Thursday, March 10, 2016

Chair Compare: Mirage Vs. Flexar

Global Total Office Mirage Chair
Flexar Chair
Today on the blog we're comparing two awesome seating solutions from our friends at Global Total Office. This industry leading manufacturer takes pride in crafting high quality office chairs for every workplace need. Their Mirage and Flexar seating collections offer the visual appeal and ergonomic features needed to reach peak performance levels. Let's see which chair line reigns supreme!

Round 1: Style

Let us start by saying, both the Flexar and Mirage seating collections will impress your office visitors. These trend setting chairs boast slimming characteristics that save space and promote a European look that's been super popular in 2016. Both Mirage and Flexar chairs are enhanced by box style arms and an intricate stitching patterns. The Flexar office chair is enhanced by an attractive silver base while the Mirage is a bit more flash with it's polished chrome details. With so many visual similarities, this round was hard to judge. However, with the shine and luxurious nature of the Mirage's frame, it wins round 1 by a slim margin.

Round 2: Applications

The Mirage and Flexar chairs from Global Total Office are great for a variety of workplace applications. Both lines offer the high back and mid back chairs needed to provide proper support during those long days at the office. While great for computing and tasking use, these collections are truly intended for meeting applications. All factors considered, The Flexar feels a bit larger than the Mirage, giving it a slight disadvantage for conference room seating applications. Essentially, you can put more Mirage chairs around a conference table than you can Flexar's. The Mirage office chair takes round two.

Round 3: Features

Putting it simply, Global doesn't make a chair that can't handle the demands of the modern workplace. That being said, our staff feels the Flexar chair provides a more comfortable sitting experience than the Mirage. We had several of our trusted employees give both chairs a test run. The Flexar reigned supreme. The articulating arm allows the seat and back to move independently of one another and allows users to keep their feet on the floor while working. This increases blood flow to the lower body and reduces pressure buildup behind the things. While the Mirage was quite comfortable, the

Round 4: Price

We like these chairs best in Global's grade 7 mock leather blend. It keeps the cost low, provides great durability, and works great in the conference room. The Mirage 2791LM-4 mid back office chair is available this year for $512.99. The high back variation is a bit more expensive at $536.99. The Flexar 3613LM-2 mid back chair runs $544.99, while the 3612LM-2 costs $559.99. With so many similar features and ergonomic attributes, this round is pretty even. That being said, the articulating arm of the Flexar makes it a bit more versatile and thus gives it a slight edge in round 4.


As you can see, the Mirage and Flexar chair both took 2 rounds. We are faced with a split decision! When it comes to office chairs, the sit test always provides the tie breaker. The Flexar was voted more comfortable by our staff and thus wins today's showdown. Needless to say, both of these chairs are awesome. They provides simplicity, comfort, and top notch appeal without breaking the budget. If you're in need of new leather conference seating in 2016, give BOTH of these collections serious consideration.

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