Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Global Total Office Bungee Collection - So Much More Than Tables!

Global Total Office Bungee CollectionTechnically, the Global Total Office Bungee collection can be described as an office table line. However, they're so much more. This versatile line of workplace solutions makes it easy to create one of a kind layouts designed for an extensive range of office activities. Today on the blog we'll take an in-depth look at this best selling collection and it's user friendly benefits. Enjoy!

Connectable Office TablesThe average office table sits stationary and serves a single purpose. This is far from the case with Bungee! These unique tables from Global Total Office offer users the ability to quickly connect with a patented bungee cord system to form intricate training and conference layouts.

Bungee Table - Connecting CordsWhen not in use, flip top training table models from the Bungee collection an be easily folded down and nested along perimeter walls. Need more work surface space? No problem! Simply roll an additional Bungee table into place with it's mobilized base and link it up to maximize productivity. These "office tables" are ready to grow and expand as the needs of your business increase.

Bungee Training TablesBungee series tables from Global Total Office can be purchased individually. The Basic BX2442RES Bungee training table features a 1" thick top, mobilized base, flip top design, and spider legs. At $556.99, the BX2442RES is slightly more expensive than most of the other tables you'll find on the the market. However, you get so much more versatility! The ability to move from classroom to collaborative settings an back again is incredibly easy with Bungee. A wide range of additional table shapes and sizes are available to compliment basic models like the BX2442RES.

Bungee Conference Table Set from Global Total OfficeSimple, quick, and versatile! Global Total Office Bungee table sets are the real deal. Packages like the BXK132S include the tables needed to create limitless conference room table and training area layouts. With a Global Total Office Bungee Table layout you're only limited by your imagination. The BXK132S flip top set is available for $2042.99. Additional pre-configured sets are available to form 13' and 15' long conference tables when all tables are fully connected.

Circular Bungee Table Layout
Bungee is ready to bring your business together. With unmatched modular benefits and modern appeal, this cutting edge line promotes collaboration in the workplace. Bungee tables are an affordable investment for growing companies looking for versatile and efficient furniture solutions. If ordinary tables just won't cut it, turn to this best selling office furniture line from Global Total Office. You'll be glad you did!

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