Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bargain Buys: The 7 Best Swivel Chairs Under $250

Get comfortable on a budget! Today on the OfficeAnything.com blog we're highlighting 2016's best swivel chairs under $300.00. These high quality seating solutions are packed with the ergonomic features and trend setting design characteristics needed to rock your interiors. Enjoy!

1.) Creedence by Woodstock Marketing

Clearance Office Chair

You'll need to get one before they're gone! Woodstock's Creeence office seating collection is now on clearance. These awesome ergonomic chairs will no doubt be the best buy on the market until they sell out. At just $250.00, you'll be rewarded with a super comfortable and highly adjustable mesh back chair that's ready for the demands of the modern work day.

2.) iDesk Ambarella by Cherryman Industries

Discount Office Chairs of 2016

The new iDesk seating collection from Cherryman has taken the ergo world by storm. These hot new chairs priced at just $202.50 provide exceptional value and support. The Ambarella chair features a built in guide for personal adjusting, as well as adjustable arms and an advanced multi functional mechanism.

3.) 11980B by Offices To Go

2016's Best Swivel Chairs Under $250 by OfficeAnything.com

We can't say enough good things about the Offices To Go team. This highly respected sister seating company of Global Total Office specializes in the provision of discount office chairs that don't lack in terms of quality and comfort. Their all new OTG11980B model high back office chair is available in exclusive seat color options for just $227.99.

4.) Europa by Eurotech Seating

Best Conference Chair Buys by OfficeAnything.com

Looking to create a cool conference room on a budget? Eurotech Seating has you covered! Their Europa series high back chair with black metallic frame is an absolute winner in the workplace. This office chair with European design characteristics will help you maximize conference room space, comfort, and appeal.

5.) B9401 by Boss

Boss B9401 Swivel Chair

You gotta love Boss Office! This long time seating provider makes it easy to create awesome office interiors on a budget and in style. Their B9401 follows the years hottest trends. With it's segmented cushion design, the B9401 chair is a perfect option for upscale conference and executive office areas. Enjoy this popular swivel chair of just $229.99 in a choice of black or white.

6.) Mercado 3200 by Mayline

Mercado 3200 Mesh Chair by Mayline

Talk about maximizing the budget! At just $199.99, the Mayline Mercado series 3200 model mesh back office chair provides an unrivaled comfort to value ratio. This breathable mesh back swivel chair is perfect for both home and business use. With user friendly features and the quality craftsmanship we've come to expect from Mayline, you can't go wrong with this awesome chair.

7.) Sonic 6569 by Global Total Office

Global Total Office Sonic Swivel Chair

Just under budget! The 6569 Sonic series swivel chair by Global Total Office is available in 2016 for $238.99 in a wide range of grade 3 upholstery options. This simple yet effective office chair is an excellent choice for school, home, and professional office applications. the 6569 Sonic chair saves space and comes equipped with the heavy duty attributes we've come to expect from the best seating manufacturer in the business.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Office Design 101: Make Comfort Top Priority!

Office Design 101: Make Comfort Top Priority by OfficeAnything.com
When it comes to office remodeling, comfort reigns supreme! Sure you want your workspace to be stylish, but not at the expensive of operational functionality and versatility. A comfortably designed, well rounded interior is within reach. All you have to do is follow the tips, tricks, and product suggestions from today's post. Enjoy!

Office comfort starts with the chair. The chair you select will play a key role in determining your productivity levels throughout the work day. That being said, not all office chairs are created equal. When shopping for a new chair you'll be met with an extensive selection, and models will all start to look the same. So how do you choose?

