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The Complete Guide To Boardroom Tables

The Complete Guide To Boardroom Tables by
Today on the blog we'll provide you with the tips, tricks, and product suggestions needed to select the best boardroom table for your corporate meeting area. Our complete guide to boardroom tables covers important factors like table size, shape, brand, and much more to help you make an educated furniture investment of your business. Enjoy!

1.) Size

Don't rush out and purchase a new boardroom table without first taking into consideration the dimensions of your space. Bust out the tape measurer to determine what size table will be best for your business needs. Most commonly, boardroom tables are available in 6', 8', 10', and 12' lengths.

2.) Shape

Boardroom surface shape is typically based on preference. That being said, their are some advantages of certain shapes that should be considered.


Oval top models, also known as racetrack tables should be used when square footage is limited. With an oval top table you'll be able to accommodate more guests around the sides and ends without overcrowding.


Boardroom tables with boat shaped tops offer a luxurious look and executive appeal. With curved sides and flat ends, boat shaped tables are perfect for presenters. Meeting hosts will typically be sat at either table end in the power position.


The classic rectangular boardroom table is perfect for traditional interiors. In most cases, rectangular boardroom tables feature wood veneer construction for enhanced elegance. Rectangular top tables are typically used in larger boardroom settings.


Dealing with a narrow meeting area? A boardroom table with an elliptical top is the way to go. These thinner variations help maximize space, width in particular.

3.) Brand

Not all conference and meeting table models are created equal! Those from brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and Cherryman Industries reign supreme. When selecting your boardroom table, be sure to read reviews online to ensure quality.

Top 5 Boardroom Table Manufacturers:

  1. Global Total Office
  2. Mayline
  3. Cherryman Industries
  4. OFM
  5. Offices To Go

4.) Finish

Going for a modern look? This year gray wood grain tones and white laminate finish options are the way to go. If you're wanting to keep it traditional, you can't go wrong with classic boardroom furniture finishes like cherry, maple, and mahogany. Trending tones with coffee inspired names like espresso and mocha show minimal wear and are excellent options for regularly used meeting areas.

5.) Power

Any interior designer, reputable furniture manufacturer, and industry professional will tell you, it's all about power in 2016. If you're looking for ways to improve your boardroom and streamline important meetings, you'll need to consider integrating surface level power modules into your table. That being said, not all tables are available with power.

Best Powered Boardroom Tables:

  • Zira from Global Total Office
  • TransAction from Mayline
  • Verde from Cherryman Industries
  • Mystic from Lesro Industries

6.) Spacing

Wondering how many guests you can fit around your table? No worries! We've got you covered. On average, you'll want to provide each person you're hoping to accommodate with about 3' of table space. This means, a 12' long table can seat 4 guests per side comfortably using most of today's popular boardroom seating solutions. Using bulky, heavily padded, executive style chairs is no longer recommended. These days, sleek chairs are the way to go as they help maximize seating.

In addition, you'll want to provide approximately 3 to 5 feet of perimeter space around your table to act as a walkway for guests. Rest assured, overcrowded boardrooms are uncomfortable. Thus, the information provided during important gatherings is less likely to be retained by attendees. At all costs, avoid selecting a table that's too big for your boardroom!

7.) Pricing

Conference and boardroom table pricing varies by brand, collection, material, and size. Smaller laminate tables without power can be purchased for around $350.00. Larger models with basic modules will typically run your business around $1500.00. The average 8' long conference table with a single power module can be purchased for under a thousand bucks.

Best Conference Table Buys:

  • Mayline MNC8 Medina 8' Table - $505.99 (add power for $235.00)
  • Global Total Office Z48120REE Zira 10'  Table - $1808.9 (power module cost varies based on input options)
  • Offices To Go SL9544RS 95" Table - $321.99 (not available with power)
  • OFM GT3977 Glass Table - $876.99
  • Cherryman Industries VL-741 12' Verde Table - $1688.00 (power modules available)
8.) Assembly

Boardroom table assembly is pretty straight forward. That being said you'll definitely want to have a couple of helpers on hand to assist with the heavy lifting. You'll want to start by opening the cartoning with the table surface. Avoid removing it completely if possible. Next, attach the legs to the surface. Once attached, you should be able to lift your table and flip it over into position. If your table has power modules, you'll likely need to your IT guru to hook up any advanced input option. Basic modules should plug right into the surface. The there prong cord should be routed down or through a table base to the closes floor or wall outlet. On average, boardroom assembly should take about 30 to 45 minutes with 2 helpers.

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