Wednesday, June 29, 2016

5 Ways To Make Your Workspace Cooler

5 Ways To Make Your Office Space Cool by OfficeAnything.comSo you're workspace needs a facelift? No need to worry, we've got you covered! Today on the blog we'll highlight the cutting edge products, tips, and design ideas needed to keep your interior up to date with the hottest trends of the season. From selecting the right chair to adding industrial accents, these 5 suggestions are a must consider.

1.) The Right Chair

Global Total Office Arti Chair from

The right office chair is worth it's weight in gold. The ability to enhance office appeal while keeping you at peak performance levels is too good to pass up. In 2016, cool office chairs are aplenty. Brands like Global Total Office and Eurotech Seating are rocking interiors with "Smart Chairs" that automatically adjust to user movements. Our personal favorite is the Arti chair from Global. This highly advanced seating solution is available in a wide range of attractive color options to help personalize your space. With it's cutting edge back, the Arti is able to articulate like the human spine to mimic body movements. What's it all mean? A super cool modern office chair that helps minimize the ergonomic learning curve.

2.) Gray Furniture

Modern Office Furniture at

If you haven't heard, gray is the new black! Popular office furniture collections like Medina and Sterling from our friends at Mayline have put this booming trend on the map. Mayline Medina desks and conference tables are sure to impress any office guest. The gray steel laminate finish option pairs perfectly with Medina's silver trim and glass doors. Sterling boasts opaque acrylic accents that look great with the textured driftwood finish. This hot new line is ready to help you create a modern beauty chic vibe.

3.) Dual Monitor Mount

Dual Monitor Arm from

A dual monitor arm will kick up your cool factor while simultaneously boosting the rate at which you compute and tackle your daily tasks. Monitor mounts are easy to install via clamp and grommet mount systems. Once attached, you'll have instantly created more usable desk space while making your interior feel far more high tech. If you're looking for ways to become ergonomically correct in 2016, the benefits of an ergonomic monitor arm should not be overlooked. You'll be able to raise your screens to eye level to reduce visual strain and neck pain caused from looking down at your monitors for long periods of time. These workplace tools are cool and correct!

4.) Sit To Stand Workstation

Sit To Stand Ergonomic Workstations from

You gotta get up to get down! Sit to stand workstations promote continuous movement in the workplace while simultaneously reducing fatigue and improving blood flow. On a side note, they're also really cool! Sit to stand stations are high tech and incredibly versatile. The ability to switch from sitting to standing positions at the touch of a button will help you stay productive and ergonomically efficient. To put it simply, sitting for long periods of time is bad. It can actually shorten your life span! Integrating a sit to stand workstation from a brand like ESI Ergonomic Solutions or Symmetry Office is just plain smart.

5.) Industrial Accents

Industrial Lighting Fixtures

Last but not least, earn your interior ample cool points with the addition of industrial accents. The best part, you don't have to spend a fortune to take advantage of this hot trend. Industrial office lighting fixtures and room accents can be found for cheap at local swap meets. If there's not a swap meet in your area, visit a salvage yard or a flea market. You can even take your search to the web and browse popular classified sites like Craigslist. Industrial metal fixtures can be used to personalize your space, create a unique vibe, and get the conversation started with valued visitors. You'll earn your office interior the compliments it deserves while receiving an abundance of "where'd you get that cool..." related questions.

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