4 Essential Chair Selection Tips:

    Global Total Office Arti Chair at OfficeAnything.com
  1. Ask the pros for help. They'll be happy to provide you with popular office chair suggestions that will work for your specific decor and ergonomic needs.
  2. Read reviews online. Blogs like ours are a great place to start. You can also check out ergonomic forums and manufacturer websites. If you can't find a good review, try searching for the owners manual of the chairs your interested in. Checking out the assembly and operating instructions will give you a great idea on how easy a chair will be to use.
  3. Visit a showroom. There's no substitute for trying out chairs in person! You'll also be able to pick up helpful literature that will teach you how to select the right office chair for your needs and body type.
  4. Watch demo videos online. If you don't have a showroom nearby, try searching for chair demo videos on YouTube. These days, reputable office chair brands provide in-depth video demonstrations of their top models to help inform shoppers.

Once you've selected an office chair for your space, it's time to select furniture and storage components. We recommend opting for a preconfigured typical set from a brand like Mayline, Offices To Go, or Cherryman Industries. Avoiding the custom, piece together method will ensure you purchase a well rounded package to meet your space requirements.

Today's most popular office furniture collections like Medina from Mayline offer the trend setting finish options and modern appeal needed to kick corporate appeal into overdrive while providing you with the storage components needed to operate effectively. As comfort is top priority and space is always at a premium, consider selecting a furniture set with an overhead hutch unit to provide you with additional floor space, as well as storage!

3 Office Furniture Selection Tips:
Mayline Medina Series Sea Salt Desk Set at OfficeAnything.com

  1. Avoid overcrowding. Be sure to take careful measurements of your space. Don't purchase too many pieces and end up with an overly outfitted operating space that's hard to be productive in.
  2. Purchase from a full service collection. Mix matching furniture typically leads to remodeling remorse.
  3. Maximize storage space. Consider how much storage space you currently need, then double it. Always leave yourself room for growth to maintain a comfortable work environment. Products like overhead hutch units and other essential office storage solutions will help you save space while greatly improving organizing potential.

With your main office furniture and seating taken care of, it's time to accessorize. The ergonomic accessories you select should work in harmony together to help you achieve all day comfort. This year, brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions, Symmetry Office, and Global Total Office are offering awesome ergonomic products that should be highly considered by any shopper looking to make comfort top priority.

4 Must Have Ergonomic Products:

Dual Screen Monitor Mount at OfficeAnything.com
  1. Monitor Arm - The factory base that came with your computer does little to assist you during busy days in the office. Upgrade to a dual screen monitor mounting system from a brand like ESI Ergonomic Solutions. You'll improve the rate at which you compute, reduce visual strain, and increase usable desk space.
  2. Articulating Keyboard Tray - The odds are, you already have a retractable keyboard tray. That being said, highly adjustable articulating models are the way of the future. With an articulating keyboard tray you'll be able to compute at correct, healthy angles to reduce the risk of office epidemics like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  3. CPU Holder - Simple and effective! The addition of a CPU holder will help create additional knee space underneath your desk while making your computer power source more accessible when you need it.
  4. Sit To Stand Table - Electronic sit to stand desk and table configurations are becoming an industry standard. With a sit to stand station you'll be able to promote continuous movement, avoid extended sits that can actually shorten your life span, and reduce fatigue.

In the long run, style is very important. You'll definitely want to design an office that impresses your valued guests and earns the respect of your peers. Thankfully, you can have the best of both worlds. By utilizing essential office chair selection tips, choosing furniture from a well respected manufacturer, and placing a key emphasis on ergonomic accessories you'll be on your way to the ultimate work day.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Office All Stars: Superior Laminate Collection by Offices To Go

Offices To Go Superior Laminate Collection Review by OfficeAnything.com
Creating cool office interiors without breaking the bank can be a difficult task! Thankfully, brands like Offices To Go have you covered. With their Superior Laminate Casegoods collection, the OTG team is making it easy to kick corporate appeal into overdrive without spending a small fortune. Today on the OfficeAnything.com blog we'll showcase this all star line in all it's glory. Enjoy!

Offices To Go Boardroom Furniture at OfficeAnything.comThe Offices To Go boardroom furniture available in the Superior Laminate Collection provides unrivaled value. Racetrack conference tables in a variety of sizes, as well as professional accessories like folding presentation boards highlight this best selling line. Superior Laminate tables like the SL9544RS with 95" long top are available this year for just over three hundred bucks. Needless to say, you'll be hard pressed to find more for less.

