Friday, May 27, 2016

Office Design Ideas: The Bistro Break Room

Break Room Makeover Ideas
Let those old plastic cafeteria tables hit the road! It's time to make your office break room shine. As one of the most commonly used work spaces, your break room can be quickly, easily, and affordably transformed into a super cool multi purpose area where valued employees can gather and collaborate during down time. Don't let your break room become an afterthought during the office makeover process. This valuable space helps boost morale and team interaction. Today on the blog, we'll highlight cool ways to turn your break area into a bistro themed work of art that's built for productivity. Enjoy!

OFM Endure Series Powered Table for Break RoomStart your break room makeover project by selecting cool tables that go wth the bistro theme. Brands like OFM and Mayline offer the best dining and bar height bistro table models on the market. To fully transform your interior, you'll need a combination of both to meet the needs of all visitors.

This year, OFM Endure series have been a favorite of industry professionals and interior design teams. These high tech tables with industrial appeal boast powered surfaces that limit downtime in the break room. These incredibly versatile and heavy duty tables are built to last. They also come standard with swivel out seats to help cut makeover costs.

Mayline Bistro Table
If you're not feeling the retro look, check out Mayline Bistro Table models like the CA30SHS. These square top tables with metal bases are well built, stylish, and budget friendly. At just $251.99, the CA30SHS bar height bistro table provides unmatched value. Matching dining height models are also available.

Once you've selected tables for your space, focus on guest comfort and efficiency. You can combine both of these key design elements with restaurant style bar stools with plastic seating surfaces that are easy to clean.

White Bar StoolThe new Cherryman Industries Pommerac series bar stools are a great way to go. A white bar stool from this popular new collection will provide a neutral look that's sure to compliment any wood and metal finish you choose to integrate into your project. Pommerac stools provide a comfortable sit, space saving design, and support users up to 250 pounds. They are available in 2016 for $201.50 each.

Global Total Office Duet Bar StoolGlobal Total Office is ready to meet your break room seating needs. This highly respected manufacturer is doing big things in 2016. Their Duet series chairs are a must consider for any interior in need of style boost. Duet chairs are super sleek, durable, and easy to clean. The Duet has become a popular choice for cafeteria and break room makeovers as it comes in a wide range of unique color options that make interiors pop!

Multi Purpose Wall CabinetNo bistro break room is complete without the right combination of accessories! Start by adding a storage. Having coffee filters and mugs out on counter tops is far from appealing. A wall cabinet will really come in handy in terms of visual appeal and organizing.

Folding White Board CabinetIn addition to a wall cabinet, take things a step further by adding a folding white board cabinet that will allow guests to jot down important notes and ideas they may have while taking their break. As you know, there's nothing worse than forgetting a great idea!

A flat screen TV can also be integrated to help break room visitors blow off some steam. A smart TV is a great way to go as they offer multi media benefits that can be used for presentations and computer link-ups!

In the long run, your break room should be a relaxing space where valued employees can find peace during stressful days at the office. Do what you can to make your bistro themed break room fun and enjoyable. Your team will thank you for it!

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