Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lobby Design 101: 5 Awesome Ways To Improve The Guest Waiting Experience

Tackling a lobby makeover project in 2016? We're here to help! Today on the blog we'll highlight the tips, tricks, and products you'll need to improve the guest waiting experience without sacrificing corporate appeal. From selecting comfortable furniture to letting in the natural light, the simple advice provided here will make a big difference. Enjoy!

1.) Select Comfortable Seating

Comfortable Lobby FurnitureComfort comes first and style comes second. That being said, there are several top rated lobby seating collections that provide both! Brands like Global Total Office and Lesro Industries specialize in the provision of designer lobby seating collections that will maximize appeal and comfort without breaking the budget. Popular lobby seating from Global Total Office like the chairs and sofas from the Ballara collection are a must consider for any business looking to kick comfort into high gear while simultaneously staying up to date with the latest trends. In the long run, it always helps to give any furniture collection a sit test before making a purchase. Be sure to visit a showroom in your area before making your final selection. If you don't have a showroom, check out product reviews and demo videos online to help you select comfortable seating for your space.

OFM Morph Furniture2.) Improve Privacy

Your guests don't want to feel overcrowded and boxed in! Strive to create an open and welcoming seating layout that promotes privacy for your valued visitors. If square footage is tight, turn to a brand like OFM for help. This highly respected manufacturer will impress your valued guests with collections like Morph. The contemporary chairs and sofas from this cutting edge  collection boast flip up panels specifically designed to improve privacy. You can also place potted plants or accent tables between larger sections of seating. Consider placing your seating in rows instead of around the perimeter of your space. The little steps you take to create privacy will be greatly appreciated by your guests. In the long run, nobody likes to feel crammed when waiting for an important appointment. Provide your visitors with short, private waits as often as possible to ensure you make a positive impression.

3.) Maximize Square Footage

Modular Lobby SeatingSure a sofa and two lounge chairs will get the job done, but why not maximize your interior to help provide your guests with the absolute best waiting experience possible. These days, professional design teams and furniture specialists are turning to modular collections. Modular lobby seating lines offer businesses the ability to create one of a kind layouts that really rock. With modular furnishings you'll be able to accent "dead areas" of your lobby that would otherwise be left as blank space. You'll also be able to accommodate more guests without making your interior feel over crowded. Needless to say, modular lobby furniture is the way to go in 2016!

4.) Power Up Your Space

Powered Lobby Furniture
Powered lobby furniture is trending in 2016. Why? Because today's top manufacturers know the importance of improving the guest waiting experience. Guests today are constantly on their devices while waiting for appointments. It goest without saying, they don't want run out of precious battery power! With powered furniture, businesses professional can work while they wait. Teens can stay up to date without their friends and followers on social media. Powered lounge, reception, and lobby furniture makes long waits feet far shorter. This ever growing trend is poised to become an industry standard by 2017. If you an combine modularity, power, and comfort, you're on your way to an out-of-this-world lobby that's sure to impress you guests.

5.) Integrate Cool Accents

Cool Lobby Accent TableAwesome seating will only get you so far! You'll need the right combination of accents to truly make your space stand out. We recommend starting with cool tables to break up your layout. Next, add some cool wall art, potted plants, and even an area rug. Take things a step further by replacing those builders grade lighting fixtures. With all these suggestions, you may be assuming the budget is going to get seriously strained. We're here to tell you, it doesn't have to! Really cool accents can be found for cheap at swap meets, thrift stores, and art markets. This year, industrial decor and vintage lighting has been super popular. Keep your eyes out for accents that fall inline with this hot trend.

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