Offices To Go Open Desking at OfficeAnything.comWith the Superior Laminate all star line, businesses can create open concept desking configurations that help promote collaboration and team interaction. Rest assured, the days of using high wall panel furniture layouts is coming to an end. In 2016, businesses are turning to collections like Superior Laminate to revive overcrowded interiors while skyrocketing functionality.The benefits of modular furniture in the workplace should not be taken lightly. A multi user desk configuration from this highly respected OTG collection will help you business maximize floor space and versatility without destroying the budget.

Offices To Go Executive Furniture at OfficeAnything.comCreating upscale private executive interiors is a breeze with OTG. The Superior Laminate Desk configurations take the guess work out of the design and remodeling process. Offices To Go provides more than 20 typical layouts for users to choose from in a choice of 4 quick shipping finish options. Many of the upscale Superior Laminate workstations available in 2016 can be enhanced with the addition of glass hutch doors to further improve appeal and earn your space the compliments it deserves.

Offices To Go Reception Desks at OfficeAnything.comWe can't say enough about the guest reception stations from the Superior Laminate product line. At just $619.99, units like the SL-O can be yours. To clarify, reception desks with this much operating space and storage typically cost more than twice as much. With it's 71" wide front operating surface and universal 42" return, the SL-O can be configured as a left or right handed unit. This popular reception desk even includes a 22" deep locking file pedestal with 2 stationary organizing drawers. Leave no doubt, the SL-O is the absolute best reception desk buy on the market.

Offices To Go Storage Products at OfficeAnything.comThey say no professional interior is complete without the right combination of storage products needed to stay well organized. Offices To Go takes this point to heart. The all star office furniture from their Superior Laminate Casegoods collection offers the versatile bookcases, file pedestals, lateral filing cabinets, and executive storage cabinets needed to do just that. If you're looking for ways to improve office organizing in 2016, select furniture from this popular OTG series. The space saving hutch units and mixed storage cabinets from the Superior Laminate collection provide a stylish alternative to the clunky metal file cabinets that've been dragging down aesthetic appeal for years while giving users the organizing space needed to operate efficiently during stressful days in the workplace.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

7 Ways To Rock Your Reception Area In 2016

Treat your valued office guests to the ultimate visiting experience! Today on the OfficeAnything.com blog we'll be highlighting 7 awesome ways to improve your office reception area without breaking the bank. From two tone seating to wall mounted flat screens, the tips and tricks in today's post are a must follow for any modern business. Enjoy!

1.) Two Tone Seating

Two Tone Waiting Room Furniture at OfficeAnything.com

Those black leather lounge chairs and brown fabric sofas are no longer in style. It's time to modernize your waiting room! This year, brands like Global Total Office are rocking interiors with two tone upholstery options that have office guests saying wow! The use of two tone upholsteries will show your design ingenuity and your commitment to excellence.

2.) Storage Tables

Accent Table with Storage Shelf at OfficeAnything.com

Don't leave magazines all over your lobby. Create a clean, sophisticated, and professional visiting experience for every guest by keeping reading material contained. Sure you can opt for the traditional wall mounted magazine rack, but why not go modern with storage tables! Retro, contemporary, and modern accent tables with lower level storage shelves are the latest craze. They look great and provide multiple benefits that contribute to both appeal and functionality.

3.) Tablet Chairs

Tablet Arm Reception Chairs at OfficeAnything.com

Tablet arm reception seating is the latest industry craze. If you take a look out in your lobby, you'll consistently see visitors using their mobile devices and tablets to pass the time while they wait. Tablet arm chairs make it easier and more comfortable for them to do so.

4.) Modular Seating

Modular Guest Furniture at OfficeAnything.com

Think outside the box with your reception seating configuration. Don't get sucked into a traditional lounge chair and sofa configuration thinking it's your only option. Brands like OFM, Lesro Industries, and Global Total Office are making it easier that ever to create awesome layouts that maximize floor space and corporate appeal. The benefits of a modular seating configuration should not be overlooked by any growing business!

