Monday, August 22, 2016

Design 101: Don't Let Your Dream Project Become A Nightmare

Office Makeover and Remodeling Tips by
We're here to tell you, your office remodeling project doesn't have to be a headache! Creating the workspace of your dreams should be a fun and rewarding experience, not a nightmare. From drawing up a plan of attack to installation preparation, we've got the advice needed to put your biggest makeover fears to rest. With the simple tips, tricks, and product suggestions provided today on the blog, you'll be on your way to a smooth transition into your new work space.

1.) Create A Plan

Ask any industry professional how to conduct a successful office makeover and they'll tell you, it all starts with a good plan! You'll want to first determine a budget for your project. Do a little comparison shopping online to check out products you feel will work well in your space. Do a cost analysis to figure out what you're willing spend to update your interiors. Sticking to a budget will help you avoid over extending your business. It will make you focus, determined, and prepared to conduct a more professionally run remodel.

How To Plan Your Office Project by OfficeAnything.comOnce you've set your budget, create a timeline for your project. If you don't determine an estimated time of completion, your project is likely to run for weeks upon weeks. This opens the door for mistakes, problems, and office makeover headaches that can be avoided with good planning. If you purchase in stock furniture from a brand like Mayline, OFM, or Cherryman Industries, you should be able to complete a full makeover in less than 2 weeks time. Made to order and custom products from brands like Global Total Office take approximately 4 to 5 weeks to manufacturer. Adjust your project timeline accordingly.

Last but not least, if you're going to use a professional installation service, plan in advance. Get the ball rolling by researching various assembly services in your area. We recommend getting 3 quotes to ensure you obtain the best value. When researching installation companies, be sure to inquire about their availability. Let them know about your project timeline to ensure they'll be available when your new furniture arrives. In many cases, professional installers will be willing to receive your furniture for you. This makes for a seamless transition and greatly reduces the risk of makeover nightmares!

Do Your Office Makeover Homework2.) Do Your Homework

A little research goes a long way! Take the time to visit a showroom in your area. Meet with the pros in person to gather industry information, inquire about the latest office trends, and research awesome product lines that will improve corporate appeal and functionality. Avoid rushing through your remodeling project at all costs. Do your homework up front to ensure you have all the information required to conduct a successful, problem free makeover.

Get To Know Your Office Furniture Dealer3.) Get To Know Your Dealer

Forming a good relationship with your office furniture provider will help ensure your makeover runs smoothly. Before purchasing your furniture, contact your dealer. While inquiring about current specials, deals, and bulk discounting opportunities you'll get a great idea of the level of customer service they provide. After you've bought the furniture needed for your business, make a follow up call. Ask abut estimated ship times and when tracking information will be made available. By generating friendly conversation, your dealer will be ready, willing, and able to help you create an awesome space in time, under budget, and over exceeding your expectations.

Create An Office Makeover Team4.) Assemble A Team

It never huts to get a little help! Trying to handle your dream project alone will almost certainly lead to a nightmare. A few coworkers willing to assist with shipment tracking, design ideas, space prep, and installation are invaluable. Don't assemble too large a team. Gathering too many opinions and helping hands can actually backfire. In most cases a team of 4 reliable people is plenty!

5.) Prepare For Installation

Before your new furniture arrives, you'll need to prep your space. Start with a thorough cleaning. Vacuum the floors, hit the walls with a magic eraser, dust, and windex. Once complete, consider applying a fresh coat of paint to make your new furniture pop once installed.

Well Designed Office Interior by OfficeAnything.comOnce your space is prepped, create a staging area for your new products when they arrive. Avoid taking all items into your office at once. This leads to an overcrowded, frustrating assembly process. With a dedicated staging area like a hallway, you'll be able to bring in pieces as they're needed. Clean, simple, effective!

Now that you've completed assembly and installation, you'll need to do a major clean up. Prepare in advance! Be ready to break down lots of boxes and dispose of ample bubble wrap. After coming out of the boxes, your new furniture and office seating will need a good wipe down. Tackle this final step with pride. You've successfully created your dream office space without creating a major nightmare!

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