Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ergonomics 101: Minimize The Learning Curve

Ways To Minimize The Ergonomic Learning Curve by
Integrating high quality ergonomic products into your workspace will help you achieve higher productivity levels and comfort during those strenuous days in the office. That being said, today's top ergonomic products come with a learning curve that must be mastered to reap their full potential. today on the we'll highlight the tips and strategies you'll need to minimize the ergonomic learning curve. Enjoy!

Meet With A Physician

Not all ergonomic products are a must have. In fact, overloading your space with an abundance of products you don't need can actually have a negative effect on your work day. For this reason, it's important to select key office accessories you'll be using regularly to solve specific problems while simultaneously preventing others from occurring.

To select the right ergonomic accessories for your space and minimize the learning curve, meet with your physican. Doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists understand the value of ergonomics in the workplace. After discussing areas of personal discomfort with a healthcare professional they'll be able to suggest essential office add-ons that will prevent you from going overboard with unnecessary items that lead to frustration.

Visit A Showroom

Visiting a local office furniture and seating showroom will help boost your product knowledge and ergonomic education. Professional showrooms offer a wide range of products that can be tested before purchase. While shopping online will definitely save you money, it's still a great idea to check out products in person. Don't assume you'll know how to effectively operate ergo items based on their descriptions. This typically leads to headaches that seldom end with improved workplace productivity. In the long run, hands on experience is priceless and will definitely help you minimize the ergonomic learning curve.

Watch Demo Videos

The manufacturer demo videos posted on YouTube are invaluable when looking for ways to minimize the ergonomic learning curve. Simply search for a product you're interested in and turn up the volume. You'll be quickly educated on the features, benefits, and operational functionality of key ergonomic items specifically designed to make your work day more versatile and effective. Using your ergonomic products correctly takes time. Once you've purchased high tech ergo items for your space, don't hesitate to refresh you knowledge by watching demo videos a second time.

Read Reviews

It's never fun to purchase a product, only to find that it can't efficiently solve the problem you wanted it too. To avoid this common office epidemic, read online reviews from a variety of sources. Most furniture and seating companies post customer reviews on products and even conduct reviews on today's top products themselves. The blog does at least one new office chair review each month! We're constantly showcasing new items and sharing our honest opinions on them to help shoppers minimize the ergonomic learning curve. In addition, you can check out ergonomic forums. Here you'll be rewarded with other comfort enthusiasts that are happy to post their opinions on products that have worked for them.

Ask The Pros

If you have questions about a product, or just want an honest opinion, don't hesitate to pick up the phone and start asking. Call a variety of dealers direct that sell the same product. Inquire about their personal experience with it. Some will have advice, others might steer you towards similar items they've found more beneficial. That being said, every piece of info you can obtain is valuable in your quest to minimize the ergonomic learning curve.

Use Advanced Products

The world of office ergonomics is always evolving. Using advanced products will make it easier to get comfort without the hassle. This year, "smart chairs" that automatically respond to user movements have been the latest craze. Why you ask? Because they reduce the need for constant adjusting and thus minimize the ergonomic learning curve. Today's high tech ergonomic products from brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions, Symmetry Office, and Global Total Office simplify comfort in the workplace. When paired with positive posture habits and a good ergonomic education you'll be unstoppable.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer Savings: Discount Desks from Top Brands

Summer Savings: Discount Desk Configurations at OfficeAnything.comYou don't have to break the bank to create an awesome office interior! Brands like Offices To Go, Mayline, and Cherryman Industries have you covered. These industry leaders specialize in the provision of high quality desk collections at discount prices. Today on 'Summer Savings' we'll take a look at the best value priced furniture layouts of the season. Happy shopping!

Summer Office Furniture Deals from OfficeAnything.comFirst up, this contemporary espresso desk layout from Offices To Go. This U shaped configuration boasts a 71" wide front desk that's complimented by a flush bridge, rear wall credenza, and overhead storage hutch. With it's full sized pedestals, this SL-B Offices To Go desk makes it easy for users to keep important documents at-hand. This affordable station is available this summer for just $1124.99.

