Friday, April 22, 2016

Go Green In 16' With These Eco Friendly Furniture Brands!

In honor of Earth Day, we thought it would be fun to highlight eco friendly furniture brands that are taking green to a whole new level in 2016. These reputable furniture manufacturers craft high end products designed for improved comfort and support while remaining environmentally conscious. Let's take a look!

MaylineMayline Medina FurnitureMayline specializes in the provision of trend setting casegoods furniture collections and high tech height adjustable tables that promote continuous movement in the workplace. This year, Mayline's Medina office furniture collection has become the preferred choice of interior design teams and industry professionals. In order to go green, Mayline established a Sustainability Action Committee to initiate and oversee improvements leading to ease prevention, increased recycling, reduced energy consumption and the establishment of environmentally sensitive design standards. Nearly all of Mayline's furniture and seating solutions are Greenguard Certified. Mayline believes that action speaks louder than words. They understand their responsibility to provide a sustainable environment for our families and communities. The Mayline approach is very pragmatic. They do what makes sense environmentally and economically, not for the purpose of winning awards or dramatizing efforts. They do it because it's the right thing to do!

OFM Marque Reception DeskOFM, Inc.The innovators at OFM pride themselves on setting new trends and thinking outside the box of traditional workplace solutions. Their Marque series reception stations and wide range of contemporary lounge seating collections are a must consider for welcoming area makeover projects. OFM knows you want to be environmentally responsible, and they do too! This awesome brand created a complete line of products designed to the strictest green specifications for you and your office that guarantee low chemical emissions. At the same time, OFM holds these products to their same manufacturing standards of quality and price to make sure you get nothing but the best. OFM believes that responsible furniture shoppers looking to go green shouldn't have to sacrifice trend setting appeal and comfort. We couldn't agree more!

Zira Conference TableGlobal Total OfficeWhen average office furniture and seating just won't just it, turn to the customizable solutions from Global Total Office. With 50 years of industry experience, Global's made to order products are the best in the business. In 2016, Global's powered conference tables from the Zira collection and open desking from lines like eO+ and Princeton are turning professional interiors into works of art. In addition to high end furniture, Global Total Office "Smart Chairs" like the Arti and G20 minimize the need for constant adjusting. Their awesome new ergo chairs automatically react to body movements and user weight to provide an unmatched sitting experience. Global believes they have a responsibility to safeguard the environment in the course of manufacturing and doing business. That's why they created their very own Environmental Committee. Global maintains their focus on manufacturing their products responsibly and sustainably. Of Course, Global takes the customary steps needed to save energy. That being said, they're also reducing energy consumption in some super innovative ways. For example, Global's powder coat and paint process reclaims an impressive 99% of  overspray with minimal discharge to the environment! To make a long story short, if going green were a competition, Global would be winning big in 2016!

Sustainable Office Furniture from CherrymanCherryman IndustriesWith 5 best selling casegoods furniture lines and an all new seating collection that's take the chair world by storm, Cherryman Industries is making big strides in 2016. Their iDesk office chairs offer top notch comfort and pricing any shopper will appreciate. This year, Cherryman plans to introduce all new workstations, conference tables, and training room solutions with the modular capabilities needed to maximize any space! Cherryman recognizes the impact that manufacturing products has on the environment and they are fully committed to sustainable practices. Cherryman products are designed and specifically intended for long term use. Why? Because long term durability equals a good use of resources! Cherryman goes green in 2016 with their wood veneer products, transportation, and product packaging. They even make it a point to use recycled materials whenever possible. Rest assured, this brand cares! If you're looking to become more eco friendly with a brand that matches your passion, Cherryman is the way to go.

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