Friday, July 22, 2016

2016's Hottest Waiting Room Makeover Trends

When tackling a waiting room makeover project, it's important to research the latest trends. That being said, brands like Global Total Office, OFM, and Mayline have been paving the way for innovative interiors with trend setting new products that've taken 2016 by storm. Today on the blog we'll look at the hottest new waiting room products and design ideas that are shaping the years coolest welcoming areas. Enjoy!

1.) Powered Furniture

The Hottest Waiting Room Makeover Trends of 2016 by

Powered furniture is the number 1 waiting room makeover trend of 2016. Providing your guests with the ability to work while they wait is just plain smart. Visitors will be able to charge devices and operate effectively without the need to hunt down wall power outlets. Popular powered waiting room furniture collections like Morph from OFM are a must consider in 2016.

2.) Modular Seating

Modular Waiting Room Seating at

Think outside the box with your waiting room makeover project! Modular seating makes it easy to create one of a kind layouts that maximize floor space. Brands like Global Total Office are capitalizing on this growing movement with ultra cool modular waiting room seating collections like River, Wind Linear, and Ballara.

3.) Tablet Chairs

Tablet Arm Lounge Chairs at

Another awesome way to improve the guest waiting experience! Tablet arm chairs provide the X-Factor needed to wow your visitors while they wait. Brands like Mayline are pushing this growing movement into superstardom with cool chairs like the Santa Cruz.

4.) Gray Leather

Gray Waiting Room Furniture at

Gray is the new black! Gray leather guest chairs and sofas have become the go to choice of interior design teams and industry professionals alike. While black will always be in style, gray is taking over as the top upholstery option of the year. All the top brand are now offering waiting room seating solutions in gray leather, mesh, and fabric upholstery options.

5.) Chairs with Storage

Waiting Room Chairs with Storage at

Don't leave a stack of magazines on your designer accent tables! The cluttered look is not in style. Instead, choose chairs with storage. Check out stylish options like the Global Total Office Sirena and OFM Contour to see what we mean.

6.) Reclaimed Accents

Stylish Waiting Room Accents at

Not all waiting room furniture needs to be purchased new! If you want to create a cool guest waiting area in 2016, consider visiting your local swap meet, farmers market, or salvage yard. Reclaimed accents are hot this year. Integrating a few vintage lighting fixtures into your space will make it stand out from the competition.

7.) Contemporary Tables

Contemporary Waiting Room Tables at

Accent your trend setting seating with stylish tables! Contemporary wedge style end tables, glass coffee tables and sofa tables are popular in 2016. Utilizing cool accent tables will earn your waiting room the compliments it deserves. Check out the Citi coffee table from Global Total Office if you want to buy new. You can also take your table search to the local antique store. You might just find a hidden gem that puts your layout over the top!

8.) Beam Chairs

Modern Beam Style Waiting Room Seating at

Beam chairs are always in style. Each year it seems like this trending movement gets bigger and bigger. Unique modular beam chairs like those from the OFM Net series can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Net series beam seating solutions are available in awesome color options designed to make your interiors pop!

9.) Bistro Tables

Bistro Tables for Waiting Room at

Turning your waiting room into a swanky bistro themed welcoming space is just plain cool! To incorporate this trend into your makeover project, check out the all new Endure power top tables from OFM, as well as industrial bar height bistro tables from Mayline.

10.) Flat Screens

High Tech Waiting Room Decor at

There's no substitute for technology! Ditch that old school paper weight of a TV hanging in the corner of your waiting room and make the switch to a wall mounted flat screen. To make a long story short, a wall mounted flat screen will make your waiting room look upscale. In the long run, who does enjoy watching a little TV while they wait for an appointment. This waiting room design idea is well worth the investment.

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