Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Office Design 101: Recognizing Your Needs

Office Design TipsBefore jumping into an office design project, you have to properly analyze your workplace needs. Taking the time to assess important factors like comfort, productivity, storage, and visual appeal will help you maximize your interior. In today's post we'll cover these 4 key areas and highlight ways to improve your space throughout the makeover process. Enjoy!

1.) Comfort

Comfort should be priority number one! If your interior is comfortable, you'll be efficient and effective during those long days at the office. To promote comfort in the workplace, you'll need to select an awesome office chair. In 2016, "smart chairs' are the way to go. Cutting edge seating solutions like the Arti from Global Total Office react and move with the user. The ability to articulate and mimic the spine without the need for constant lever pulling and tension knob adjusting is too much to pass up!

Assess your individual areas of discomfort to determine what office chair features you'll need to operate comfortably. If you need help selecting an office chair, don't be afraid to ask the professionals! You can also check out demo videos and chair reviews online. In the long run, even the most luxurious office chair is only as good as it's owners. You have to take the time to master your chair features and form the good habits needed to put them to use.

2.) Productivity

Once you've selected a quality office chair for your space, it's time to focus on productivity. To operate at peak performance levels in the workplace, you'll need to integrate 3 key ergonomic tools. We recommend starting with a sit to stand keyboard tray. With a sit to stand keyboard tray you'll be promoting continuous movement in the workplace, fighting fatigue, and improving blood flow. You'll be ready to adapt at a moments notice to meet the needs of any specific task. Additionally, you'll increase the amount of usable desk space present at your workstation and improve the rate at which you compute.

A dual screen monitor arm is the second must have for productive interiors. As two screens is always better than one, you'll save time spent clicking between tabs throughout the day. A dual monitor system will allow you to raise your screens to eye level, thus reducing visual strain and neck pain caused by looking down at your screens when computing.

Last but not least, you'll need to add a CPU holder. The days of venturing underneath your desk to route wires and charge devices are over. A CPU holder will allow you to mount your computer power source directly underneath your work surface for easy access. Tired of banging you knees on the CPU when you slide your chair in to work? With a CPU holder you'll be able to retract your bulky power box out of the way when needed. In the long run, a CPU holder is a simple tool that will make a big difference in your work day. We recommend selecting a locking model to keep your digital files secure and protected.

3.) Storage

Sadly, storage needs are commonly underestimated during the office design process. At the beginning of your makeover project, take the time to purge old files and documents. Determine how much space you'll need for the materials making the transition into your new space. Be sure to account for future growth. You'll be surprised at how fast you fill your storage components within the first few months of transitioning into you new space. As square footage is always at a premium, we recommend selecting a desk configuration with an overhead hutch unit to maximize storage. You can also save space with under-desk pedestals. Pedestals come in handy for stationary and file storage. They can be quickly accessed and moved out of the way when not in use.

4.) Visual Appeal

You'll no doubt want your interior to impress visitors and earn positive compliments. To improve the visual appeal of your space, patch walls and paint before your new furniture arrives. Once your new products are assembled and installed, enhance your space with cool accents. A modern area rug, wall art, and lighting fixtures will typically get the job done. The right combination of office accents will make your space unique. That being said, too many accents will leave your interior feeling cluttered and over-done.

Be picky when selecting items to improve visual appeal. You don't have to add everything at once. Some of the best office accents are found during travels and trips to local shops. There's nothing wrong with letting your space come together over time. It builds character! On free weekends, visit swap meets, antique stores, and even your local flea market. You'll be able to salvage one-of-a-kind pieces that real conversation starters.

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