Thursday, June 30, 2016

Office Chair Review: Eurotech Seating Concept 2.0

Eurotech Seating Chair Review by OfficeAnything.comWhen it comes to office chairs, Eurotech knows their stuff. This highly respected manufacturer takes pride in crafting top of the line ergonomic chairs that competing brands can only hope to imitate. Today on the blog, we'll take a look at one of Eurotech's best. The Concept 2.0 is an absolute winner in the workplace.


Eurotech Seating Concept 2.0 Chair Review by

The modern design characteristics of the Concept 2.0 chair are evident at first glance. This bold seating solution boasts a thick black seat and breathable mesh back to keep users cool in the workplace. The Concept 2.0 is ready to impress with it's polished base and intricate contours. If you're looking for a chair to earn your interior the compliments it deserves, the Concept 2.0 is ready to answer the call. These modern ergo chairs provide unmatched visual appeal.


Concept 2.0 Chair Ergonomic Features

Talk about comfort. We were blown away by the support provided by the Concept 2.0 chair. Take a sit in this mesh back tasker and you'll be instantly rewarded. The wide seat with waterfall edge takes pressure of the knees while the adjustable arms make finding the correct computing position a breeze. We'd prefer a headrest to create a more of an executive vibe, but that's really just preference. The multi functional mechanism is simple to use and operates effortlessly. Concept 2.0 chairs from Eurotech Seating are the full ergonomic package.

  • Tilt Tension Control
  • Tilt Lock
  • Back Angle Adjustment
  • Synchro Tilt
  • Seat Height Adjustment
  • Back Height Adjustment
  • Seat Depth Adjustment
  • Arm Height Adjustment
  • Swivel Arm
  • Arm Depth Adjustment


Eurotech Seating Concept 2.0 Chair - Side View

The Concept 2.0 office chair is perfect for a wide range of office applications. If you're looking for ways to get the most out of your office chair in 2016, this top notch model from Eurotech is ready to help. The versatile ergo features make the Concept 2.0 a perfect option for professional tasking and computing applications. The upscale look and polished features make it easy for the Concept 2.0 to stand out in meeting areas. All things considered, it's even a great option for home office interiors. Technically, the Concept 2.0 could be used in executive work environments, but for the money, more aesthetically appropriate models are available.


Concept 2.0 Rear View

The Eurotech Seating Concept 2.0 office chair is currently available for $525.00. Based on the craftsmanship, style, and features it provides exceptional value. The Concept 2.0 can be respectfully compared to popular chairs from Herman Miller and HON. That being said, it's a bit more affordable.  Bargain shoppers will likely look for less expensive office chairs for their posture needs, while ergo enthusiasts who want the best will consider the Concept 2.0 a great option. In the long run, you get what you pay for! The Concept 2.0 is an awesome buy and a true investment in ergonomic functionality.


Eurotech Seating Concept 2.0 Chair Rating from

We give the Concept 2.0 chair a well deserved 4 out of 5 star rating. We gave half point deductions for a lack of quick shipping color options and headrest. Other than that, this popular modern office chair from Eurotech is the real deal. You'll be hard pressed to find a more well rounded and versatile chair for the money. We highly recommend the Concept 2.0 and give it the seal of approval.

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