodate more than one receptionist. The 55290 station is available this year for just $993.99.

Brighton Reception Desk by MaylineTurn your office reception area into a work of art with the help of the Mayline Brighton collection. This affordable office furniture line offers high quality craftsmanship and beautiful laminate finishes. Brighton reception desks like the BT27 model are available for just $557.99. Talk about value! Choose from 2 quick shipping finish options to meet your makeover deadline with ease.

Discount Reception DeskYou'll also want to consider the Mayline Aberdeen office furniture collection in 2016. This full service line offers the high quality executive desks, powered conference tables, and of course, reception desks needed to take your interiors to all new heights. All Aberdeen reception desks are accented with glass transaction screens that will help earn your welcoming area the compliments it deserves. While traditional Aberdeen finish options like cherry and mocha will always have their place, Mayline enhanced this expanding collection in 2016 with the addition of an all new gray steel wood grain tone that's truly a must see. The station pictured here is available for just $656.99 and even includes free shipping.

Affordable Reception DeskLast but certainly not least, no article on discount reception desks would be complete without highlighting at least one station from the best selling Amber collection. This Cherryman Industries office furniture line will help you maximize the budget without sacrificing corporate appeal and quality. Those looking to keep it simple and avoid the overly modern collections that are dominating 2016, with love the Amber lineup. These rectangular reception desks boast 71" wide fronts and plenty of knee space. All Amber stations are available in a choice of 5 quick shipping finish options. This A126 model reception desk from the Cherryman Industries Amber collection is available for $359.99, making it the one of the best buys of 2016.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February Finds: Modern Mesh Chairs from Eurotech

When the average office chair won't cut it, turn to the modern seating solutions from Eurotech. This highly respected manufacturer takes pride in crafting top of the line mesh chairs designed to help you reach peak performance levels in the workplace. Today on the Office Anything Blog we'll be highlighting Eurotech's most popular mesh chairs available in 2016. Enjoy!

ME7ERGO Ergohuman ChairFirst up, the ME7ERG model high back Ergohuman chair with adjustable headrest. This ultra comfortable chair is perfect for private office, conference room, and intensive tasking applications. The Ergohuman chair is available in 6 attractive color options. With standard features like tilt tension control, tilt lock, and syncro tilt, finding the desired operating position is easier than ever.

Eurotech Seating Lume ChairComfortable, cool, and cost effective! The Lume chair from Eurotech Seating is the full package. An elegant mesh checkerboard pattern makes the MF2500BLK Lume series chair an obvious choice for any office space that knows how to get down to business. The variety of ergonomic features this char provides work together to deliver unmatched support throughout the workday. At just $279.00, the Lume chair is one of 2016's best buy. This February Find is an absolute winner in the workplace.

Eurotech Seating iOO ChairCan you say wow factor? The iOO high back ergonomic chair from Eurotech is ready to keep you comfortable throughout those long days at the office while simultaneously impressing your valued visitors. This top of the line "smart chair" offers cutting edge features that are raising the bar in 2016. The recline recline rate adapts to the weight of the user to minimize the need for constant adjusting. The back angle adjustment features allow users to personal positional for optimal comfort. The back rest easily adjusts up or down relative to the seat for excellent lumbar support. Needless to say, the iOO is one of the absolute best chairs on the market.

Fuzion Luxury ChairLooking to kick executive office appeal and comfort into high gear? Check out the Fuzion Luxury Chair from Eurotech! The FUZ9LX-HI model Fuzion chair boasts polished frame accents distinctive curves that are sure to earn your interior the compliments it deserves. Designed and made with the total comfort of humankind in mind, the Fuzion is ready to have your back day in and day out. Esthetics, form and functional allow this luxury office chair series to utilize a synchro tilt mechanism with infinite lock and sliding seat all in one very unique package.

