Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How To Create A High Tech Boardroom

How To Create A High Tech Boardroom by OfficeAnything.comIf you're ready to start streamlining your meetings and group collaboration sessions, you're in the right place. Today on the OfficeAnything.com we'll teach you how to create a high tech boardroom interior that's built for comfort, efficiency, and functionality. Enjoy!

1.) Obtain Accurate Dimensions

First things first, you've gotta know what fits! Start by taking the perimeter dimensions of your space. Be sure to take note of all entry ways, power outlets, and windows that will affect your layout. Once you've got your dimensions, double and triple check them. You can't take too much time on this step. Rest assured, there's nothing worse than ordering all new conference furniture only to find that it doesn't fit properly.

2.) Select The Right Table

How To Select A Powered Conference Table by OfficeAnything.comSelecting a new conference table for your business should be fun and exciting! To determine what size table will fit properly in your boardroom, examine your perimeter dimensions. To be be on the safe side, select a table that leaves at least 3' of perimeter space as a walk way. This will ensure your guests have plenty of room to slide in and out of their chairs.

Once you've settled on a table size, you're ready to shop! If you want to create a high tech space that's built for the needs of your growing business, you'll need a powered table. This year, cutting edge tables from Mayline and Global Total Office have been the preferred choice of industry professionals and design teams.

Mayline's Medina tables are perfect for budgeting shoppers looking to power up the boardroom without breaking the bank and sacrificing visual appeal.

The Global Total Office Zira conference table collection is the best in the business. These advanced boardroom solutions can be equipped with USB, HDMI, Audio, Phone, and other essential data input options to help kick productivity into over drive.

Purchasing a custom powered conference table can be tricky. If you need help, don't be afraid to ask. Any dealer worth their wait will be ready, willing, and able to assist you in designing a power table for your specific needs and budget.

3.) Find The Perfect Chairs

How To Select Conference Chairs by OfficeAnything.comRest assured, the days of using bulky conference room seating have come to an end! This year, sleek seating solutions with European design characteristics are the way to go. Why you ask? Because they help to maximize the number of chairs that will fit around your table. As square footage is always at a premium, using sleek conference chairs will help provide your guests with extra elbow room without sacrificing core ergonomic values directly related to comfort.

High tech conference rooms are built for intensive collaboration sessions. That being said, you'll need chairs that are ready to provide support all day long. We recommend seating from Global Total Office and Eurotech Seating. These reputable brands will help you outfit your space effectively with comfortable chairs guaranteed to wow your guests.

The Global Total Office Arti chair was designed to minimize the need for constant adjusting. These articulating "smart chairs" automatically respond to user movements to provide support where it's needed, when it's needed. As your boardroom guests won't have time memorize chair features and adjustments, provide them with chairs that take the guess work out of finding the perfect sit!

4.) Accessorize

Boardroom Accent Furniture at OfficeAnything.comWhen accessorizing your boardroom, take into consideration important factors like organization and versatility. When it comes time to tackle this essential step, don't be fooled into believing every item on the market is a must have! Be critical in determining wether an accessory is a need or a want.

You can't go wrong with a storage cabinet to match your table. A stylish wall cabinet will enhance your space while providing your boardroom with plenty of shelf space to house presentation materials and stationary.

Businesses with a little extra square footage are accenting perimeter boardroom walls with tablet arm chairs that come in handy during crowded meetings. Tablet chairs offer high end comfort, visual appeal, and versatility to match. Check out the VCCMT Santa Cruz from Mayline and you'll see what we mean.

Boardroom Accessories at OfficeAnything.comTo put your high tech boardroom over the top, further modernize your space with addition of a wall mounted TV. Flat screens in the boardroom come in handy during presentations. Today's "smart TV's" an be directly linked to tables to take boardroom performance to the next level.

In the long run, you'll need a good combination of accessories conduct a successful boardroom makeover project in 2016. Even once your space is complete, stay on the lookout for new and innovative products to help you further your quest for the perfect meeting interior!

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