Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Furniture Trends 2016: Power Up Your Interiors!

Kick productivity and versatility into high gear with powered office furniture! This year, brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and OFM are paving the way with high tech furnishings that really rock. Today on the blog we'll review the trend setting powered tables, desks, and seating solutions that are transforming business interiors in 2016. Enjoy!

Powered Conference TableGlobal's Zira collection helped set the power trend in motion. The upscale powered conference tables from this versatile line are available with USB, HDMI, Ethernet, and Phone input options. You can customize Oasis series power modules with plug and play telecom plates that help streamline the meeting process. As one of the most advanced powered table lines on the market, Zira is ready to meet the needs of any modern business.

Powered Open Desking LayoutKick those old cubicles to the curb! It's all about powered open desking configurations in 2016. Check out the Mayline e5 collection and you'll quickly see what we're talking about. This cutting edge furniture line offers the modular components needed to promote collaboration and group strategizing in the workplace. The desks and workstations from the e5 collection can be equipped with surface level power modules that help users avoid those troublesome trips underneath desk surfaces to plug in devices and route wires. The e5 office furniture collection from Mayline puts the power at your fingertips, thus increasing efficiency during those long days at the office.

Powered Waiting Room FurnitureTake the powered furniture experience to your waiting room with the help of OFM! This highly respected brand is striking new ground with trend setting collections like Morph and Serenity. OFM's powered lounge and reception seating collections were specifically designed to improve the guest waiting experience without sacrificing valuable comfort. The Morph collection even boasts flip up privacy panels that have to be seen to be believed. These waiting room seating lines from OFM are a must consider for any 2016 makeover project.

ESI Sit To Stand Table
The sit to stand furniture revolution is in full swing. Brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions and Symmetry Office are specializing in sit to stand tables designed for group training environments in 2015. Sit to stand tables and workstations promote continuous movement in the workplace and simultaneously improve blood flow while reducing fatigue. As sitting for extended periods of time can actually shorten your life space, this is one trend that's here to stay.

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