Friday, June 24, 2016

Ergonomic Advice: Work Smarter Not Harder

Ergonomic AdviceThe proper use of ergonomic products will help you operate effectively during those long days at the office. It goest without saying that the word "ergonomic" itself has become a household name. In 2016, nearly every office item on the market claims to be ergonomically correct in some way. If you want to work smarter and not harder, you need to carefully select the correct ergo products for your specific needs. Today on the, we'll highlight this years best. Enjoy!

Smart ChairsOffice comfort starts with the chair, so that's how we'll kick off today's post! This year, "smart chairs" have been the hottest ergo craze. The ability to achieve to notch comfort with minimal adjusting is too good for chair shoppers to pass up. If you're tired of twisting tension knobs and clicking through various settings to find the perfect sit, a smart chair is for you! New ergonomic chairs like the Arti and G20 from Global Total Office minimize the ergonomic learning curve by automatically reacting to user body movements.

Sit To Stand DeskTake your step for an improved work day to the next level with a sit to stand ergonomic desk designed to promote continuous movement in the workplace. If you want to work smarter and not harder, you've got to avoid sitting for long periods of time without sacrificing productivity. That's where sit to stand desks come in. They provide users with the ability to quickly adapt and switch between a variety of comfortable positions. Sit to stand desks are rapidly becoming the preferred choice for school and professional training environments!

Powered Conference TableWork smarter in the boardroom with a powered table! The days of searching for wall outlets to share important presentation are coming to an end. In 2016, brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and Cherryman Industries are streamlining meetings with powered conference room tables. Even a basic powered table with three prong AC outlets and data ports will be a significant improvement.

Those who really want to raise the bar are designing custom powered conference room table solutions with HDMI, USB, Audio, Ethernet, and much more. If a customer power table seems like it's what you need, we highly recommend the Zira collection from Global Total Office. The tables from the Zira line offer unmatched versatility and appeal at a price point that won't give you sticker shock.

Flip Top Training TablesTo put it simply, stationary tables provided minimal versatility. If you're tackling a classroom or training room makeover in 2016, enhance functionality with mobilized flip top tables. The ability to create unique layouts with 0 heavy lifting makes mobilized work tables a must consider. Don't waste time and energy configuring bulky fixed leg tables that will need to be moved regularly. Work smarter by integrating tables from popular Mayline collections like Sync and Flip-N-Go.

Ergonomic Office AccessoriesLast but certainly not least, work smarter and not harder by integrating key ergonomic computer accessories into your personal workspace. The addition of an articulating keyboard tray will help you compute at healthy angles that reduce wrist pain. A dual screen monitor arm will cut down on the rate at which you compute while simultaneously creating usable desk space. An undermount CPU holder will keep your computer's power source from overheating. Locking models prevent theft while creating additional knee space and protecting your CPU from water damage. In the long run, the right combination of ergonomic accessories will go a long way when used properly. We live in an age where you should never settle for discomfort in the workplace. If you have a comfort and productivity related problem, there's definitely a product out their to solve it!

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