Mayline Aberdeen AT10 Desk at
Second on our list of discount desk configurations to check out this summer is the ultra cool Aberdeen series AT10 layout from Mayline. If you're looking to create an upscale executive office interior with plenty of storage space, this exquisite configuration with gray steel laminate finish options is the way to go. The AT10 will keep your space up to date with the latest trends while maximizing operational space. This Mayline desk includes 9 main components that work in harmony to impress even the harshest critics.

Cherryman Verde Desks at OfficeAnything.comWhen it comes to office furniture, Cherryman Industries knows their stuff. This highly respected brand offers 5 full service collections with the desk layouts you've gotta see to believe. Our personal favorite, the Verde collection offers unmatched modern appeal. This summer, Verde desks like the VL-619N have been the preferred choice of shoppers looking to outfit small office interiors without sacrificing valuable appeal. With this non-handed desk you can attach the universal return on either side. The VL-619N is complimented by designer handle pulls and an elegant finish option that will have your visitors thinking you spent a fortune on your makeover project.

OFM Venice Desk at OfficeAnything.comOFM provides awesome ways to maximize the office makeover budget with collections like Venice. The contemporary desks from this best selling collection are available in designer finish options like walnut and cherry. The model 55145 Venice series desk offers a modular design that makes it easy to grow your layout as the needs of your business increase. This Venice series desk has been a long time favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals alike as it's $718.99 price point makes it an exceptional value.

Modern Computer Desk On Sale at
Last but certainly not least, no article on affordable desks would be complete without highlighting at least one computer workstation from the Flash Furniture team. Known for their affordable quality, Flash Furniture makes their mark with modernized computer operating stations like the NAN-WK-021A-GG. This black glass computer desk is an absolute bargain buy at just $169.99. The integrated box box file storage pedestal with silver handle pulls is perfect for keeping important stationary secure and perfectly compliments the industrial metal legs. This discount desk is just one of the many summer savings opportunities available from Flash.

Friday, July 22, 2016

2016's Hottest Waiting Room Makeover Trends

When tackling a waiting room makeover project, it's important to research the latest trends. That being said, brands like Global Total Office, OFM, and Mayline have been paving the way for innovative interiors with trend setting new products that've taken 2016 by storm. Today on the blog we'll look at the hottest new waiting room products and design ideas that are shaping the years coolest welcoming areas. Enjoy!

1.) Powered Furniture

The Hottest Waiting Room Makeover Trends of 2016 by

Powered furniture is the number 1 waiting room makeover trend of 2016. Providing your guests with the ability to work while they wait is just plain smart. Visitors will be able to charge devices and operate effectively without the need to hunt down wall power outlets. Popular powered waiting room furniture collections like Morph from OFM are a must consider in 2016.

2.) Modular Seating

Modular Waiting Room Seating at

Think outside the box with your waiting room makeover project! Modular seating makes it easy to create one of a kind layouts that maximize floor space. Brands like Global Total Office are capitalizing on this growing movement with ultra cool modular waiting room seating collections like River, Wind Linear, and Ballara.

3.) Tablet Chairs

Tablet Arm Lounge Chairs at

Another awesome way to improve the guest waiting experience! Tablet arm chairs provide the X-Factor needed to wow your visitors while they wait. Brands like Mayline are pushing this growing movement into superstardom with cool chairs like the Santa Cruz.

4.) Gray Leather

Gray Waiting Room Furniture at

Gray is the new black! Gray leather guest chairs and sofas have become the go to choice of interior design teams and industry professionals alike. While black will always be in style, gray is taking over as the top upholstery option of the year. All the top brand are now offering waiting room seating solutions in gray leather, mesh, and fabric upholstery options.