5.) Powered Furniture

Powered Lounge and Reception Furniture at OfficeAnything.com

Much like tablet arm chairs, powered furniture will help you greatly improve the guest waiting experience. The ability to "work and wait" without sacrificing precious battery life is always appreciated by guests. Powered collections like River from Global Total Office and Serenity by OFM are the best options on the market in 2016.

6.) Modern Reception Desk

Gray Reception Desk with Glass Accents at OfficeAnything.com

Start making a professional impression on your guests from the minute they walk in the door with a modern reception desk. This year, curved from reception desks from the OFM Marque collection, Gray reception desks from Mayline and Zira series U shaped reception desk from Global Total Office have become incredibly popular. This is one trend that's sure to become an industry standard. Modern reception desks provide guests a stylish place to check in while simultaneously kicking corporate appeal into overdrive.

7.) Flat Screens

Reception Area with TV's

Last but most certainly not least, to truly rock your reception area in 2016 you'll need to kick those old school corner mounted TV's to the curb. Invest in a larger flat screen TV that can actually be enjoyed by your visitors. Today you can pick up a 40" flat screen for around $300 bucks at any big box retailer. Skip the TV stand and save space while improving viewing versatility with the addition of a heavy duty articulating screen mount from a brand like ESI. The addition of an HD flat screen will no doubt help you put your reception area over the top and further distance yourself from the competition!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Design 101: Don't Let Your Dream Project Become A Nightmare

Office Makeover and Remodeling Tips by OfficeAnything.com
We're here to tell you, your office remodeling project doesn't have to be a headache! Creating the workspace of your dreams should be a fun and rewarding experience, not a nightmare. From drawing up a plan of attack to installation preparation, we've got the advice needed to put your biggest makeover fears to rest. With the simple tips, tricks, and product suggestions provided today on the OfficeAnything.com blog, you'll be on your way to a smooth transition into your new work space.

1.) Create A Plan

Ask any industry professional how to conduct a successful office makeover and they'll tell you, it all starts with a good plan! You'll want to first determine a budget for your project. Do a little comparison shopping online to check out products you feel will work well in your space. Do a cost analysis to figure out what you're willing spend to update your interiors. Sticking to a budget will help you avoid over extending your business. It will make you focus, determined, and prepared to conduct a more professionally run remodel.

How To Plan Your Office Project by OfficeAnything.comOnce you've set your budget, create a timeline for your project. If you don't determine an estimated time of completion, your project is likely to run for weeks upon weeks. This opens the door for mistakes, problems, and office makeover headaches that can be avoided with good planning. If you purchase in stock furniture from a brand like Mayline, OFM, or Cherryman Industries, you should be able to complete a full makeover in less than 2 weeks time. Made to order and custom products from brands like Global Total Office take approximately 4 to 5 weeks to manufacturer. Adjust your project timeline accordingly.

Last but not least, if you're going to use a professional installation service, plan in advance. Get the ball rolling by researching various assembly services in your area. We recommend getting 3 quotes to ensure you obtain the best value. When researching installation companies, be sure to inquire about their availability. Let them know about your project timeline to ensure they'll be available when your new furniture arrives. In many cases, professional installers will be willing to receive your furniture for you. This makes for a seamless transition and greatly reduces the risk of makeover nightmares!

Do Your Office Makeover Homework2.) Do Your Homework

A little research goes a long way! Take the time to visit a showroom in your area. Meet with the pros in person to gather industry information, inquire about the latest office trends, and research awesome product lines that will improve corporate appeal and functionality. Avoid rushing through your remodeling project at all costs. Do your homework up front to ensure you have all the information required to conduct a successful, problem free makeover.