Astra Mesh ChairThe Eurotech Seating Astra chair packs a major ergonomic punch, all in a package priced just over two hundred bucks. The contoured back was specifically designed to avoid restricting upper body movement around the workplace. The MF2000BLK model Astra chair is the perfect solution to computer and task seating needs. These unique space save design also makes the Astra a great option for professional conference areas. Standard ergonomic features like tilt tension control, tilt lock, synchro tilt, seat height adjustment, and a waterfall seat edge work together to make the Astra a February Find worth remembering. If you're in the market for a new office chair that provides top notch comfort without breaking the bank, the Astra is the way to go!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Ergonomic Do's And Don'ts for 2016

Ergonomic Do's And Don'tsIt's all about productivity and comfort in the workplace! These days, if you want to operate at peak performance levels, you've got to follow several core ergonomic principles. That being said, in today's post we'll highlighting ergonomic do's and don'ts that are sure to make your more effective in 2016. Enjoy!

Do: Practice Good Posture Habits

Office comfort starts with good posture habits! To make a long story short, even the most luxurious office chair is only as good as it's owner. You have to take the time to form the good posture habits needs to sit successfully in 2016. Start by creating a list of posture reminders and posting them within eye sight of your workstation. Studies have shown that this simple practice will yield big results. Make sure your list includes key posture tips like those listed below.

  • Keep Feet Flat And Facing Forward
  • Don't Use Chair Base As A Foot Rest
  • Don't Hunch Over The Keyboard Tray
  • Keep Back In Contact With The Chair At All Times
  • Adjust Regularly To Achieve Necessary Support

Don't: Take A Set It And Forget It Approach

You can't be afraid to adjust your office chair regularly throughout the day. The fear of your adjusting your chair typically comes from a lack of product knowledge that can be easily remedied by watching demo videos online and reading the instruction manual that came with your chair. Be ready to adapt at a moments notice. Don't think about "loosing a comfortable position". Instead, focus on creating comfortable positions for every task! To reach peak performance levels in the workplace, you have to rely on your office chair adjust quickly without fear.

Do: Take Short Breaks

Get up and stretch out those muscles. If you feel fatigue kicking in, fight back! Take a short walk to the water cool and get hydrated. That computer screen isn't doing you any favors. Allow your eyes to properly adjust. When lunch time rolls around, don't stay at your desk and eat in solitude. Take your lunch outside and get some fresh air. You'll return to your desk rejuvenated and ready to tackle the remaining potion of your day.

Don't: Sit For More Than 2 Hours At A Time

Did you know that sitting for extended periods of time without taking breaks can actually shorten your life span? It's true! About once every hour or two, make it a habit to take a short break. Extended sits can result in cramps, fatigue, and mental stress. As you'll no doubt want to be at your best in 2016,  stand up and move around regularly.

Do: Utilize Key Ergonomic Tools

Having trouble committing to an ergonomic lifestyle? Have no fear, you're not alone. Thankfully, brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions, Symmetry Office, and Systematix offer the high quality ergonomic office products needed to reach peak performance levels in 2016. A dual screen monitor arm will improve the rate at which you compute and reduce visual strain. An articulating keyboard tray will help you compute at correct angles while simultaneously increasing usable desk space. Before rushing out and purchasing an array of ergonomic gadgets for your space, take the time to read product reviews. Assess your areas of personal discomfort and integrate one product at a time. Learn to master one ergonomic product before moving onto the next!

Don't: Settle For Discomfort

You can't settle for discomfort in the workplace. You've got to take action immediately. All too often we find ourselves falling into routines that promote poor posture and limited functionality. If your back is hurting, try adjusting the angle at which your sitting. If your knees are giving you trouble, try adjusting your chair height. Small adjustments like these can make the difference between effective and dysfunctional work days. Ultimately, your personal comfort is up to you. Strive to achieve optimal operating positions and top notch posture in 2016. The habits formed today can last a lifetime! It's your choice to decide wether those habits are good or bad.