5.) Chairs with Storage

Waiting Room Chairs with Storage at

Don't leave a stack of magazines on your designer accent tables! The cluttered look is not in style. Instead, choose chairs with storage. Check out stylish options like the Global Total Office Sirena and OFM Contour to see what we mean.

6.) Reclaimed Accents

Stylish Waiting Room Accents at

Not all waiting room furniture needs to be purchased new! If you want to create a cool guest waiting area in 2016, consider visiting your local swap meet, farmers market, or salvage yard. Reclaimed accents are hot this year. Integrating a few vintage lighting fixtures into your space will make it stand out from the competition.

7.) Contemporary Tables

Contemporary Waiting Room Tables at

Accent your trend setting seating with stylish tables! Contemporary wedge style end tables, glass coffee tables and sofa tables are popular in 2016. Utilizing cool accent tables will earn your waiting room the compliments it deserves. Check out the Citi coffee table from Global Total Office if you want to buy new. You can also take your table search to the local antique store. You might just find a hidden gem that puts your layout over the top!

8.) Beam Chairs

Modern Beam Style Waiting Room Seating at

Beam chairs are always in style. Each year it seems like this trending movement gets bigger and bigger. Unique modular beam chairs like those from the OFM Net series can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Net series beam seating solutions are available in awesome color options designed to make your interiors pop!

9.) Bistro Tables

Bistro Tables for Waiting Room at

Turning your waiting room into a swanky bistro themed welcoming space is just plain cool! To incorporate this trend into your makeover project, check out the all new Endure power top tables from OFM, as well as industrial bar height bistro tables from Mayline.

10.) Flat Screens

High Tech Waiting Room Decor at

There's no substitute for technology! Ditch that old school paper weight of a TV hanging in the corner of your waiting room and make the switch to a wall mounted flat screen. To make a long story short, a wall mounted flat screen will make your waiting room look upscale. In the long run, who does enjoy watching a little TV while they wait for an appointment. This waiting room design idea is well worth the investment.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Executive Interiors: Top Of The Line Seating Solutions

We're known for sharing great deals, but readers beware! Today on Executive Interiors we're blowing the budget out of the water. Here we're showcasing 5 of 2016's most luxurious seating solutions. These top of the line office chairs provide unmatched appeal and comfort that's guaranteed to have you operating in elegance. Enjoy!

Concorde Presidential Chair by Global Total OfficeFirst up, the Concorde Presidential chair. This elegant office chair from Global Total Office has been the go to option for CEO's, executives, and yes... the POTUS! The Concorde offers high tech, push button arm controls that make achieving posture perfect operating positions a breeze. The Concorde's rich leather upholstery and polished base put it in a league of it's own.

RFM Preferred Seating Verte Chair at OfficeAnything.comIf you're looking to select an affordable office chair for your workspace, the Verte isn't for you. That being said, if you'r willing to break the bank for comfort, it's the beset option on the market. This highly advanced ergonomic executive chair from RFM Preferred Seating took nearly a decade to create. The Verte's patented back is equipped with 11 torsion spring joints that take an exact spine impression, which can be locked into place with the touch of a lever. Verte chairs provide support unlike any other. These "smart chairs" minimize the ergonomic learning curve and simplify the quest for perfect posture.

Eurotech Seating Nuvem Chair at OfficeAnything.comWe can't say enough good things about the Eurotech Seating team. This innovator takes pride in crafting top of the line chairs competing brands can only hope to imitate. Take one look at the Eurotech Nuvem chair and you'll see what we mean. While not the idea option for everyday tasking, the Nuvem is still an absolute winner in the workplace. This luxurious recliner with ottoman and laptop arm is perfect for the modern executive that needs to kick back and relax to relieve the stress accumulated during strenuous work weeks.

