Monday, September 19, 2016

How To Set Up A Professional Training Room

How To Set Up A Training Room by
To create a functional and well rounded training room, you'll need to follow the tips in today's post. Here we'll be discussing the strategies and advice professional design teams use to maximize productivity in corporate training environments. Prepare to rock your makeover from start to finish with the help of the Office Anything team!

Measure First

First things first, you'll need to properly measure you space. When obtaining your perimeter dimensions, be sure to take note of all entry ways, windows, and load bearing members that will affect the way your furniture fits. Never rely on old blue prints! Take your own dimensions and double check them with your team for accuracy. Rest assured, there's nothing worse than purchasing all new furniture for the training room and finding out it doesn't fit properly.

Corporate Training Area Design TipsAccurate dimensions will help you determine how many tables you can fit within your training room. On average, you'll want to leave at least 3' of aisle space down the center of your room for a walk way. Small training room tables with 36" and 48" wide tops are typically ideal for individual users. Larger tables with tops up to 6' long can be used to accommodate up to two users per table.

Use Modular Tables

Choosing fixed leg training tables for your project will leave your business a bit limited in terms of configuration possibilities. For this reason, we highly suggest mobile training room table solutions that make it easy to think outside the box. You'll no doubt want to create a professional corporate training area that's ready to adapt at a moments notice. With mobilized tables you'll be able to do just that and more.

Office Training Room Layout Ideas by OfficeAnything.comShopping Tip:

Take versatility to the next level by selecting flip top training room tables with wheels from a brand like Mayline or Global Total Office. You'll be able to configure tables in unique layouts and nest them along perimeter walls when not in use!

Select The Right Chairs

You'll surely want to select and utilize comfortable chairs with the same versatile characteristics as your tables. Skip the bulky tasking style chairs typically used for computing during the work day. Instead, set up your training room effectively by using nesting chairs that can be quickly stacked and moved when needed. All too often business rely on traditional office chairs for their training room, only to find that they don't fit! Avoid common office makeover mistakes like this by selecting chairs intended for training purposes.

Global Roma Training Room Chairs
Popular Training Room Chairs:

  • TSH1 Valore by Mayline
  • 1899 Roma by Global Total Office
  • 406B Oroblanco by Cherryman Industries
  • NT1000 Flip by Eurotech

Training Room Organizing IdeasGet Organized

A well organized space is far more likely to operate at high productivity levels! Don't settle for a sub par interior by forgetting to add the components needed to house presentation materials and stationary. In most cases, a single low wall storage cabinet will be enough for your training room. Brands like Mayline offer attractive wall cabinets from collections like Brighton and Aberdeen to match training table surface finishes so business don't have to sacrifice visual appeal for performance.

Design Tip:

If your limited on square footage, consider overhead hutch units that can be mounted to a wall in your training room to save floor space.

Training Room Accessories at OfficeAnything.comIntegrate Accessories

The right combination of training room accessories will have your space set up for success! With a few key products you'll be able to quickly and effectively streamline training sessions while simultaneously helping guests retain important information.

Popular Training Room Accessories:

  1. Lectern - A podium or lectern will help presenters feel more comfortable in your space. They're affordable, beneficial, and also help improve corporate appeal.
  2. White Board Cabinet - This invaluable tool is a must have for any professional training room. A folding presentation board can be mounted on any free wall and utilized to take notes and jot down important ideas.
  3. Flat Screen - TV's are becoming important training room tools. The days of using old school projectors are coming to an end. Wall mounted smart TV's make it easy to showcase important power point presentations and demo videos your visual learners will no doubt appreciate. If you don't have the wall space, consider a mobile TV cart. That can be placed out of the way when not in use.

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