Monday, March 21, 2016

Ergorific Interiors of 2016

When an office space combines high end appeal and core ergonomic values, we call the interior ergorific! This year, businesses and furniture manufacturers are working together to create out of this world ergorific work environments. Today on the blog, we'll highlight 5 ergorific interiors and the products that make them great. Enjoy!

Global Total Office Ergonomic InteriorOur first space has all the ergonomic bells and whistles needed to reach peak performance levels. Talk about functionality! This ergorific interior maximizes desk space and reduces visual strain with the monitor mounting system. A laptop holder and articulating keyboard tray are also utilized to promoted correct typing positions. The interior is pulled together with a CPU holder that prevents unnecessary trips under the desk to route wires and plug in devices. Last but not least, a super comfy 1960-4 model Alero series high back ergonomic task chair was brought in to improve posture and provide all day support.

ESI Ergonomic InteriorCheck out this ergorific interior outfitted with super cool height adjustable work tables from ESI Ergonomic Solutions. These adjustable stations promote continuous movement in the workplace, improve blood flow, and reduce fatigue. When paired with adjustable ergonomic computer chairs and attractive gray wood grain floors, this interior is sure to impress even the harshest critics.

The days of using traditional cubicle and panel furniture configurations is coming to an end. This year, businesses are looking to kick productivity and collaboration into high gear with ergonomic open desking layouts. Take one look at our third interior and you'll see exactly what we mean. This ergonomic office interior is the full package. With RGE series height adjustable tables, versatile low wall storage cabinets, and Commute series mesh back task chairs from Mayline, you'll be hard pressed to find many areas to criticize.

Our fourth ergorific interior provides the perfect balance of visual appeal and ergonomic functionality. When it comes to ergofying your interiors, it's best to keep it simple. This 2 person configuration does just that. With height adjustable tables, cushion top pedestal stools, ergonomic monitor arms, and Living series task chairs, this space is incredibly well rounded. The Living series chairs are of particular note. At just $399.99, they are among the best office chair buys of 2016. The Living series "Smart Chair" from Mayline reacts to body weight and automatically responds to user movements to ensure a high quality sitting experience with minimal adjusting.

Ergonomic Office SpaceLast but not least, we thought it would be fun to end today's post with a bang! Our fifth and final interior showcases where the industry is heading. This cutting edge work environment offers high tech adjustable task chairs, clamp mount monitor arms, and much more. This futuristic interior also combines many of today's hottest design trends. Lime green chairs with modern appeal like those utilized here are a must consider for any 2016 makeover project. The simple yet sophisticated details of this interior make it a real winner without going too over the top.

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