Friday, October 14, 2016

Are You Confident In Your Office Chair?

How To Build Office Chair Confidence by
All too often workers find themselves a bit scared, busy, or simply unwilling to adjust their chair throughout the work day. This "set it and forget it" approach is ineffective and unhealthy. It's time to get comfortable! To do it, we need to be confident in our chair and it's abilities. Today on the blog, we'll teach you how.

1.) Read The Manual

First thing first, you need to read the manual that came with your chair. If you're sitting in a second hand office chair that you didn't select, the manual can likely be downloaded on the manufacturer's website. Once you've thoroughly reviewed the manual, you'll have a better understanding of how your chair operates and how to use it effectively to meet your personal needs. Keep the manual on your desk during the first week or two you have your chair if possible. This way, you'll have it handy when needed and operating questions present themselves. Remember to store your manual somewhere safe just incase you need it down the road. The operator manual that comes with your chair should be relied on like a trusted friend. Your understanding of the manual will translate into improved office comfort and chair confidence!

2.) Memorize The Features

Once you've read the manual, it's time to start committing your chair features to memory. The mechanism underneath your seat is essentially the brain of your office chair. On it you'll find a variety of levers that control your chair functions. Each lever serves an individual purpose that will come in handy throughout those strenuous days in the workplace. Test yourself about once per week to ensure you don't forget what each lever does. Your understanding of each chair adjustment feature and it's benefits will help you built confidence and achieve a high performance sit you can depend on.

3.) Practice Good Posture Habits

If you're truly confident in your office chair, you'll rely on it to help you achieve healthy posture in the workplace. That being said, good sitting habits go a long way. Do you ever find yourself leaning away from your office chair to type? Each time you do this you're missing out on the essential support needed to operate efficiently. It also shows a lack of trust in that high tech ergonomic swivel chair you invested all the money into! Be sure to keep your back touching the chair at all times when sitting. In addition, don't allow yourself to perch your feet onto the base of your chair. Keep them flat and facing forward at all times. If you have trouble remembering helpful posture tips to incorporate into your work day, make a list and place them within eye sight of your computer screen to keep them fresh in your mind at all times.

4.) Perform Basic Maintenance

Office chair confidence comes from more than just good posture and operating tips. You need to be able to perform basic maintenance on your chair to ensure it's operating as intended. About once per week, check your chair casters. They'll commonly be jammed with paper clips, wrappers, and other debris that keeps them from rolling smoothly. Each month, check the screws that hold your chair together and ensure they're tight. If your chair feels wobbly, it's likely in need of a quick tightening. We recommend having an office chair maintenance kit handy that has a can of WD40 to properly oil your mechanism and prevent squeaks, as well as the correct sized socket for your chair bolts and a screwdriver. Don't settle for a squeaky wobbly office chair due to a lack of confidence. Generate a healthy and comfortable operating experience by keeping your chair well maintained.

5.) Adjust Regularly

Over time, you'll find yourself adjusting regularly to meet the needs of specific operating tasks throughout the work day. When this happens, your chair confidence will be more evident then ever. Each time you lean forward, you'll automatically be reaching for the lever that keeps your chair moving with you. Simple functions like this will become like second nature. Forming daily adjustment habits are a must! Don't take that "set it and forget it" approach we mentioned earlier. In the long run, even the most high end office task chair is only as good as it's owner. If you don't take the time to build confidence, your sit will likely suffer.

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