Monday, February 22, 2016

Ergonomic Do's And Don'ts for 2016

Ergonomic Do's And Don'tsIt's all about productivity and comfort in the workplace! These days, if you want to operate at peak performance levels, you've got to follow several core ergonomic principles. That being said, in today's post we'll highlighting ergonomic do's and don'ts that are sure to make your more effective in 2016. Enjoy!

Do: Practice Good Posture Habits

Office comfort starts with good posture habits! To make a long story short, even the most luxurious office chair is only as good as it's owner. You have to take the time to form the good posture habits needs to sit successfully in 2016. Start by creating a list of posture reminders and posting them within eye sight of your workstation. Studies have shown that this simple practice will yield big results. Make sure your list includes key posture tips like those listed below.

  • Keep Feet Flat And Facing Forward
  • Don't Use Chair Base As A Foot Rest
  • Don't Hunch Over The Keyboard Tray
  • Keep Back In Contact With The Chair At All Times
  • Adjust Regularly To Achieve Necessary Support

Don't: Take A Set It And Forget It Approach

You can't be afraid to adjust your office chair regularly throughout the day. The fear of your adjusting your chair typically comes from a lack of product knowledge that can be easily remedied by watching demo videos online and reading the instruction manual that came with your chair. Be ready to adapt at a moments notice. Don't think about "loosing a comfortable position". Instead, focus on creating comfortable positions for every task! To reach peak performance levels in the workplace, you have to rely on your office chair adjust quickly without fear.

Do: Take Short Breaks

Get up and stretch out those muscles. If you feel fatigue kicking in, fight back! Take a short walk to the water cool and get hydrated. That computer screen isn't doing you any favors. Allow your eyes to properly adjust. When lunch time rolls around, don't stay at your desk and eat in solitude. Take your lunch outside and get some fresh air. You'll return to your desk rejuvenated and ready to tackle the remaining potion of your day.

Don't: Sit For More Than 2 Hours At A Time

Did you know that sitting for extended periods of time without taking breaks can actually shorten your life span? It's true! About once every hour or two, make it a habit to take a short break. Extended sits can result in cramps, fatigue, and mental stress. As you'll no doubt want to be at your best in 2016,  stand up and move around regularly.

Do: Utilize Key Ergonomic Tools

Having trouble committing to an ergonomic lifestyle? Have no fear, you're not alone. Thankfully, brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions, Symmetry Office, and Systematix offer the high quality ergonomic office products needed to reach peak performance levels in 2016. A dual screen monitor arm will improve the rate at which you compute and reduce visual strain. An articulating keyboard tray will help you compute at correct angles while simultaneously increasing usable desk space. Before rushing out and purchasing an array of ergonomic gadgets for your space, take the time to read product reviews. Assess your areas of personal discomfort and integrate one product at a time. Learn to master one ergonomic product before moving onto the next!

Don't: Settle For Discomfort

You can't settle for discomfort in the workplace. You've got to take action immediately. All too often we find ourselves falling into routines that promote poor posture and limited functionality. If your back is hurting, try adjusting the angle at which your sitting. If your knees are giving you trouble, try adjusting your chair height. Small adjustments like these can make the difference between effective and dysfunctional work days. Ultimately, your personal comfort is up to you. Strive to achieve optimal operating positions and top notch posture in 2016. The habits formed today can last a lifetime! It's your choice to decide wether those habits are good or bad.

Do: Work To Improve Blood Flow

Get the blood pumping in 2016! Quality blood flow will help you effectively fight fatigue in the workplace. Experts recommend using sit to stand products that promote continuous movement in the workplace. Sit to stand desks are still a bit pricey, so if funds are tight, go with a sit to stand keyboard tray. You'll be able to quickly switch operating positions without experience productivity drops throughout the day. You'll simultaneously improve blood flow and reduce the risk of cramps and muscle soreness in the workplace.

Don't: Forget To Spread The Word

So you've followed the tips, tricks, and advice highlighted in today's post. You've noticed an increase in productivity and comfort. What's next? Spread the word! It's highly likely that your coworkers are experiencing the same problems you were. Don't be afraid to ask you desk mate if they are comfortable. If you over hear a coworker complaining about fatigue, share tips you've learned that can help. You might even pick up a few tips in return that will further improve your own ergonomic lifestyle.

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