Do: Work To Improve Blood Flow

Get the blood pumping in 2016! Quality blood flow will help you effectively fight fatigue in the workplace. Experts recommend using sit to stand products that promote continuous movement in the workplace. Sit to stand desks are still a bit pricey, so if funds are tight, go with a sit to stand keyboard tray. You'll be able to quickly switch operating positions without experience productivity drops throughout the day. You'll simultaneously improve blood flow and reduce the risk of cramps and muscle soreness in the workplace.

Don't: Forget To Spread The Word

So you've followed the tips, tricks, and advice highlighted in today's post. You've noticed an increase in productivity and comfort. What's next? Spread the word! It's highly likely that your coworkers are experiencing the same problems you were. Don't be afraid to ask you desk mate if they are comfortable. If you over hear a coworker complaining about fatigue, share tips you've learned that can help. You might even pick up a few tips in return that will further improve your own ergonomic lifestyle.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Keep An Eye On Global Total Office In 2016

Global Total Office 2Gether TablesThe Global Total Office team has big things in store. In 2016, this industry leading furniture and seating manufacturer is preparing to wow us with unbelievably cool and equally functional new ergonomic chairs. We fully expect Global to pave the way for new trends and workplace fashions competing brands can only hope to immolate.

Global kicked of the new year with a fully revamped website. The new responsive design makes it easy for dealers and designers to find what they need, when they need it. With a simplified navigation menu and emphasis on new product lines, Global is poised for success in 2016.

Bungee SL TablesThe all new 2gether table collection is a must consider for any training room makeover project. These flip top tables are available with wire routing modesty panels and surface level power ports. 2gether tables come in a variety of attractive size and finish options that make maximizing your interiors a breeze.

Global's all new Bungee SL collection is ready to help turn any boring boardroom into a multi functional presentation environments. The connectable tables from the Bungee SL collection can be used together to create one of a kind layouts that really impress. The Bungee SL modular table collection saves space, boosts functionality, and increases versatility in a flash!

Global Total Office Spree Chair
Tired of feeling limited by the features and functions of your office chair? Check out Global Total Office seating solutions like the Spree chair in 2016. This highly innovative chair was specifically designed to avoid restricting upper body movement. The Spree chair allows the user to easily access space all around their workstations. The lumbar area wraps around the users waist to provide a secure feeling and excellent sport. The seat slides to the rear and reclines while tilting to provide a smooth and comfortable tilt action. The front of the Spree chair seat does not lift during tilting so the feet are able to stay flat on the floor where they belong. These "smart chairs" are an excellent example of how Global Total Office is paving the way for improved office comfort in 2016.

Global has lot's of new chairs hitting the market in the coming weeks. We expect big things from seating collections like Programm, Aurora, Admiral, Inspiration, and Lariat!

River Modular Lounge FurnitureSure a sofa and two lounge chairs will "work" okay in your office waiting room. That being said, wouldn't you prefer to maximize your space? The all new modular seating from the Global Total Office River collection makes it easy to do just that. This trend setting line provides the modular components needed to create unique layouts that highlight the intricate details of your interior. This line of profession lounge and waiting room furniture from Global Total Office is also ready to power up your space and improve the guest experience. River products are available with USB and AC power inputs that really come in handy during extended guest visits.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

5 Ways To Live The Ergo Life In 2016

How To Be More ErgonomicIt's time to commit to an ergonomic lifestyle. You've heard the rumors. You've tried the products. Now, it's time to form the habits needed to operate at peak performance levels in the workplace. In today's post, we'll highlight 5 awesome ways to live the ergo life in 2016. The tips, tricks, and product suggestions in todays post will help you kick discomfort and fatigue to the curb. Enjoy!

1.) Get To Know Your Chair

Even the best office chair is only as good as it's owner. All the adjustable bells and whistles in the world won't help you achieve optimal support if you don't know how to use them correctly. You've got to get to know your office chair. Start by reading the operations manual. This will help you avoid the "set it and forget it" seating approach. Take your office chair education a step further by watching demo videos online. Sites like YouTube will have you and your chair properly sync'd up in no time at all. In the long run, office comfort starts with the chair. If you don't take the time to master your chair features, you'll be settling for sub par support.