Get To Know Your Office Furniture Dealer3.) Get To Know Your Dealer

Forming a good relationship with your office furniture provider will help ensure your makeover runs smoothly. Before purchasing your furniture, contact your dealer. While inquiring about current specials, deals, and bulk discounting opportunities you'll get a great idea of the level of customer service they provide. After you've bought the furniture needed for your business, make a follow up call. Ask abut estimated ship times and when tracking information will be made available. By generating friendly conversation, your dealer will be ready, willing, and able to help you create an awesome space in time, under budget, and over exceeding your expectations.

Create An Office Makeover Team4.) Assemble A Team

It never huts to get a little help! Trying to handle your dream project alone will almost certainly lead to a nightmare. A few coworkers willing to assist with shipment tracking, design ideas, space prep, and installation are invaluable. Don't assemble too large a team. Gathering too many opinions and helping hands can actually backfire. In most cases a team of 4 reliable people is plenty!

5.) Prepare For Installation

Before your new furniture arrives, you'll need to prep your space. Start with a thorough cleaning. Vacuum the floors, hit the walls with a magic eraser, dust, and windex. Once complete, consider applying a fresh coat of paint to make your new furniture pop once installed.

Well Designed Office Interior by OfficeAnything.comOnce your space is prepped, create a staging area for your new products when they arrive. Avoid taking all items into your office at once. This leads to an overcrowded, frustrating assembly process. With a dedicated staging area like a hallway, you'll be able to bring in pieces as they're needed. Clean, simple, effective!

Now that you've completed assembly and installation, you'll need to do a major clean up. Prepare in advance! Be ready to break down lots of boxes and dispose of ample bubble wrap. After coming out of the boxes, your new furniture and office seating will need a good wipe down. Tackle this final step with pride. You've successfully created your dream office space without creating a major nightmare!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Furniture Life: The Best of August 2016

Office Furniture News for August by OfficeAnything.com
Here at the OfficeAnything.com blog, we love to highlight the latest industry news. That being said, we couldn't be more excited to tell you about what's happening this month! Brands like Offices To Go and Global Total Office are raising the bar with trend setting new products. At the same time, we're seeing new trends emerge that will help you kick corporate appeal into overdrive.

Offices To Go Task ChairAs a brand who takes pride in crafting discount chairs that don't lack in terms of style and quality, Offices To Go is cementing their place amongst the best seating manufacturers of the year with their new additions. Awesome new office chairs from OTG like the 11734B are perfect for conference room, boardroom, and executive office settings. Stylish new tasking models like the 11980B offer the ergonomic features needed for users to reach peak performance level sin the workplace. With more than 10 new models hitting the market, Offices To Go is owning August!

Global Total Office Princeton INstock Furniture at OfficeAnything.comGlobal's new INstock program makes it easy to create awesome office interiors in a hurry. If you're up against tight project makeover deadlines, check out Global's new quick shipping furniture and lighting fast office chair program. The INstock lineup includes desks from popular lines like Princeton and Genoa, while best selling Global Total Office chairs are available in attractive upholster options. You'll also love the quick shipping mahogany boardroom tables available in multiple surface sizes! This new program from Global is sure to be a favorite of interior designers and shoppers alike.

Red Leather Office ChairRibbed back chairs are continuing their dominance in August. Popular ribbed back seating solutions have been the preferred choice of contemporary conference room makeover projects. This month, the team at Woodstock Marketing announced the addition of an awesome new red leather ribbed back office chair from the Joplin collection that's sure to pop in your meeting area. If traditional tones like black just won't cut it, wow your meeting visitors with the Joplin!

Mayline Medina Desk with Pedestal ExtensionMayline is still riding the Medina wave in august. Just a few short days ago they introduced simple new 2 piece configurations that are perfect for small and medium sizes work environments. These new layouts consist of 63" and 72" desks enhanced with the addition of returns and pedestals extensions. Like all of the Mayline Medina series typicals and desk configurations for sale in 2016, the new layouts are available in 5 cutting edge finish options that have put this line in a league of it's own!

