Tuesday, August 23, 2016

7 Ways To Rock Your Reception Area In 2016

Treat your valued office guests to the ultimate visiting experience! Today on the OfficeAnything.com blog we'll be highlighting 7 awesome ways to improve your office reception area without breaking the bank. From two tone seating to wall mounted flat screens, the tips and tricks in today's post are a must follow for any modern business. Enjoy!

1.) Two Tone Seating

Two Tone Waiting Room Furniture at OfficeAnything.com

Those black leather lounge chairs and brown fabric sofas are no longer in style. It's time to modernize your waiting room! This year, brands like Global Total Office are rocking interiors with two tone upholstery options that have office guests saying wow! The use of two tone upholsteries will show your design ingenuity and your commitment to excellence.

2.) Storage Tables

Accent Table with Storage Shelf at OfficeAnything.com

Don't leave magazines all over your lobby. Create a clean, sophisticated, and professional visiting experience for every guest by keeping reading material contained. Sure you can opt for the traditional wall mounted magazine rack, but why not go modern with storage tables! Retro, contemporary, and modern accent tables with lower level storage shelves are the latest craze. They look great and provide multiple benefits that contribute to both appeal and functionality.

3.) Tablet Chairs

Tablet Arm Reception Chairs at OfficeAnything.com

Tablet arm reception seating is the latest industry craze. If you take a look out in your lobby, you'll consistently see visitors using their mobile devices and tablets to pass the time while they wait. Tablet arm chairs make it easier and more comfortable for them to do so.

4.) Modular Seating

Modular Guest Furniture at OfficeAnything.com

Think outside the box with your reception seating configuration. Don't get sucked into a traditional lounge chair and sofa configuration thinking it's your only option. Brands like OFM, Lesro Industries, and Global Total Office are making it easier that ever to create awesome layouts that maximize floor space and corporate appeal. The benefits of a modular seating configuration should not be overlooked by any growing business!

5.) Powered Furniture

Powered Lounge and Reception Furniture at OfficeAnything.com

Much like tablet arm chairs, powered furniture will help you greatly improve the guest waiting experience. The ability to "work and wait" without sacrificing precious battery life is always appreciated by guests. Powered collections like River from Global Total Office and Serenity by OFM are the best options on the market in 2016.

6.) Modern Reception Desk

Gray Reception Desk with Glass Accents at OfficeAnything.com

Start making a professional impression on your guests from the minute they walk in the door with a modern reception desk. This year, curved from reception desks from the OFM Marque collection, Gray reception desks from Mayline and Zira series U shaped reception desk from Global Total Office have become incredibly popular. This is one trend that's sure to become an industry standard. Modern reception desks provide guests a stylish place to check in while simultaneously kicking corporate appeal into overdrive.

7.) Flat Screens

Reception Area with TV's

Last but most certainly not least, to truly rock your reception area in 2016 you'll need to kick those old school corner mounted TV's to the curb. Invest in a larger flat screen TV that can actually be enjoyed by your visitors. Today you can pick up a 40" flat screen for around $300 bucks at any big box retailer. Skip the TV stand and save space while improving viewing versatility with the addition of a heavy duty articulating screen mount from a brand like ESI. The addition of an HD flat screen will no doubt help you put your reception area over the top and further distance yourself from the competition!

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