OFM ORO200 Chair at OfficeAnything.comBig and tall chair operator's deserve to sit in luxury too! That being said, finding a high quality big and tall office chair that doesn't lack in terms of style is easier said than done. Thankfully, OFM has you covered! They're ORO200 model chair boasts a tablet arm design for improved versatility, as well as supple leather surfaces that are tufted for plush comfort. The ORO200 big and tall chair from OFM supports users up to 400 pounds. At $538.99, it's the most affordable chair highlighted in today's post. It's also one of the most reliable!

Cherryman iDesk Curva Chairs at OfficeAnything.comContemporary, comfortable, and luxurious! The iDesk Curva chair from Cherryman Industries is the full package. The CUR105 model Curva chair boasts a leather headrest that pairs perfectly with the mesh seat and back surfaces. This luxurious office chair from Cherryman is perfect for executive applications, as well as high end boardroom environments. The CUR105 Curva chair comes standard with a brushed aluminum titanium frame finish that really pops in the office. If you're looking to earn your space the compliments it deserves, the Curva is ready, willing, and able to help. With a side mounted lock lever, offset recline pilot mechanism with central tension adjustment, and natural lumbar support, the Curva excels in every way.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How To Create A High Tech Boardroom

How To Create A High Tech Boardroom by OfficeAnything.comIf you're ready to start streamlining your meetings and group collaboration sessions, you're in the right place. Today on the we'll teach you how to create a high tech boardroom interior that's built for comfort, efficiency, and functionality. Enjoy!

1.) Obtain Accurate Dimensions

First things first, you've gotta know what fits! Start by taking the perimeter dimensions of your space. Be sure to take note of all entry ways, power outlets, and windows that will affect your layout. Once you've got your dimensions, double and triple check them. You can't take too much time on this step. Rest assured, there's nothing worse than ordering all new conference furniture only to find that it doesn't fit properly.

2.) Select The Right Table

How To Select A Powered Conference Table by OfficeAnything.comSelecting a new conference table for your business should be fun and exciting! To determine what size table will fit properly in your boardroom, examine your perimeter dimensions. To be be on the safe side, select a table that leaves at least 3' of perimeter space as a walk way. This will ensure your guests have plenty of room to slide in and out of their chairs.

Once you've settled on a table size, you're ready to shop! If you want to create a high tech space that's built for the needs of your growing business, you'll need a powered table. This year, cutting edge tables from Mayline and Global Total Office have been the preferred choice of industry professionals and design teams.

Mayline's Medina tables are perfect for budgeting shoppers looking to power up the boardroom without breaking the bank and sacrificing visual appeal.

The Global Total Office Zira conference table collection is the best in the business. These advanced boardroom solutions can be equipped with USB, HDMI, Audio, Phone, and other essential data input options to help kick productivity into over drive.

Purchasing a custom powered conference table can be tricky. If you need help, don't be afraid to ask. Any dealer worth their wait will be ready, willing, and able to assist you in designing a power table for your specific needs and budget.

3.) Find The Perfect Chairs

How To Select Conference Chairs by OfficeAnything.comRest assured, the days of using bulky conference room seating have come to an end! This year, sleek seating solutions with European design characteristics are the way to go. Why you ask? Because they help to maximize the number of chairs that will fit around your table. As square footage is always at a premium, using sleek conference chairs will help provide your guests with extra elbow room without sacrificing core ergonomic values directly related to comfort.

High tech conference rooms are built for intensive collaboration sessions. That being said, you'll need chairs that are ready to provide support all day long. We recommend seating from Global Total Office and Eurotech Seating. These reputable brands will help you outfit your space effectively with comfortable chairs guaranteed to wow your guests.

The Global Total Office Arti chair was designed to minimize the need for constant adjusting. These articulating "smart chairs" automatically respond to user movements to provide support where it's needed, when it's needed. As your boardroom guests won't have time memorize chair features and adjustments, provide them with chairs that take the guess work out of finding the perfect sit!