OFM Endure Series Powered Table 9004We can't say enough good things about OFM. This highly respected furniture manufacturer is always hard at work setting trends competing brands can only hope to imitate. We've showcased OFM's new Endure series powered tables before, but this month their really starting to earn the attention they deserve from furniture shoppers. Models like the 9004 OFM Endure Table come equipped with powered work surfaces and heavy duty swivel-out seats that are incredibly durable and easy to clean. Endure tables are simply too cool for words. You really have to try one to fully appreciate it's benefits and versatility! They work great in bistro, break room, restaurant, and cafe settings. If you're looking to step outside the realm of traditional furniture, got with the industrially infused tables from this hot OFM collection!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Deal Of The Week: Enjoy $50 Off The Purchase Of Any 2 Ergo Contract Furniture Chairs

This week we're offering an awesome deal applicable on seating from Ergo Contract Furniture. With coupon code ECF50 shoppers will enjoy $50 off the purchase of 2 or more Ergo Contract items. Let's take a look at some of our favorites. Rest assured, the seating from this industry leader is sure to help you kick corporate appeal into high gear while providing the ergonomic functionality needed to keep you sitting posture perfect. Enjoy!

1.) Circuit

Ergo Contract Furniture Chairs On Sale at OfficeAnything.com

The Ergo Contract Furniture Circuit is an absolute winner in the workplace. This modern mesh back task chair boasts a stylish gray back that pairs perfectly with the white frame. The Circuit chair comes standard with ergonomic features like an adjustable lumbar support, T shaped arms, and multi functional mechanism that work in harmony to make finding the perfect sitting position a breeze.

2.) ME!

Ergo Contract Furniture ME! Chair at OfficeAnything.com

Talk about cool! This mesh back training room chair from Ergo Contract Furniture offers a nesting design that makes it easy to maximize floor space and create cool seating configurations without all the heavy lifting. The ME! series MM50131HR chairs generous dimensions and well padded seat make for a comfortable operating experience you training room guests are sure to appreciate.

3.) Milan Stacker

Ergo Contract Furniture Milan Stack Chair at OfficeAnything.com

Your valued office visitors will love the Milan mesh back stack chair from Ergo Contract Furniture. The model MM2031HG chair is perfect for guest waiting room, lobby, reception, and even private office use. The Milan guest chair stacks to save space when not in use and make for easy to clean interiors. Sold in packs of 2, you'll need to purchase at least 4 total Milan chairs for the ECF50 coupon to apply.

4.) Venice

Venice Chair from Ergo Contract Furniture at OfficeAnything.com

Kick conference room appeal into overdrive with the Ergo Contract Furniture Venice chair. This black leather ribbed back conference chair with polished chrome features offers trending design characteristics that have made it one of the most popular seating solutions of 2016. The Venice looks great, saves space to maximize the number of guests that can be accommodated around your conference table, and provides a comfortable sit your visitors will certainly reward with high marks.

5.) Milan Drafter

Milan Drafting Chair by Ergo Contract Furniture at OfficeAnything.com

Creating a cool and functional drafting furniture configuration is easier said than done! Thankfully Ergo Contract Furniture is ready to help. One you select a new drafting table for your space, you'll need a great operating chair to match. That's where the MS4133M Milan chair comes in. This adjustable mesh back seating solution boasts a breathable design that keeps users cool while working, along with an adjustable footing to help create a customizable and well supported sitting experience.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What's New? Offices To Go OTG11734B Ribbed Back Chairs!

Offices To Go OTG11734B Chair Review by OfficeAnything.com
Offices to Go is raising the bar yet again with cool new seating. Popular additions like the OTG11734B are taking the chair world by storm. Today on the blog, we'll take a look at this awesome ribbed back chair and it's workplace benefits. Enjoy!

Ribbed back chairs reign supreme in 2016! This popular look has been adopted by many of today's top seating manufacturers. Ribbed back chairs offer the perfect blend of modern and contemporary characteristics without being too over the top. The ribbed back design will no doubt set the OTG11734B chair up for success in the second half of 2016.