2.) Form Good Posture Habits

Let's be honest, it's hard to remember all the little posture tips needed to sit correctly during busy work days! To keep the tips fresh, create a list of reminders that can be be posted within eye sight of your computer screen. Studies have shown that those who adopt this simple practice yield awesome results. We've posted a few key points below to get you started.

  • Keep Your Back In Contact With The Chair At All Times
  • Don't Lean Away From Your Chair To Type
  • Keep Feet Flat On The Floor and Facing Forward
  • Don't Hunch Over The Keyboard
  • Keep Chair Arms At Proper Height
  • Raise Computer Screens To Eye Level
  • Take Short Breaks To Avoid Slipping Into Bad Posture Habits

3.) Improve Blood Flow

To live the ergo life, you'll need to improve blood flow in 2016. If you sit for long periods of time, your muscles begin to stiffen up. When this happens, productivity drops as a result. Keep the blood pumping by moving around. Remember, actions create reactions. If you stay active in the workplace, you'll avoid falling victim to effects of poor blood flow. You can also make the switch to task chair with a waterfall seat edge to take the pressure off you knees. The waterfall seat makes for a smooth transition from the seating surface of your chair to the ground that reduces strain. Height adjustable ergonomic stations and sit to stand products are also available to help promote continuous movement in the workplace.

4.) Reduce Fatigue

Fatigue is a productivity killer. This office epidemic is ready to strike at a moments notice. That being said, you've got to be ready! Fight fatigue by getting a good nights rest. Save the late night snacking and movies for the weekend. When you wake up, don't go overboard with pancakes and bacon. Opt for a healthy breakfast that won't leave you feeling groggy throughout the early part of your work day. You can reduce physical and visual fatigue by simply raising your computer screens up to eye level. An adjustable ergonomic monitor arm will solve the problem in a flash. We also recommend taking a 10 minute break once every hour. Short breaks help avoid extended sits that result in pain, stress, and fatigue that will dominate your work day if you allow it to. Fight fatigue effectively in 2016 by avoiding complacency. If you feel tired, stand up and walk around. Get energized by stretching and hydrating regularly throughout the day.

5.) Think Outside The Box

Don't settle for discomfort in the workplace. To truly live the ergo life, you've got to start thinking outside the box! If you feel fatigue and discomfort kicking in, take action. Form an ergonomic team at work. Be sure to share tips and advice on what's helped you conquer the work day with your fellow coworkers. Going ergo doesn't have to cost a fortune. Need to raise your computer screens up to eye level? Use a stack of magazines or books to get the job done until you can afford a screen mounting system. You can take things a step further by creating a deskercise routine. For about 10 minutes every day, use your desk and office surroundings to help you stretch. It's fun, healthy, and free. Innovative ideas like this tend to make the biggest difference!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February Finds: Cool Conference Tables from Global Total Office

Today on February Finds, we're highlighting super cool conference tables from our friends at Global Total Office. These trend setting boardroom solutions are sure to impress even the harshest critics while earning your meeting area the positive compliments it deserves. Enjoy!

Global Total Office Zira Table
First up, the Z48120BE model Zira conference table. This 10' boat shaped conference tables boasts curved sides and straight ends. The Z48120BE comes standard with 3 pedestal style bases that double as wire management pass-throughs. All Zira conference room tables are available with high tech power modules that will help you business streamline the meeting process. User friendly input options like HDMI, USB, AC, Phone, and Ethernet are available.

Modular Conference TableThe Global Total Office Bungee SL collection is poised for success in 2016. As businesses look to maximize square footage, modular collections like Bungee SL are ready to answer the call. This innovative line offers the connectable tables needed to create one of a kind conference room layouts. Bungee SL tables are available in a wide range of attractive surface and leg finish combinations to make your space shine. If your conference room is commonly used for more than just meetings, the Bungee SL modular table collection is the way to go. With this line you'll be able to quickly transform any boring boardroom into a well rounded multi-functional space built for the demands of modern business.

