Thursday, October 27, 2016

Office Design Ideas: Open Is Awesome!

Office Design Ideas 2016
The open concept office furniture trend is here to stay! As businesses look to promote collaboration in the workplace and improve team interaction, traditional cubicle systems are being kicked to the curb for open concept desk configurations. Today on the blog, we'll highlighting 5 of the hottest open concept office furniture collections from brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and more that will help transform your interiors into functional, versatile, and cutting edge environments designed to take performance to the next level.

Global Total Office Princeton CollectionGlobal Total Office is always at the forefront of innovation. They offer the most comprehensive selection of modular furnishings on the market. Popular open concept office furniture collections from Global Total Office like Princeton make it easy to think outside the box with corporate remodeling projects. The Princeton collection is extremely diverse, thus making it an ideal option for interiors of any size. With extensive finish options, cool storage components, and a wide range of upgrades including frosted glass paneling, the Princeton collection is the full package!

Zira Open Concept Office FurnitureIf you're thinking of hoping on board with the open concept trends domination the market in 2016, you'll also want to check out Global's Zira collection. This distinctively modern line of modular desk components can be used to create single and multi user layouts that are in a league of their own. Zira open desking configurations blend high end executive appeal with modern technology. The customizable stations crafted from this collection promote team strategizing while kicking corporate appeal into overdrive!

Offices To Go Superior Laminate DeskingIn most cases, keeping your interiors up to date with the hottest remodeling trends comes with a hefty price tag. Thankfully, brands like Offices To Go make it easy to craft open concept interiors without breaking the bank. The components from their Superior Laminate line provide a refreshing alternative to traditional high wall panel furniture layouts that do little to encourage collaboration. The cost effective Offices To Go desks from this popular line are available in 4 quick shipping finish options to help you remodel your interiors in a hurry without sacrificing quality and appeal.

Mayline TransAction FurnitureLooking to go high tech? Check out the open concept furniture configurations from the Mayline TransAction collection. This industrially inspired furniture line makes it easy for fast paced businesses to skyrocket team performance. TransAction layouts can even be used to create collaborative training environments. Design teams and industry professionals love this highly advanced furniture collection that's way ahead of it's time. With optional daisy-chained power modules, cutting edge Mayline office desks from the TransAction collection offer plug and capabilities unlike anything on the market in 2016.

Cherryman Verde FurnitureOpen concept furniture isn't exclusively intended for large work floor applications. Brands like Cherryman Industries have given the open concept strategy life in smaller settings that only accommodate a few workers at a time. With Verde office desk sets like the VL-746N you can take the guess work out of the remodeling process while avoiding the old school vibe generated from settling for traditional cubicles. Two person workstations like the VL-746N are incredibly cool! This full service office furniture line also offers a wide range of matching conference room tables and reception stations that make it easy to maintain a cohesive vibe throughout your complimenting interiors.

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