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How To Create A Stylish Executive Workspace From Scratch

How To Create A Stylish Executive Workspace From Scratch by
We take pride in helping our readers craft high quality interiors they can be proud of. That being said, any office makeover project can be tricky without the right tips, strategies, and product suggestions. Today on the blog, we'll provide you with the tools needed to create a stylish executive workspace from scratch. Enjoy!

Prepare Your Canvas

First things first, you need to prepare your office space for the addition of new furniture. Start by removing old office furniture and listing it for resale on a classified site like Craigslist. Patch thumb tack holes and unsightly scuffs that hinder appeal. Lay on a fresh coat of paint to make your space feel fresh and lively!

Properly Measure

Once your paint is dry, properly measure your space. Be sure to notate the location of all power outlets, windows, and entry ways that will affect the way your furniture fits. This step is absolutely essential. Don't hesitate to double and triple check your measurements. There's absolutely nothing worse that purchasing all new furniture, only to find that it doesn't fit properly upon arrival. Ouch!

Set The Budget

Don't rush into purchasing furniture for your executive office makeover project without first setting a budget you can live with. Projects with unregulated budgets typically end with overcrowded interiors and remodeling remorse. Do a little price comparing online to determine the items you'll need to properly outfit your space. Here's a few things you'll need to budget for...

  • Main Desk Configuration
  • Office Chair
  • Perimeter Storage
  • Interior Accents
  • Shipping (You should be able to find free shipping, but budget for it just to be safe!)
  • Installation (if needed)

Get Inspired

A little inspiration goes a long way towards creating a cool executive office interior you can be proud of. Start by visiting a furniture showroom in your area. You'll be rewarded with lots of great ideas from industry professionals and a wealth of product knowledge that can be applied to your project.

Research The Trends

Keep your space up to date and looking great by researching the latest trends. While you won't want to imitate every trend you come across, it's always a good idea to know what's hot and happening in the furniture world before starting your project. Here's a few trends that are dominating the market in 2016...

  • Ribbed Back Office Chairs
  • Ergonomic Sit To Stand Stations
  • Gray Wood Furniture Finishes
  • Industrial Accents
  • White Leather Seating

Maximize Appeal

To maximize visual appeal, select new office furniture from a full service furniture collection. Unless you've got an abundance of design and space planning experience, avoid mix-matching products from a variety of brands. This will improve your chances of creating an awesome workspace while cutting down on the number of furniture deliveries you have to receive. To help you select furniture from a cool collection that's up to date with today's standards, we've provided our top 5 favorites below...

  • Medina by Mayline
  • Zira by Global Total Office
  • Superior Laminate by Offices To Go
  • Verde by Cherryman Industries
  • Venice by OFM

Emphasize Ergonomics

Office comfort starts with the chair! When outfitting your space, be sure to select an ergonomic executive chair that's ready, willing, and able to meet your personal needs. If you need help selecting a chair, read online reviews and watch demo videos online. If you're still unsure of which chair to choose, contact the pros! Any respectable seating provider will be happy to help you with chair suggestions that won't let you down.

In addition to a high quality ergonomic chair, you'll need a few key ergonomic accessories to help promote productivity and performance in your newly remodeled executive office. Here's a 3 of our favorites and their benefits...

Monitor Arm: 

Saves desk space, reduces visual fatigue, and provides a ton of adjustment capabilities. Dual screen models will greatly improve the rate at which you compute.

Keyboard Tray: 

Improves typing comfort, increases usable desk surface space, and reduces health risks like carpal tunnel syndrome.

CPU Holder:

Helps protect your digital files from theft and water damage while simultaneously creating more usable knee space underneath your desk.

Shop For Value

When shopping for new furniture, maximize time and budget by utilizing comparison shopping engines. We prefer Google Shopping. Here you'll be able to sort products by brand, price, and much more. You'll also be able to narrow down vendors that offer free shipping.

Maximize value by contacting your dealer of choice direct. Don't waste time hunting down coupon codes on various sites. During your phone consultation with your dealer, inquire about any current specials and bulk discount opportunities. As you're creating a new executive office interior from scratch, your order should qualify for extra discounting that will help you extend your budget. There's lot's of great ways to save on new office furniture for those who take the time to ask!

Installation 101

  1. Contact your dealer after placing an order to inquire about estimated ship times and tracking information.
  2. Have your space prepped and ready before your new furniture arrives
  3. Avoid an overcrowded installation by creating a staging area to place boxes when they arrive. Don't take them all into your office at once!
  4. Have basic tools on hand. A hand drill, screwdrivers, and pair of pliers can effectively tackle most furniture installs.
  5. Enlist 2 helpers to aid you during the assembly process. Furniture is heavy and safety comes first!
  6. Once assembly is complete, your furniture will have dust on it from the packaging materials. Wipe it down and clean it with an ammonia free product to avoid damaging the finish.
  7. Keep a file of all assembly instructions in one of your cabinets. Don't dispose of them. They'll come in handy if you move.
  8. There will be lot's of packaging materials to dispose of after assembly. Prepare accordingly!
  9. If the installation process seems like too much for you to handle, contact the pros for a quotation.

In the long run, your executive office makeover project should be fun and rewarding. If you follow the simple tips and guidelines highlighted in today's post, you'll be on your way to an awesome new workspace. If you have executive office makeover questions don't be afraid to ask for help. Strive for a well rounded interior that promotes comfort, visual appeal, and professionalism that wows your visitors while simultaneously helping you make it through those long work days in style!

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