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Furniture Face Off: Medina Vs. Sterling

Mayline Medina Furniture Vs. Sterling Furniture by
Mayline specializes in the provision of high quality office furniture collections for home and business use. This year, their Medina and Sterling lines have taken the furniture world by storm. Interior design teams, industry professionals, and shoppers alike have fallen in love with the innovative finish options and stylish products available from these best selling collections. Today on 'Furniture Face Off' we'll compare Medina and Sterling casegoods to see which line reigns supreme in 2016. Enjoy!

Round 1: Desks

Mayline Medina Desk Review by
The Mayline Medina desk configurations available in 2016 offer distinctively bold characteristics that make them unlike anything on the market. With a blend of silver modesty panels, cool laminate surface finishes, and attractive handle pulls, Medina desks are ready to make a statement in any interior.
Mayline Sterling Desks at
Sterling series desk configurations pop with their opaque acrylic accents and attractive edge detailings. The desks from this popular furniture line are offered in 3 designer finishes that are a breath of fresh air when compared to traditional cherry and maple tones.

With more finish options and the perfect combination of modern and traditional stylings, Medina edges out round 1.

Round 2: Conference Tables

Medina Conference Tables at OfficeAnything.comYou can't go wrong with a conference table from the Mayline Medina collection! These hybrid boat shaped tables feature straight sides and curved ends that are complimented by silver modesty panels. If you're looking for a new conference table with power options that won't break your budget, give Medina tables serious consideration.

Sterling Conference Tables by MaylineSterling conference room tables are a bit more traditional. If today's modern furniture collections just aren't your thing, Sterling tables will allow you to create a classic vibe within your conference room without looking too old school. While not available with power, Mayline sterling conference tables are still very versatile and effective.

This year, it's all about technology in the conference room. With the ability to streamline meetings and kick productivity into high gear, round 2 also goes to Medina.

Round 3: Reception Stations

Mayline Medina Reception Desk at
The reception stations from the Mayline Medina collection will make a lasting impression on your office visitors. With glass accented transaction counters and silver trim, these modern welcome desks will earn your space the compliments it deserves. Medina stations are available in rectangular and L shaped variations to meet your specific needs and space requirements.

Mayline Sterling Reception Desk at OfficeAnything.comTalk about wow factor! The contemporary reception desks from the Mayline Sterling collection are the best in the biz. With curved glass transaction counters and unique work surface extensions, Sterling stations are unlike anything available in 2016. Take one look at a Sterling reception desk and you'll instantly know they're in a league of their own.

Round 3 was close, but the unique characteristics of Sterling series reception desks have won them the round!

Round 4: Storage Products

Mayline Sterling Cabinet at OfficeAnything.comMayline Storage ProductsNo interior is complete without the right combination of storage products. Like all Mayline furniture collections, Medina and Sterling are both outfitted with the components needed for users to operate well organized and efficiently. Wether you're furnishing small home office interiors or large boardrooms, Sterling and Medina are ready to help maximize storage, as well as square footage. With cool wall cabinets, pedestals, and hutch units, round 4 is a push!

Medina Presentation Board at OfficeAnything.comRound 5: Accessories

The Medina and Sterling office furniture collections from Mayline offer unique office accessories designed to improve operational functionality and appeal. Office add-ons like folding presentation boards come in handy in executive interiors, as well as professional meeting areas. This is yet another round that's too close to call.

Powered Tables From Mayline at OfficeAnything.comWinner: Medina

In a close battle, Medina has edged out it's sister line. With trend setting finishes, unique desk configurations, and cutting edge storage products, you really can't go wrong with either of these innovative lines. That being said, optional power modules made the biggest difference. The ability to create high tech meeting environments designed for the demands of modern business pushed the Medina collection over the top. Give this popular furniture collection a look if you want to create an awesome workspace that's ahead of it's time!

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