Global Total Office Junction Table
Global Total Office takes pride in crafting unique tables that will distinguish your interiors from the competition. Take one look at their Junction collection and you'll see exactly what we mean. This full service conference and boardroom furniture line offers unmatched versatility. Junction table configurations are available in shared leg and stand alone variations to meet the needs of any space. With Junction, thinking outside the box has never been easier.

Global Total Office Alba TableShow your design ingenuity with an elliptical top conference room table from Global Total Office and their super cool Alba collection! This best selling line offers a wide range of sizes to help maximize any meeting environments. Alba tables features durable metal legs that help create additional leg space while creating a more open feel. 

Up against a tight project makeover budget? Have no fear, Global Total Office is ready to help your kick corporate appeal into high gear without breaking the bank. Their laminate series offers high quality conference tables that don't lack in terms of style. With over 20 finish options to choose from, creating a personalized look is a breeze. Laminate tables from Global Total Office like the GCT5RX model are available for just $371.99. Now that's value! Rest assured, you'll have a seriously difficult time finding a better product for the money. Global's attention to detail and quality craftsmanship is unrivaled in 2016. Year after year, Global's laminate conference tables make their way onto our best sellers list.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Don't Be Afraid Of Your Office Chair

Office Chair Tips and AdviceOffice comfort starts with the chair. That being said, you can't be afraid to adjust at a moments notice. All too often, chair operator's are scared they'll loose a "good position" if they change their chair settings throughout the day. This common misconception leads to a subpar support in the workplace.

Don't settle for discomfort. Take initiative. Strive to achieve the support needed to reach peak performance levels in the workplace. It all starts with a little commitment. You've got to be willing to learn and memorize the functions of your office chair. The better you understand your chair, the more comfortable you'll be will changing them.

Even the best office chair is only as good as it's owner. Having a luxury chair outfitted with all the top bells and whistles won't mean much if you don't know how to properly use them. Read through the instruction manual that came with your chair.

Make a cheat sheet diagram of the levers and tension knobs on your chair. Be sure to list out what each feature does and how to activate it. Post your chart within eye sight of your computer. As you work throughout the day, the adjustments will remain fresh in your mind. Eventually, you'll know them like the back of your hand!

Taking a "set it and forget it" approach just won't cut it. Sure, one office chair operating position may be great for a variety of tasks, but it's not the be-all-end-all solution to sitting correctly. Throughout the day, you should be raising and lowering the height of your chair, adjusting your chair arms, and the angle at which you sit to achieve optimal performance.

Top notch comfort can be yours, you just need a little trust and confidence. Rely on your tasking chair and utilize all it's ergonomic features. Have the confidence needed to adjust regularly and without fear.

If you're still a bit unsure on how to use your chair properly, take to the web! You can watch helpful demo videos online that will provide you with the awesome tips and advice needed to improve your chair operating experience.

Simply having a high end office chair won't make you ergonomically correct. You'll need to form good posture habits and kick the bad ones to the curb. Don't be afraid to adjust the angle of your chair back. You need to stay in contact with it at all times while working to properly support your spine. Don't be afraid to raise or lower the height of your chair. The seat needs to be set to a level that allows your feet to be planted flat on the ground and facing forward. You don't want to prop your feet up on the base of your chair like a foot rest!

In the long run, your computer chair is ready to be a great friend that always has your back. You just have to build a relationship with it. Take the time to understand it. Utilize it's features and capitalize on comfort as often as possible. If you use your chair in fear and with a lack of confidence, you'll likely find yourself dealing with fatigue, strain, and soreness throughout the work week. We're here to tell you that these office epidemics are avoidable. With a little knowledge and commitment, you'll be on your way to the perfect sit.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Office Design 2016: Go With Gray!

Gray office furniture and seating has rapidly become the preferred choice of professional design teams across the country. Trend setting gray products from brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and Woodstock Marketing will impress your valued office visitors. In today's post we'll review the hottest new gray conference tables, office desks, and chairs of 2016. Enjoy!