4.) Accessorize

Boardroom Accent Furniture at OfficeAnything.comWhen accessorizing your boardroom, take into consideration important factors like organization and versatility. When it comes time to tackle this essential step, don't be fooled into believing every item on the market is a must have! Be critical in determining wether an accessory is a need or a want.

You can't go wrong with a storage cabinet to match your table. A stylish wall cabinet will enhance your space while providing your boardroom with plenty of shelf space to house presentation materials and stationary.

Businesses with a little extra square footage are accenting perimeter boardroom walls with tablet arm chairs that come in handy during crowded meetings. Tablet chairs offer high end comfort, visual appeal, and versatility to match. Check out the VCCMT Santa Cruz from Mayline and you'll see what we mean.

Boardroom Accessories at OfficeAnything.comTo put your high tech boardroom over the top, further modernize your space with addition of a wall mounted TV. Flat screens in the boardroom come in handy during presentations. Today's "smart TV's" an be directly linked to tables to take boardroom performance to the next level.

In the long run, you'll need a good combination of accessories conduct a successful boardroom makeover project in 2016. Even once your space is complete, stay on the lookout for new and innovative products to help you further your quest for the perfect meeting interior!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Summer Savings: Hot New Coupon Codes from

If you're looking to brighten up your summer, we've got you covered! This month and next, the team is offering incredible savings on a wide variety of new furniture and seating. Today on the blog we'll be highlighting our active summer coupon codes to help you maximize your budget. In addition to the coupon codes listed here, please enjoy free shipping on your full order with no purchase minimums. Happy shopping!

Coupon Code: ERGODEAL

Active Coupon Codes for The Summer Season

Enter coupon code ERGODEAL at checkout today to receive 10% off select office chairs. This awesome deal applies to popular chair brands like Woodstock Marketing. If you're looking to give your conference room or executive office interior a cool new look, contemporary Woodstock Marketing chairs like the Hendrix and Joplin are a must consider.

Coupon Code: DESK25

Office Desk Coupon at

With coupon code DESK25 you'll be able to save an additional $25 on any home office desk priced at $499 or higher. This deal is the perfect way to save on a new computer workstation for your aspiring student. Our selection of modern computer desks from brands like OFM will help give visual appeal and office functionality a major boost.

Coupon Code: DESK50

Mayline Medina Furniture On Sale at

Our best coupon for moderately priced executive office desks and workstations! Enter coupon code DESK50 at checkout today to receive an additional $50 off any office desk priced $999 or more. This deal works great on the best selling desks from Mayline and their trend setting Medina collection. If you're tired of traditional tones like cherry and maple, Medina finishes like Gray Steel and Textured Sea Salt are sure to strike a chord this summer!

Coupon Code: ECF50

Ergonomic Monitor Mounts On Sale at

Ergo Contract Furniture specializes in the provision of high quality chairs and ergonomic computer accessories designed to help users reach peak performance levels. With coupon code ECF50, shoppers will earn an additional $50 off the purchase of any 2 or more items from this best selling brand.

Coupon Code: FACEBOOK Facebook Promo

Like us on Facebook today and receive 10% off select seating for your the home and business. In an attempt to boost our social following and customer loyalty, we hope you enjoy this limited time offer.

Coupon Code: INSTADEAL Instagram Promo

Enjoy instant savings by following on Instagram this summer. We're building followers daily by sharing cool office interiors and design ideas to inspire your makeover projects. The INSTADEAL coupon code will allow you to save an additional 10% of select ergonomic office chairs.

Coupon Code: FP3400 Deals and Specials 2016

Hey first time shoppers, we've got a deal for you! With coupon code FP3400 you can save an additional $25 on any purchase of $499 or more this summer at in addition to free shipping.

