Wednesday, February 17, 2016

5 Ways To Live The Ergo Life In 2016

How To Be More ErgonomicIt's time to commit to an ergonomic lifestyle. You've heard the rumors. You've tried the products. Now, it's time to form the habits needed to operate at peak performance levels in the workplace. In today's post, we'll highlight 5 awesome ways to live the ergo life in 2016. The tips, tricks, and product suggestions in todays post will help you kick discomfort and fatigue to the curb. Enjoy!

1.) Get To Know Your Chair

Even the best office chair is only as good as it's owner. All the adjustable bells and whistles in the world won't help you achieve optimal support if you don't know how to use them correctly. You've got to get to know your office chair. Start by reading the operations manual. This will help you avoid the "set it and forget it" seating approach. Take your office chair education a step further by watching demo videos online. Sites like YouTube will have you and your chair properly sync'd up in no time at all. In the long run, office comfort starts with the chair. If you don't take the time to master your chair features, you'll be settling for sub par support.

2.) Form Good Posture Habits

Let's be honest, it's hard to remember all the little posture tips needed to sit correctly during busy work days! To keep the tips fresh, create a list of reminders that can be be posted within eye sight of your computer screen. Studies have shown that those who adopt this simple practice yield awesome results. We've posted a few key points below to get you started.

  • Keep Your Back In Contact With The Chair At All Times
  • Don't Lean Away From Your Chair To Type
  • Keep Feet Flat On The Floor and Facing Forward
  • Don't Hunch Over The Keyboard
  • Keep Chair Arms At Proper Height
  • Raise Computer Screens To Eye Level
  • Take Short Breaks To Avoid Slipping Into Bad Posture Habits

3.) Improve Blood Flow

To live the ergo life, you'll need to improve blood flow in 2016. If you sit for long periods of time, your muscles begin to stiffen up. When this happens, productivity drops as a result. Keep the blood pumping by moving around. Remember, actions create reactions. If you stay active in the workplace, you'll avoid falling victim to effects of poor blood flow. You can also make the switch to task chair with a waterfall seat edge to take the pressure off you knees. The waterfall seat makes for a smooth transition from the seating surface of your chair to the ground that reduces strain. Height adjustable ergonomic stations and sit to stand products are also available to help promote continuous movement in the workplace.

4.) Reduce Fatigue

Fatigue is a productivity killer. This office epidemic is ready to strike at a moments notice. That being said, you've got to be ready! Fight fatigue by getting a good nights rest. Save the late night snacking and movies for the weekend. When you wake up, don't go overboard with pancakes and bacon. Opt for a healthy breakfast that won't leave you feeling groggy throughout the early part of your work day. You can reduce physical and visual fatigue by simply raising your computer screens up to eye level. An adjustable ergonomic monitor arm will solve the problem in a flash. We also recommend taking a 10 minute break once every hour. Short breaks help avoid extended sits that result in pain, stress, and fatigue that will dominate your work day if you allow it to. Fight fatigue effectively in 2016 by avoiding complacency. If you feel tired, stand up and walk around. Get energized by stretching and hydrating regularly throughout the day.

5.) Think Outside The Box

Don't settle for discomfort in the workplace. To truly live the ergo life, you've got to start thinking outside the box! If you feel fatigue and discomfort kicking in, take action. Form an ergonomic team at work. Be sure to share tips and advice on what's helped you conquer the work day with your fellow coworkers. Going ergo doesn't have to cost a fortune. Need to raise your computer screens up to eye level? Use a stack of magazines or books to get the job done until you can afford a screen mounting system. You can take things a step further by creating a deskercise routine. For about 10 minutes every day, use your desk and office surroundings to help you stretch. It's fun, healthy, and free. Innovative ideas like this tend to make the biggest difference!

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