Global Total Office Zira Conference FurnitureTake Global Total Office Zira collection makes it easy to keep your interiors up to date with the latest industry trends. This full service furniture line offers the contemporary workstations, reception desks, and storage products needed to turn your interiors into functional works of art. This year, the Absolute Acajou finished conference tables from the Zira collection are ready to take your meeting environments to the next level. These high tech tables are available with a wide range of power options to help streamline the meeting process. Leave no doubt, the Zira conference room furniture collection is the best option for your growing business!

Gray Reception DeskYou'll also turn heads with a Zira series reception desk! The U shaped, multi user, rectangular, and L shaped welcome desks from this top rated line are available in a wide range of gray finish options. Zira reception desks are in a league of their own. While most stations come with a couple of basic options, Zira allows you to choose from edge details and handle pulls at no addition charge. You can personalize your modern reception desk from the Zira collection by upgrading to frosted glass paneling. Zira stations are also offered with unique storage components designed to help any receptionist operate at peak performance levels.

Gray Office FurnitureTake your private office interior to the next level with furniture from the Mayline Medina collection in 2016. This luxurious line offers the perfect combination of style and value. Medina's gray steel finished executive work stations boast glass accented hutch doors and silver metal trim. Limited on space? No need to worry. Medina offers stand alone desks and L shape desks designed to maximize office interiors with limited square footage.

Gray Conference Table
The conference tables from the Mayline Sterling collection blend modern and traditional characteristics that make them one of a kind. Take one look at a textured driftwood finished Sterling table and you'll see what we mean! With 1 5/8" thick hand crafted surfaces accented by knife edge detailing, Sterling tables like the STC12 are sure to impress.
Talk about wow factor! Woodstock Marketing has hit a home run with their Hendrix seating collection. Both the high back and mid back office chair models from the Hendrix collection boast a segmented cushion design that's accented by polished chrome frame and base features. The all new gray leather office chair from the Hendrix line works perfectly in professional executive office and conference room settings.

Joplin Mid Back Office ChairThe days of using bulky, overstuffed office chairs is over. In 2016, space is at a premium! European style seating solutions like the Joplin from Woodstock Marketing have become extremely popular. The Joplin ribbed back office chair provides the slim lines needed to maximize space around the conference table. Give your guests the elbow room they deserve with a comfy, sleek, and incredibly stylish chair from the Joplin collection. The Joplin chair is available in traditional colors like black and brown, but the gray leather models from this collection are selling far more abundantly. Gray leather matches perfectly with a wide range of wood and metal furniture tones to help create cutting edge interiors.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Office Chair Review: Offices To Go 2821

Offices To Go 2821 Chair ReviewOffices To Go specializes in the provision of high quality office chairs at discount prices. This industry leading manufacturer has a real winner on their hands with the 2821 model mesh chair. In today's post, we'll review this comfy new chair and it's unique benefits. Enjoy!

At first glance, the Offices To Go model 2821 chair will wow you with it's modern curves and all mesh seating surfaces. Upon closer inspection you'll notice the segmented back back supports and intricate levers located underneath the seat for personal adjustment. The wide 5 star base provides a stable stance with no wobble. The T shaped arms let you know that this ergonomic chair was built for professional tasking applications.

It's true, not all office chairs are created equal. Seating solutions like the 2821 chair from Offices To Go reign supreme. While most of today's advanced ergonomic chairs cost over five hundred bucks, the 2821 can be yours for just $299.99. Talk about value.

Offices To Go Seating
2821 Chair Features:

  • Pneumatic Seat Height Adjsutment
  • Height Adjustable Arms
  • Seat Depth Adjustment
  • Multi Position Tilt Lock with Tilt Tension Adjustment
  • Scuff Resistant Arch base with Twin Wheel Carpet Casters

Take one sit in the 2821 model office chair from Offices To Go and you'll never settle for anything less. The mesh seating surfaces provide a breathable, springy, and supportive feel that any user is sure to appreciate. With the multi functional mechanism, finding your desired operating position is a breeze.