Coupon Code: ONSALENOW

Oroblanco Chair On Sale at

Our final coupon code of the summer season makes it easy for shoppers to save a quick 5% on cool chairs from the Cherryman Industries iDesk seating collection, as well as the products from other select brands we love. As an added bonus, you'll also receive free shipping on your full order with this popular deal.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Comfort Continues With Eurotech Seating

Comfortable Office Chairs from Eurotech Seating at OfficeAnything.comWhen it comes to workplace comfort, Eurotech Seating knows their stuff! This industry leading manufacturer takes pride in crafting top of the line chairs engineered to kick functionality and style into overdrive. Today on the blog, we'll take a look at 5 of Eurotech's top rated chairs and their unique benefits. Enjoy!

Eurotech Seating iOO Chair at OfficeAnything.comFirst up, one of the hottest chairs of 2016! The Eurotech Seating iOO high back mesh chair is an absolute winner in the workplace.  With it's adjustable ratchet back design, the iOO makes it easy to personalize lumbar support. The multi functional mechanism offers user friendly controls and a wide range of adjustments designed to create the support you need during those long days at the office. The iOO is available with an optional mesh headrest for just $32.00. It gives the chair an even more modern feel while simultaneously boosting neck and head support.

Eurotech Seating Ergohuman Chair at
A chair for the ages, the Ergohuman put Eurotech Seating on the map! These mesh, fabric, and leather seating solutions took the ergonomic world by storm with contemporary curves and high tech features. The Ergohuman is perfect for upscale executive interiors, high end meeting areas, and intensive tasking applications. Both high and mid back variations are available to meet your specific needs. If you want to sit superior with good posture in 2016, give this top of the line chair from Eurotech serious consideration.

Eurotech Seating Fuzion Chair at OfficeAnything.comComfort and luxury go hand in hand with the FUX9LX-HI Fuzion chair from Eurotech Seating. This high back mesh executive chair with polished chrome features is sure to earn your office interior the compliments it deserves. The Fuzion comes standard with tilt tension controls, a tilt lock feature, adjustable back, and multi functional seat. The adjustable chair arms make it easy to compute at the correct angles while the contemporary headrest skyrockets this upscale tasker into super stardom. To make a long story short, the Fuzion is a top choice of chair professionals and ergonomic enthusiasts for a reason!

Eurotech Seating Astra Computer ChairYou don't have to break the bank to get comfortable. Sure Eurotech offers a wide variety of high end chairs. That being said, they also specialize in the provision of affordable office chairs like the Astra. This mesh back computer chair is perfect for both home and business applications. With a multi functional mechanism and adjustable arms, the Astra is ready, willing, and able to improve your work day for just $203.50. Now that's value!

Eurotech Seating Frasso Chair at OfficeAnything.comLast but certainly not least, we present to you the Frasso chair from Eurotech Seating. This high back leather office chair is a popular choice for conference rooms and executive interiors due to it's sleek European design, universal comfort, simple adjustability, and appealing price point. Frasso chairs key in on the ribbed back look that's been trending big time in 2016. These elegant yet affordable chairs boast waterfall seat edges that take the pressure off your knees while working to improve flood flow while reducing fatigue. Frasso models are available with loop or adjustable T shaped arms to meet your operational needs. If you're looking for a high quality office chair that won't let you down, the Frasso is the way to go. It's stylish, comfortable, and incredibly well made. The thick padded surfaces and sleek back make it a hit in any workspace!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Introducing The ErgoRise Sit To Stand Workstation from ESI

ESI ErgoRise Sit To Stand Workstation Review by OfficeAnything.comKnown for their innovative ergonomic solutions, ESI is always thinking outside the box and pushing the limits. Year after year, this industry leading manufacturer raises the bar with hot new products specifically designed to kick workplace productivity into overdrive. Today on the blog, we'll take a look at the ErgoRise sit to stand collection that's taking 2016 by storm. Prepare to be impressed!

ESI ErgoRise Dual Screen Station at OfficeAnything.comEven at first glance, you'll be wowed by the distinctive modern look of an ESI ErgoRise workstation. These cutting edge ergonomic tools will no doubt get the conversation started. Take it from us, the ErgoRise has generated huge crowds at nearly every trade show of the year. If you're looking for ways to boost office versatility without sacrificing visual appeal, you can't go wrong with the ErgoRise.

