Monday, June 6, 2016

The 5 Pieces of Office Furniture You REALLY Need...

Strapped with a limited office makeover budget? We've got you covered! Today on the blog we'll highlight the 5 pieces of furniture you need to get your space started off on the right foot. Don't feel overwhelmed and obligated to purchase more than you need for your interior. The items here will have your work space well equipped and looking great.

1.) The Chair

Office Chair

Office comfort starts with the chair. Your whole furniture configuration should be built around comfort, and for that reason, your makeover should start with a great chair. When selecting your office chair, be conscious of your personal areas of need. Meeting with a physician, industry professional, or ergonomic specialist will certainly help. We also recommend watching demo videos and reading reviews online. Don't be overly focused on selecting high priced chair with loads of bells and whistles. In the long run, the chair is only as good as it's owner. Purchase a chair that's easy to operate, well reviewed, and manufactured by a reputable brand. You can't go wrong selecting a chair from Eurotech Seating or Global Total Office.

2.) The Desk

Medina Office Desk

Once you've selected your chair,  you'll need to integrate a desk. Rest assured, you'll be met with a wide selection. This year, popular collections like Medina have been the preferred choice of industry professional and design teams. The Medina office furniture collection from Mayline offers affordable stand alone desks and typical configurations to meet the needs of any space. If funds are limited, go with a basic desk like the model MND63. At just $307.99, you'll be rewarded with unmatched style and value and this price point. The MND63 can be further enhanced with a bridge and credenza when finances permit. In the meantime, this  63" wide station will get the job done without sacrificing visual appeal and versatility!

3.) The File Cabinet

Lateral File Cabinet

To operate at peak performance levels, you need to stay well organized. That being said, a file cabinet is a must have. The average file cabinet is 36" wide. Both 2 and 4 drawer models are available. If you can swing it, go with a 4 drawer model. While you may not need all the space currently, it's always best to prepare for the future. To maintain a cohesive look, be sure to select a file cabinet finish to match your desk!

4.) Monitor Arm

Computer Screen Mount

Desk space is always at a premium. A monitor arm will help you maximize your work area while providing a wide range of valuable ergonomic benefits. The ability to raise your computer screen to eye level will reduce neck pain while relieving visual strain. Brands like Mayline and Global Total Office offer excellent monitor mounting solutions that won't break your budget.

5.) Sit To Stand Keyboard Tray

Sit To Stand Keyboard Tray

Last but not least, you'll need an articulating sit to stand keyboard tray to help you compute at correct angles. Improper computing can lead to severe pain and even Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Form good typing habits right out of the gate by selecting a well made keyboard tray from a brand like Symmetry Office or ESI Ergonomic Solutions. When investing in a keyboard tray, be sure to choose a sit to stand model. The cost difference is minimal compared to the benefits gained. Sit to stand keyboard trays promote continuous movement in the workplace, reduce fatigue, and improve blood flow. As extended sits are bad news, provide yourself with the ability to switch from sitting to standing operational positions throughout the day to remain productive.

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