Offices To Go Mesh Back Task ChairThe 2821 chair is perfect for both home and business needs. The advanced ergonomic features and adjustment capabilities of this mesh task chair make it the ideal choice for intensive tasking applications. Workplace computing is a breeze from this user friendly chair. The sleek frame design also makes the 2821 a great option for conference and meeting area seating needs.

We give the 2821 model chair from Offices To Go 4 out of 5 stars. With user friendly ergonomic features and a well design structure, the 2821 provides a truly reliable sit. Those in need of a new office chair in a hurry will love the 2821. These affordable taskers typically ship out within 2 days of order. We'd like to see Offices To Go provide us with a few more mesh back and seat color combinations in the future, but other than that, there's not too much to criticize. The 2821 is everything you'd expect from a luxurious office chair at a fraction of the cost.

Monday, February 8, 2016

7 Ways To Fight Workplace Fatigue In 2016

How To Fight Fatigue in 2016Here at the blog, we love to help our readers achieve peak comfort and performance levels in the workplace. That being said, fatigue is no joke. This office epidemic is ready to strike at a moments notice and take down your work day. We put our heads together and decided this problem had to have a viable solution. If you want to conquer fatigue in 2016, you'll need to check out the 7 helpful tips highlighted in today's post.

1.) Get Good Rest

A good work day starts with a full 8 hours of quality sleep. Don't stay up late clicking through old shows on the tube and eating junk food. Save that stuff for the weekend! During the week, commit to a reasonable bed time. Maximize your down time by picking out your clothes and determining what you'll be eating for breakfast the night before work. Leave no doubt, getting good rest will help you effectively fight fatigue in 2016.

2.) Eat Healthy

Don't rush off to work without eating a healthy breakfast. Skip the bacon, pancakes, french toast, and pot of coffee if possible. While these tasty morning treats are certainly delectable, they don't set you up for success throughout the day. This is yet another habit that can be saved for Saturday! Going with a cup of yogurt, muffin, or piece of fresh fruit is a far better idea. Lay the foundation for a solid work day by eating a breakfast treat that's packed with energy and not carbs. You'll be glad you did! When lunch time rolls around, follow the same healthy principles. Don't abandon your office chair for a booth at the local burger joint. Instead, make a health salad and eat outside. You'll return to your cubicle energized and ready to conquer the last half of your day. That sounds far more appealing than returning with a gut bomb and in need of a nap!

3.) Plan Effectively

It's important to remember that proper planning reduces stress in the workplace. If you steam through your day jumping from task to task, fatigue will no doubt be joining you soon. When you arrive at work, sit down at your desk and write out a list of daily goals. Prioritize the tasks on your list and assign them time oriented deadlines. As you tactfully navigate your shift, you'll get a small boost of energy and motivation each time you cross an item off the list.

4.) Exercise

It's hard to find the time to exercise at home. The kids have practice, dinner needs to be cooked, and a pile of laundry awaits. Have no fear. All hope is not lost! You can fight fatigue and improve health right at your desk in 2016. The emerging trend known as deskercising is sweeping the nation. You can use your office workstation and surroundings to conduct simple stretches that really make a difference. We highly recommend checking out the deskercise routines and tips that can be found on YouTube.

5.) Take Short Breaks

Sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span. On a more immediate note, extended sits will also cause fatigue to play a key role in your day. We can't stress enough how important it is to take a 5 to 10 minute break every hour. Don't get sucked into the black hole vortex of a time sensitive task and avoid taking a break. The productivity lost due to fatigue is far more impactful than the 10 minutes spent stretching your legs and walking around the office. Each time you take a break, you'll kick fatigue in the fanny. You'll be reducing visual strain and returning to your station with a renewed vigor. Oddly enough, studies have shown that taking breaks actually improves workplace perfromance.

