Monday, June 27, 2016

5 Cool Ways To Kick Corporate Appeal Into High Gear

So you're looking to impress you valued office visitors, improve productivity, and make a great first impression? We've got you covered! While it might seem like a big task, with the tips and tricks in today's post you'll be read to kick corporate appeal into high gear. Enjoy!

1.) Power Up

Powered Boardroom Table

Powered office furniture will make your interiors more appealing and functional. Your guests will be impressed with your commitment to operational versatility and performance. This year, brands like Global Total Office are raising the bar with powered conference tables. Their Zira tables make it easy to streamline presentations and group strategy sessions. Global Total Office Zira boardroom tables can be equipped with high tech input options that include USB, HDMI, and more!

2.) Go Retro

Retro Table and Stools

The retro look is in! Interior design teams and industry professionals are crafting mid century modern interiors that are wowing clients. Take one look at the stools and tables from OFM and their trend setting Endure collection and you'll see what we mean. You can further incorporate retro vibes with the use of antique lighting fixtures and wall art. Take a visit to your local swap meet and flea market. You'll be rewarded with unique items that will set your interior apart from the competition.

3.) Ribbed Office Chairs

Ribbed Back Office Chairs

The days of using bulky, overstuffed office chairs are over! With modern ergonomics, popular office chair brands have made it easy to achieve top notch comfort and support with sleek seating solutions that save space. Cool ribbed back office chairs like the Joplin from Woodstock Marketing and Accord from Global Total Office are perfect for conference and executive office applications.

4.) Gray Office Furniture

Gray Office Furniture

Here's a trend that's here to stay! Leave no doubt, gray office furniture has been incredibly popular in 2016. Lines like Sterling and Medina from Mayline have taken the furniture world by storm. Gray laminate office desks, conference tables, and guest reception desk layouts provide ample wow factor that's sure to help you make a lasting impression on even the harshest interior critic.

5.) Modern Storage Solutions

Modular Wall Cabinets

It's time to upgrade those old school vertical file cabinets! In fact, there's lot's of cool DIY projects you can use them for. As you'll still need to keep your space well organized, go with a modular wall cabinet configuration! You'll be able to quickly boost appeal, increase document security, and maximize your valuable square footage. The Keep wall cabinet line is a must consider. This unique collection of modular storage cabinets can be used to enhance bistro, break room, classroom, and private office environments. With the Keep collection, you're only limited by your own imagination. This Mayline storage furniture collection makes it easier than ever to think outside the box.

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