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Office Design 101: Make Comfort Top Priority!

Office Design 101: Make Comfort Top Priority by
When it comes to office remodeling, comfort reigns supreme! Sure you want your workspace to be stylish, but not at the expensive of operational functionality and versatility. A comfortably designed, well rounded interior is within reach. All you have to do is follow the tips, tricks, and product suggestions from today's post. Enjoy!

Office comfort starts with the chair. The chair you select will play a key role in determining your productivity levels throughout the work day. That being said, not all office chairs are created equal. When shopping for a new chair you'll be met with an extensive selection, and models will all start to look the same. So how do you choose?

4 Essential Chair Selection Tips:

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  1. Ask the pros for help. They'll be happy to provide you with popular office chair suggestions that will work for your specific decor and ergonomic needs.
  2. Read reviews online. Blogs like ours are a great place to start. You can also check out ergonomic forums and manufacturer websites. If you can't find a good review, try searching for the owners manual of the chairs your interested in. Checking out the assembly and operating instructions will give you a great idea on how easy a chair will be to use.
  3. Visit a showroom. There's no substitute for trying out chairs in person! You'll also be able to pick up helpful literature that will teach you how to select the right office chair for your needs and body type.
  4. Watch demo videos online. If you don't have a showroom nearby, try searching for chair demo videos on YouTube. These days, reputable office chair brands provide in-depth video demonstrations of their top models to help inform shoppers.

Once you've selected an office chair for your space, it's time to select furniture and storage components. We recommend opting for a preconfigured typical set from a brand like Mayline, Offices To Go, or Cherryman Industries. Avoiding the custom, piece together method will ensure you purchase a well rounded package to meet your space requirements.

Today's most popular office furniture collections like Medina from Mayline offer the trend setting finish options and modern appeal needed to kick corporate appeal into overdrive while providing you with the storage components needed to operate effectively. As comfort is top priority and space is always at a premium, consider selecting a furniture set with an overhead hutch unit to provide you with additional floor space, as well as storage!

3 Office Furniture Selection Tips:
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  1. Avoid overcrowding. Be sure to take careful measurements of your space. Don't purchase too many pieces and end up with an overly outfitted operating space that's hard to be productive in.
  2. Purchase from a full service collection. Mix matching furniture typically leads to remodeling remorse.
  3. Maximize storage space. Consider how much storage space you currently need, then double it. Always leave yourself room for growth to maintain a comfortable work environment. Products like overhead hutch units and other essential office storage solutions will help you save space while greatly improving organizing potential.

With your main office furniture and seating taken care of, it's time to accessorize. The ergonomic accessories you select should work in harmony together to help you achieve all day comfort. This year, brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions, Symmetry Office, and Global Total Office are offering awesome ergonomic products that should be highly considered by any shopper looking to make comfort top priority.

4 Must Have Ergonomic Products:

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  1. Monitor Arm - The factory base that came with your computer does little to assist you during busy days in the office. Upgrade to a dual screen monitor mounting system from a brand like ESI Ergonomic Solutions. You'll improve the rate at which you compute, reduce visual strain, and increase usable desk space.
  2. Articulating Keyboard Tray - The odds are, you already have a retractable keyboard tray. That being said, highly adjustable articulating models are the way of the future. With an articulating keyboard tray you'll be able to compute at correct, healthy angles to reduce the risk of office epidemics like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  3. CPU Holder - Simple and effective! The addition of a CPU holder will help create additional knee space underneath your desk while making your computer power source more accessible when you need it.
  4. Sit To Stand Table - Electronic sit to stand desk and table configurations are becoming an industry standard. With a sit to stand station you'll be able to promote continuous movement, avoid extended sits that can actually shorten your life span, and reduce fatigue.

In the long run, style is very important. You'll definitely want to design an office that impresses your valued guests and earns the respect of your peers. Thankfully, you can have the best of both worlds. By utilizing essential office chair selection tips, choosing furniture from a well respected manufacturer, and placing a key emphasis on ergonomic accessories you'll be on your way to the ultimate work day.

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