6.) Commit To Good Posture

It's time to kick those bad posture habits to the curb. To effectively fight fatigue, you'll need to sit correct in 2016. Start by creating a list of helpful posture reminders that you can place within eye sight of your computer screen. Studies have shown that this simple practice yields big time results. When sitting at your stations, keep your back in contact with the task chair seating surfaces at all times to provide yourself with as much support as possible. Don't lean and hunch away from your chair to type! You'll also want to raise your computer screen to eye level. An ergonomic monitor arm will do the trick. If you're looking to save a few bucks, you can raise your monitor with a stack of books or magazines. Take your posture performance the next level by ensuring you operate with your feet placed flat on the ground and facing forward when sitting. Using your office chair base as a foot rest is a bad idea to say the least. In the long run, good posture habits are priceless in the workplace. They'll ensure comfort and productivity while simultaneously helping you reduce fatigue.

7.) Improve Blood Flow

Poor blood flow results in fatigue. To increase blood flow in 2016, promote continuous movement! Operate from both sitting and standing positions with the use of a height adjustable ergonomic desk or table. Stand up and walk around about once every hour as mentioned in tip 5. You can also make the switch to an office chair equipped with a waterfall seat edge to take pressure off the knees. This type of ergonomic seat helps to avoid restricting blood flow that works hand in hand with the fatigue monster. If you feel your muscles tightening up, move around! Take the initiative and you'll be ready to conquer even the toughest days at the office.

Friday, February 5, 2016

February Finds: Best Selling Reception Desks from Mayline

Nobody does reception desks better than Mayline! This highly respected furniture manufacturer takes pride in crafting innovative guest welcoming stations designed for the needs of growing businesses. In today's edition of February Finds we'll highlight Mayline's most popular reception desks. These trend setting stations are sure to earn your space the compliments it deserves. Enjoy!

First up, the model MNRSLBF Medina series reception desk with L shaped design. This contemporary station boasts a blend of laminate surfaces, glass accents, and silver metal trim. The MNRSLBF unit is available in a choice of 5 quick shipping finish options for just $1962.99. The 87.25" front work surface and 48" wide return work together to provide plenty of operational space. This Mayline reception desk is the full package!

Sterling Reception DeskMayline's newest furniture collection, Sterling, has taken the furniture world by storm. Industry professionals and interior design teams love this modern line. The reception desks from this best selling collection offer unmatched contemporary vibes that are sure to impress even the harshest critics. Sterling stations like the STG31 boast curved glass transaction counters that are enhanced by work surface extensions and attractive finishes like Textured Driftwood. This reception desk from Mayline also includes a file pedestal and versatile storage cabinet to help keep front desk personnel well organized.

Mayline Reception Desk
Looking to save a few bucks on your reception area makeover project? Of course you are! Mayline makes it easy to extend the budget with popular reception desks from their highly regarded Brighton collection. Take one look at the BT28 model Brighton reception desk and you'll see what we mean. At just $906.99, this L shaped station boasts a 72" wide front desk and 48" wide return. Needless to say, you'll be hard pressed to find more for the money! Brighton stations are available in a choice of mocha and cherry finish options that typically ship within 2 days of order, a huge plus for businesses up against tight project deadlines!

Mayline Sorrento Series Reception DeskThe modern look has dominated the furniture world in 2016. That being said, this look just isn't for everybody! If you're looking to keep your space luxurious and traditional, we recommend the Mayline Sorrento collection. This full service line of desks, conference tables, and storage products is further complimented with top of the line reception stations. Sorrento reception desks like the SRCSLM feature granite transaction counters and solid wood veneer surfaces. These high end desks from the Mayline Sorrento collection are available in 2 of the most beautiful furniture finishes you'll find on the market today.

Aberdeen Reception FurnitureLast but certainly not least, we present to you the AT37 Aberdeen series reception furniture set from our friends at Mayline. This 7 piece package offers everything you need to create a guest welcoming area with wow factor. The AT37 set is focused around the main reception desk with L shaped design and plexi transaction screen. This luxury package is further complimented with the addition of storage components to help keep your space well organized. The Aberdeen collection has been a long time favorite of shoppers and was just given a facelift. Check out this classic line in the new gray steel finish option to make your interior stand out from the competition.