Sure the ErgoRise looks cool, but more importantly, it works! As sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span, workers need to be able to avoid this common epidemic without allowing productivity levels to drop. Allow us to explain...

ESI ErgoRise Station at OfficeAnything.comThe ErgoRise station attaches via a simple to use clamp. It's ready to work with surfaces up to 30" deep!  You'll need at least 6" of clearance underneath your work surface for the desk clamp to work properly.

Once attached, you'll be able to raise and lower your operating surface with the pneumatic height system. The ErgoRise station supports up to 16 pounds and offers an impressive 17" adjustment range.

ESI Single Screen ErgoRise Sit To Stand StationThe ergonomic keyboard platform is 26.5" x 10.5" and includes a palm rest to make typing more comfortable. In a nut shell, you'll be able to use almost any standard keyboard without issues. That being said, be sure to double check your measurements before purchase.

With the Ergorise installed onto your work surface, monitors can be rotated for viewing in landscape or portrait orientations. Monitors are fixed at a 8 degree angle toward each other for optimal viewing. The dual and single screen ErgoRise sit to stand stations from ESI offer a 7.5" horizontal screen movement range and a 12" vertical range along the mounting system. The main arm can be adjusted 19.5" up and down on the heavy duty pole.

ESI Ergonomic Solutions Sit To Stand Workstations
Now that we've highlighted the specifics, let's talk about the benefits. To make a long story short, a sit to stand ErgoRise station like the CLIMB2-SLV will improve the rate at which you compute. You'll be reducing fatigue, improving blood flow, and encouraging continuous movement even during the most busy days at the office.

The CLIMB1-SLV single screen ESI Ergorise workstation is currently available for just $463.80 while the dual monitor model is only slightly more expensive at $553.80. New computer screens are not included.

ESI ErgoRise Sit To Stand Workstation Rating from OfficeAnything.comWe give the new ESI ErgoRise collection 4 out of 5 stars. They are easy to attach and offer a ton of helpful benefits. While most of today's electronic sit to stand stations are a bit more advanced, they're nearly triple the price. The ErgoRise is most comparable to the VariDesk with it's attachable mounting system. It's incredibly well built, simple to use, and makes a great addition to any home or professional workspace.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer Savings: The 10 Best Modern Office Chairs Under $300

Kick off your summer with an awesome deal! This month shoppers will enjoy best selling modern office chairs on sale under $300.00. These bargain buys from brands like Global Total Office, OFM, and Offices To Go make it easy to fight back pain while simultaneously kicking corporate appeal into high gear. Enjoy!

1.) Global Total Office 2736MB Graphic Chair - $294.99 + FREE Shipping!

Modern Office Chairs Under $300 from

2.) Global Total Office 1900 Roma Nesting Chair - $286.99 + FREE Shipping!

Affordable Modern Office Chairs from

3.) OFM 654 Vision Office Chair - $282.99 + FREE Shipping!

Modern Office Chairs at Discount Prices from

4.) OFM 650 AirFlo Office Chair - $162.99 + FREE Shipping!

OFM Office Chairs On Sale at

5.) OFM 580 High Back Executive Chair - $298.99 + FREE Shipping!

Modern Office Chair from

6.) Offices To Go 11648B Office Chair - $223.99 + FREE Shipping!

Offices To Go Chairs On Sale at

7.) Offices To Go 11960B Mesh Chair - $194.99 + FREE Shipping!

Offices To Go Chairs from

8.) Woodstock Marketing Mid Back Joplin Chair - $269.00 + FREE Shipping!

Woodstock Marketing Chairs at

9.) Eurotech Seating LE111TNM-BLKL Europa Chair - $226.00 + FREE Shipping!

Eurotech Chairs at