Offices To Go OTG11734B Chair In BlackThis new office chair from Offices To Go is perfect for professional conference, meeting, and boardroom seating applications. The sleek, European style frame helps maximize space... Unlike the bulky, overstuffed conference chairs that were the go to option in years passed.

White Ribbed Back Conference Chair
The OTG11734B medium back office chair is also great in executive office settings. With cool Luxhide upholstery options like classic black, dark brown, and white, making interiors pop is easier than ever. These elegant new chairs are ready to earn your space the compliments it deserves.

Offices To Go Dark Brown Ribbed Back Office ChairUnlike many of today's ribbed back conference chair styles, the OTG11734B offers very well padded seating surfaces to help users achieve the comfort and support needed to make it through those long days at the office. In addition, these popular new chairs are outfitted with polished arms and bases to add to the trend setting appeal. If you're looking for a chair that blends style and comfort, the OTG11734B is the way to go!

Finding a great office chair that won't break the bank is easier said than done! Thankfully, Offices To Go have us covered. At the everyday low price of $195.99, the OTG11734B chair can be yours in the classic black Luxhide upholstery options. For just $219.99, you can add a personal touch by selecting an upgraded color options like white or dark brown for your interior. Rest assured, this is one of the best chair buy son 2016!

Offices To Go Chair RatingWe give the all new OTG11734B mid back chair from Offices To Go 4 out of 5 stars. It provides exception value and comes standard with the ergonomic features needed to keep users properly supported. While not a great option for all day tasking, that's not what this chair is intended for. When compared to similar ribbed back models, the OTG11734B provides more padded and a reliable sitting experience. If you're a fan of the trend setting ribbed back look, this new chair from OTG is sure to be an instant favorite!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Woodstock Marketing Creedence Office Chairs On Clearance Now!

Office Chair Clearance Event at OfficeAnything.com
It's a sad day in the office seating world. One of our favorite chairs is being discontinued to make room for new models. That being said, it's not all bad news. To send the Creedence collection out with a bang, Woodstock Marketing is offering special clearance pricing you don't want to miss. Today on the blog we're highlighting why you need to pick up one of these awesome chairs before they're gone. At just $169.00, you can't afford not to!

Woodstock Marketing Creedence Chair ClearanceWhen we had the opportunity to review this Woodstock Marketing chair and we were blown away. Even at first glance the modern curves stood out and impressed from every angle. With it's distinctively modern characteristics, Creedence chairs make it easy to create stylish interiors that are up to date with today's hottest trends.

Looking to make a statement in the workplace? You can't go wrong with the Creedence chair! Available in 4 cool color combinations, the Creedence mesh chair will strike a chord with any modern shopper. That being said, the Creedence is one office chair with more than good looks!

Woodstock Creedence Chair - Side ViewChair Features:

Advanced Synchro Weight Activated Mechanism
Multi Position Tilt Lock
Adjustable Arms
Pneumatic Height Adjustment
Waterfall Style Molded Seat
Breathable Mesh Back
Optional Headrest
Dual 60mm Casters
Rated for Users Up To 250 Pounds

Office Chairs On Sale at OfficeAnything.comThe high tech mechanism and waterfall seat are of particular note. The weight activated system reacts to the user to make finding the correct sitting position a breeze while the molded foam seat with waterfall edge takes pressure of the knees when working. When combined, these features make sitting correctly an absolute breeze. The Creedence minimizes the ergonomic learning curve and maximizes comfort!

Woodstock Marketing Creedence Chair - Back ViewThe Spree chair is most commonly compared to the Spree from Global Total Office. Both models feature contoured mesh backs, adjustable T shaped arms, and well padded seating surface. The difference? The base model Spree chair costs nearly three hundred dollars more! Finding an ergonomic mesh back chair as well rounded as the Creedence for under two hundred bucks is practically unheard of. Rest assured, they will go quick! And when they're gone, they're gone for good.

It's tough to see the Creedence chair go. It's been a staple of the Woodstock lineup for years. With top of the line ergonomic features and the visual appeal to match, the Creedence will not soon be forgotten by seating enthusiasts.